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Why You’re Struggling to Reach Your Goals (and How to Set a Goal You’ll Reach)

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February 4, 2022

Do any of those sound acquainted?

  • It feels such as you're all the time setting a brand new aim, going all-in for just a few weeks, burning out, falling again into outdated habits, feeling defeated… then beginning the method over once more, telling your self you’ll be “stricter” or “better” this time.
  • You actually wish to get a sure consequence, however you'll be able to’t appear to make the adjustments you might want to get them to stay.
  • You know the belongings you’re alleged to do, however you battle to point out up and do them.

(Or possibly you’re a coach or coach, and also you’re seeing this time and time once more within the ladies who come to you for assist.)

If one among these (or all of them!) rings true, let me begin by saying this: It’s not laziness, or an absence of drive, or an indication you or your purchasers simply have to “buckle down and do the thing.”

Rather, there’s one basic factor in all probability lacking — and that’s worth alignment (extra on this in a second).

Luckily, we’ve acquired an answer for you. It’s referred to as values-based aim setting.

In this text, you’ll learn to establish your values and apply them to your well being and health endeavors so that you get the outcomes you need, no burning out or unsustainable plans required.

Keep studying to search out out:

  • Why values are essential within the context of diet and health.
  • How to set values-based targets from the beginning. (Spoiler alert: This will remodel your outcomes!)
  • How to interrupt your targets down into an actionable plan so you realize precisely what to do each step of the best way.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

The Value of Values

Let’s begin by getting clear on what values are, and the way they differ from targets.

Your values are the rules you reside by.

They symbolize who you wish to be, what you stand for, and the way you wish to present up in your life. Think of your values as your North Star, guiding you alongside your journey and serving to you make selections primarily based on what’s most vital to you. Your values might embody issues like braveness, independence, flexibility, or progress.

Goals are the vacation spot or the tip consequence.

Goals are one thing you'll be able to obtain or cross off your record, similar to studying to do a pull-up, working a marathon, or shedding a sure share of physique fats.

Why Values Are Key to Achieving Goals

One of the most typical causes people battle to get outcomes is a disconnect between their values and their targets. They know the end result they wish to obtain however don’t think about their values within the execution.

If your targets and actions don’t align along with your values, that’s what we name a values discrepancy.

Why is that this vital?

Well, a values discrepancy can result in three main issues:

  1. You’re setting targets that don’t really align with what’s vital to you and the way you wish to reside your life — that means you’ll battle with consistency and motivation.
  2. You know the outcomes you wish to obtain, however the behaviors you’re zeroing in on to get there aren’t reasonable or sustainable for you. When your day-to-day actions really feel pressured, it’s a recipe for burnout.
  3. The work you place in towards your targets gained’t really feel deeply fulfilling or significant.

But when your targets align along with your values, the work you place into attaining them feels purposeful and gratifying. In different phrases, the day-to-day efforts — whether or not that’s getting extra train, enhancing your sleep habits, or consuming extra greens — are literally fulfilling. And when the hassle is fulfilling, you’re extra more likely to proceed doing it.

Here’s an instance: Suppose your aim is to lose 40 kilos and one among your values is freedom. If you join a strict weight loss program program that requires you to eat each three hours or doesn’t depart room for a slice of birthday cake, you’re going to battle to stay to that program. Why? Because it doesn’t mirror what’s actually vital to you: freedom.

However, think about that as a substitute of forcing your self to comply with a restrictive weight loss program, you deal with just a few healthful diet expertise that suit your way of life. Maybe it’s consuming some type of protein at each meal or veggies with any two meals a day. Boom! Now you’re consuming in a manner that’s each healthful and consistent with what’s intrinsically significant to you — and that’s the important thing to staying motivated.

Now we’ve lined the significance of values in aim setting, let’s soar into set values-based targets so you can begin getting the outcomes you’re after.

5 Steps to Setting Values-Based Goals

At GGS, we’ve labored with a whole bunch of hundreds of ladies to assist them obtain their well being and health targets via our articles, certifications, free programs, and GGS Coaching program. As such, we’ve developed a dependable five-step technique that ensures you:

  • Set significant targets that align with what’s vital to you.
  • Know precisely use these values-based targets to type a sustainable, efficient motion plan.
  • Understand troubleshoot alongside the best way.

We’ve additionally created a helpful worksheet so you'll be able to work via this course of by yourself when you’re accomplished studying!

Click right here to obtain the worksheet that may information you thru the steps outlined on this article.

(Are you a coach or coach? This worksheet is a superb train to do along with your purchasers.)

Step #1: Get Clear on Your Values

You can’t set values-based targets in the event you don’t know what your values are!

Your values can (and will!) be established in just a few totally different areas of your life:

  • Your physique, well being, and health
  • Work/training
  • Relationships
  • Lifestyle

For the needs of this text, we’ll be focusing in your values as they relate to your physique, well being, and health.

To decide your values, strive the next train.

