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Winter Period Taboos – Intimina

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December 14, 2022

Winter is, for most individuals, a time for celebrations, holidays and having enjoyable within the snow. But, generally, chilly climate can negatively have an effect on our temper and even our well being. This applies particularly to girls because the winter season may cause adjustments within the menstrual cycle and have an effect on varied points of intimate well being.

And, relating to circumstances regarding girls’s intimate elements, it appears a taboo all the time follows them. This winter, we’re breaking taboos and revealing how girls really feel throughout menstruation, how a lot they know concerning the pelvic flooring, and the way chilly climate impacts their well-being.

A survey carried out on 5,083 girls aged 18-45 throughout the UK, USA, France, Spain and Italy gives an perception into what sort of adjustments girls expertise throughout winter and what number of of them discover, and even discuss, intimate well being points.

The winter season can have an effect on the menstrual cycle, and 30% of respondents affirm this by saying their menstruation is extra painful. For 17%, the cycle is extra irregular; for 14%, it lasts longer, whereas for 9%, it lasts shorter. 

Menstruation comes with a number of signs, and the survey reveals that 59% of respondents endure from bloating and gasoline. As a lot as 45% really feel migraines and 40% really feel anxiousness. 35% cope with diarrhoea and nausea, and 33% with discomfort within the bladder or rectum. 23% really feel inclined pores and skin. This data implies that many ladies undergo a tough time throughout menstruation which impacts their each day actions.

INTIMINA’s medical knowledgeable, gynaecologist Dr. Susannah Unsworth, explains why a few of the signs might happen:

As is shown in the survey, menstruation can cause a number of symptoms and many women will experience different issues. One of the biggest symptoms is pain. Pain is generally a consequence of the muscle of the womb contracting to help shed the lining of the womb, which results in a period. This process is partly due to an increase in compounds known as prostaglandins. These compounds cause inflammatory changes which can trigger pain around the womb itself, but may also cause symptoms in organs that are close by, such as the bladder and bowel. This can lead to symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating and urinary frequency.

Other symptoms can often be triggered by the changing levels in hormone associated with the menstrual cycle. Migraine is a good example of this, and many women experience migraine that has a cyclical pattern related to their periods. The pre-menstrual syndromes are also linked to these changing hormone levels, often worse in the build-up to the period, with some women suffering extreme mood changes during this time,” says Dr. Unsworth.

Regarding the results winter has on the menstrual cycle, Dr. Unsworth explains:

There is attention-grabbing information how the seasons can have an effect on the menstrual cycle. The survey confirmed how a lot of girls really feel that menstruation is extra painful, and cycle lengths change, throughout the winter months. There are completely different options as to how this happens. One idea is that the chilly climate results in constriction of blood vessels which might enhance ache. Other theories embrace the truth that within the winter we're much less energetic and spend extra time indoors, and this may result in lowered temper and a worsening notion of ache. 

However, a research revealed in 2010 (1) means that the most important issue is to do with daylight. Reduced publicity to daylight impacts hormone manufacturing. This may cause lowered ranges of FSH manufacturing resulting in much less common ovulation and elevated cycle size. It can even impression the thyroid hormone manufacturing, which reduces metabolism and, in flip, additionally impacts cycle size. It can also be as a consequence of lowered vitamin D manufacturing influencing the response to hormones.”

Whatever an individual experiences by way of menstrual cycle adjustments, it's all the time beneficial to speak about them. When requested about sharing and speaking brazenly about tough menstruation signs, 11% of respondents say they haven’t mentioned the talked about signs with anybody. 55% have had conversations about them with associates, 45% with a associate and 43% with dad and mom. 39% have mentioned the signs with their physician.

As for the chilly climate results, 45% of respondents say these signs worsen throughout winter.

Before menstruation begins, there may be one other difficult interval referred to as the PMS. In these days or even weeks earlier than the month-to-month bleeding, many ladies really feel adjustments of their sleeping sample, 65% to be precise. They largely have hassle falling asleep (54%), or they steadily wake (51%). 37% endure from insomnia due to the PMS, and 24% have hassle waking up.

Period intercourse has all the time been one of many greatest taboos, though it gives sure advantages; it will probably shorten menstruation and ease menstrual cramps as a result of orgasms work as pure painkillers. And let’s not overlook that due to menstrual cups such because the Ziggy Cup, interval intercourse doesn’t need to be messy. 12% of INTIMINA’s respondents say they're extra prepared to have interval intercourse within the winter season, whereas 17% are much less prepared. 21% are neither prepared nor not prepared, and 41% are usually not inclined to have interval intercourse at any time.

Intimate well being points are usually not solely about menstruation. Women face many intimate issues and circumstances, and weakened pelvic flooring muscle tissue are the commonest. But, as it's yet one more taboo, most ladies don’t know a lot about these crucial muscle tissue which maintain the uterus, the bladder and the intestines and may trigger critical well being issues when not attended to correctly.

When requested if they've ever skilled weakened pelvic flooring muscle tissue, 35% stated sure, 38% stated no, and 27% stated they didn’t know. The reality is that 58% of girls expertise stress incontinence, that means they launch somewhat little bit of urine once they snicker, cough, sneeze or raise one thing heavy. But most are unaware that it is a symptom of pelvic flooring dysfunction and that pelvic flooring muscle tissue will be saved robust with the precise workouts.

The survey reveals that 49% have skilled the discharge of urine when laughing, sneezing or lifting one thing heavy, and 46% declare they didn't. 5% don’t know in the event that they did.

Weak pelvic flooring muscle tissue may cause varied well being issues and generally result in painful intercourse, which occurred to 43% of INTIMINA’s survey respondents.

Sadly, I feel that knowledge around pelvic floor health is generally low. Although many women have heard about pelvic floor exercises, few fully understand the pelvic floor and the impact it can have on a number of symptoms. I feel women are often led to believe that leakage of urine when laughing and sneezing is normal, and it becomes acceptable, particularly with many branded products on the market to help ‘hide’ symptoms, rather than trying to treat them. One particular issue is following childbirth, when very few women get the opportunity to speak to a specialist pelvic floor physiotherapist. In my opinion this is a key time when women should be taught how to look after their pelvic floor,” says Dr. Susannah Unsworth and provides:

However, improvements can be made at any time. I would encourage any woman who is experiencing any form of urinary leaking to seek advice about pelvic floor exercises, as they can make a dramatic difference to these symptoms and also reduce the likelihood of future problems such as prolapse. Not to mention the benefits it can have on your sex life!

Whatever points with well being girls face, they have to know they'll and may discuss them with associates, household and, most significantly – a health care provider. Medical specialists can clarify the signs and educate sufferers concerning the therapy choices. If the pelvic flooring weakening causes the dysfunction, it could be finest to see a gynaecologist or a pelvic flooring bodily therapist who can create an train plan for every particular person individually and train them how one can do Kegels correctly, if that's what they want. 


Censuswide carried out the INTIMINA survey with 5083 girls aged 18-45 throughout the UK, USA, France, Spain and Italy in October 2022. 

  • Danilenko KV, Sergeeva OY, Verevkin EG. Menstrual cycles are influenced by sunshine. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2011 Sep;27(9):711-6. doi: 10.3109/09513590.2010.521266. Epub 2010 Oct 12. PMID: 20937003.

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