First, take a while to create an inventory of your high 10 well being and health values. You’ll discover a record of values to select from (although after all, you'll be able to add your personal!) and a few area to work via this in your downloadable worksheet. Keep the next immediate in thoughts when you make your alternatives:

  • When you consider your physique, well being, and health, which values do you most strongly establish with?

Next, slim that record all the way down to solely your high 5 values. Then, slim these 5 all the way down to your high three (so as of significance).

Now that you just’re outfitted along with your high three values, you may get to work setting these targets!

Step #2: Set Your Outcome-Based Goal

If your values are your North Star, consider your outcome-based aim as your vacation spot on a map; it’s the place you in the end wish to find yourself.

These targets are sometimes numbers-focused, like shedding a sure variety of kilos or doing 20 push-ups.

Chances are, you already know your outcome-based aim, or maybe just a few come to thoughts as you learn this text. Either manner, earlier than you identify precisely what you wish to work towards, there are three tips to comply with:

  1. Only work on one or two outcome-based targets at a time. Any greater than that may divide your focus and vitality, leading to burnout.
  2. Be ready to work in your aim(s) for 12 weeks. Your targets want a deadline not solely to assist hold you targeted, but additionally so you can also make adjustments if wanted. An finish date of 12 weeks supplies you with a chance to judge how issues went after which set a brand new aim. (Keep in thoughts that some outcome-based targets take longer than 12 weeks to realize. But for this framework, I like to recommend breaking massive targets into smaller chunks that may be realistically achieved within the 12-week timeframe.)
  3. Be positive your aim(s) align along with your values. Before you begin working towards your targets, run them via a “values filter.” Ask your self:
    • How do these targets align with my values?
    • Will attaining these targets permit me to reside in a manner that’s vital to me?
    • Will reaching these targets have a constructive impression on my life?

Now you’ve decided your final aim and made positive it aligns along with your values, you'll be able to transfer to the subsequent step: setting behavior-based targets.

Step #3: Determine Your Behavior-Based Goals

While it’s nice to have a vacation spot, you’re going to have bother getting there with out instructions. That’s the place behavior-based targets are available.

Behavior-based targets are the precise motion steps you (or your purchasers) are prepared, keen, and in a position to take every day (or just a few occasions per week) to maneuver towards your final aim. They mean you can persistently rack up small wins and achieve a way of ongoing achievement.

Establish one or two behavior-based targets to get you began. That might not sound like so much, however belief me, something extra will be overwhelming and, due to this fact, robust to stay with. Behavior change is difficult work!

It’s vital to set behavior-based targets you’re assured you'll be able to persistently obtain time and again. If you take a look at your habits targets and assume they sound too straightforward — excellent! (You’ll be rising the variety of behavior-based targets in a while.)

If you need assistance figuring out your behavior-based targets, do this train:

Consider that the large dial-movers for many well being and health targets fall into a number of of the next 5 classes:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Daily motion
  • Sleep
  • Stress

Now, write down a bunch of behaviors for every class that might show you how to transfer towards your outcome-based aim. Then, select the one or two behaviors on that record that stand out as probably the most reasonable and achievable so that you can work on proper now.

For instance, let’s say your outcome-based aim is to lose 40 kilos. Obviously, we don’t suggest shedding 40 kilos in solely 12 weeks! But shedding 10–15 kilos could also be completely doable. So on your first 12-week section, let’s think about your first aim is to lose 15 kilos.

Your behavior-based targets may then be:

  1. Resistance practice 3 times per week. (Exercise)
  2. Include a full serving of greens with not less than two meals per day. (Nutrition)

Next, check-in to ensure these behaviors align along with your values. To use the above instance, in case your high three values are energy, freedom, and autonomy, then resistance coaching aligns with the worth of energy, and selecting which veggies to eat and when aligns with the values of autonomy and freedom. Check, verify, and verify!

Step #4: Plan Your Action Steps

The motion steps you're taking to realize your behavior-based targets are what we name Implementation Intentions.

Clear and particular Implementation Intentions offer you the precise steps to maneuver towards your aim; there’s no guesswork. After all, a aim of figuring out 3 times per week is nice, however with no detailed plan for making that occur, there’s quite a lot of room for error.

To decide your motion steps, take into consideration precisely what you might want to full your behavior-based targets. This is the “what, where, when, and how” portion of your plan.

So in case your behavior-based targets are:

  • Resistance practice 3 times per week.
  • Include a full serving of veggies with not less than two meals per day.

Then your Implementation Intentions is likely to be:

  • Resistance coaching on the fitness center for 45 minutes each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 5pm.
  • Stocking up on recent veggies on the market each Sunday and chopping them up in order that they’re prepared for the week.

Need assist figuring out your motion steps? Or merely aren’t positive the place to start out? Get the one-on-one assist you want in our GGS Coaching program.

Step #5: Anticipate Obstacles and Create a Back-Up Plan

Obstacles are the potential obstacles that forestall you (or the ladies who come to you for assist) from attaining behavior-based targets.

Take a second now to ascertain the aim you’ll be working towards for the subsequent 12 weeks. What obstacles may pop up and forestall you from attaining your behavior-based targets? Maybe it is working lengthy hours, household obligations, or an outdated damage flaring up. Make an inventory of the 5 more than likely prospects, and create a backup plan for navigating each. (There’s an area so that you can do that in your downloadable worksheet.)

A helpful manner to do that is to make use of “if, then” language:

  • “If there’s a chance I’ll have to work late, then I’ll bring my gym clothes and get a quick session in on my lunch break.”
  • “If I’m worried there won’t be enough veggies at our family’s lasagna dinner next weekend, then I’ll bring a big salad to share with everyone.”
  • “If my knee injury should flare up again, then I’ll research some upper body and seated exercises I can do so I can continue training safely.”

Congratulations, you’ve accomplished the 5 steps! This will be difficult work, so excessive fives for that!

Now you’re able to put the plan into motion and begin working towards your aim. Next, I’ll educate you what that appears like in observe.

How to Put Your Plan into Action

  • For the subsequent two weeks, deal with attaining your behavior-based targets, aiming for not less than 80 p.c consistency.
  • Use the chart in your worksheet to trace your behaviors as you full them. (Or, you should use a calendar, pocket book, or habit-tracking app.)
  • After two weeks, assess your progress. If you accomplished a habits not less than 80 p.c of the time, add one or two new behavior-based targets to work on for the subsequent two weeks. (Go again to Step 3 and repeat the method from there).
  • If you didn’t attain 80 p.c consistency, it's possible you'll want to scale back the habits to one thing you realize you'll be able to undoubtedly do. So in the event you had been aiming for 3 45-minute resistance exercises per week, scale back the frequency or length (or each) till you’re in a position to meet your aim.
  • Repeat this course of for 12 weeks, then consider your progress. If you reached your outcome-based aim — Congratulations! You can return to Step 1 and set a brand new one. (But don’t overlook to take the time to acknowledge and rejoice your achievement!) If you didn’t fairly hit your aim, chances are high, you continue to made progress! Set a brand new outcome-based aim (even when it’s solely a minor variation of the outdated one) and bear in mind — each motion you’re taking is transferring you towards your required end result, and each motion will show you how to reside in alignment along with your values. Celebrate each step of the best way.

What If I Still Struggle to Stay Motivated?

Hey, life occurs. And which means even when your targets align along with your values, it’s nonetheless doable to really feel a dip in your motivation at times. I’ve acquired you lined with these three ideas for navigating the bumps within the street and staying the course:

  • Come again to your values. You may discover it useful to jot down them out in a journal, or repeat them to your self whereas respiration deeply for a couple of minutes. Post your values on a sticky observe on the fridge, your nightstand, or the lavatory mirror so you will see them each day. You may set cellphone reminders as nicely!
  • Consider what you “don’t value”. In addition to occupied with what you wish to transfer towards, it might assist to consider what you wish to keep away from. For occasion, with regards to your well being and health, you may wish to keep away from sickness, damage, and worry. This may also help solidify what’s actually vital to you to attempt for, similar to vitality, energy, and confidence.
  • Curate your social media. The content material you devour can have a big impact in your mindset and behaviors. Consider unfollowing accounts that don’t align along with your values, and searching for out those who do. For occasion, in the event you worth freedom, it's possible you'll not wish to comply with accounts that promote strict meal plans. Instead, search for some you'll be able to relate to, that promote a balanced and versatile strategy to diet.

The Wrap-Up

Hopefully by now, you see the facility of values alignment in aim setting. Maybe you’ve even had an “aha!” second, or one thing “clicked”. If so, you’re in all probability itching to shut this text and get to work.

Before you do, let’s recap use values-based aim setting to get outcomes:

  1. Identify your high three values that relate to well being and health. Use our downloadable worksheet to assist information you.
  2. Set an outcome-based aim that aligns with these values and you'll work towards for 12 weeks.
  3. Choose one or two behaviors that may transfer you towards your outcome-based aim, together with the precise motion steps required to hold out these behaviors.
  4. Anticipate and plan for any potential roadblocks that might forestall you from attaining your behavior-based targets.
  5. Evaluate your progress each two weeks. If you’ve reached 80 p.c consistency, add one or two new behavior-based targets (and motion steps) to your routine. Otherwise, alter the behaviors to one thing extra doable and check out once more. Repeat the method for 12 weeks, assess your progress, and rejoice! If you could have extra you wish to accomplish, set your subsequent outcome-based aim.

There’s no query that adopting new behaviors to realize your targets is difficult work, however it doesn’t need to really feel pressured, traumatic, or unattainable.

When you set targets which can be in alignment along with your values, not solely do you set your self up on the trail to success, however you additionally discover objective and pleasure within the course of. It’s a win win!

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