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January 12, 2022

As the extremely transmissible COVID-19 variant Omicron brings a report variety of instances, vaccinated and even boosted people are testing optimistic. School techniques are transferring lessons again on-line, airways are cancelling 1000's of flights as pilots and flight attendants take a look at optimistic and testing websites are overwhelmed with massive crowds as all of us re-think and revise our masking and social distancing consolation zones.

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“The concern is that it is much more contagious than previous variants, making it more likely that we and our children will get it,” mentioned pediatrician Dr. Elena Shea. “The number of cases has exploded.”

As the Omicron variant continues to unfold, inevitably mother and father and youngsters will take a look at optimistic. So, what do you have to do if you're certainly one of them? We spoke with physicians and medical specialists concerning the steps and correct procedures you need to implement after you’ve acquired a optimistic take a look at. Here’s their recommendation. 

First and foremost, what do we all know concerning the severity of this variant in relation to kids?

Doctors agree that general Omicron seems to be much less extreme than earlier variants, like Delta, however it's nonetheless too early to know for positive. 

“We are still in the data gathering phase in regard to this,” mentioned Dr. Jessica Madden, board-certified pediatrician and neonatologist and Medical Director of Aeroflow Breastpumps. “We are definitely seeing more children hospitalized with Covid-19 right now than at any other time during the pandemic, but it’s unclear if this is due to there being so many positive cases versus it actually causing more severe disease in the pediatric population.”

One factor we do know for positive is that this variant is rather more contagious than earlier variants, which suggests there are certain to be extra instances which is all the time a priority for docs and hospital techniques. 

If you might be unvaccinated, and take a look at optimistic what do you have to do?

In an excellent state of affairs, one mother or father would be capable to isolate on a separate flooring of the house and even isolate outdoors the house, whereas a non-sick mother or father or caregiver cares for the family. 

“We do recommend isolating if possible but we know how hard that is. I know I couldn’t do it in my home,” mentioned Dr. Shea. “If isolation is not possible the parent should wear a mask in the home at all times, should eat separate from the family, and try to limit contact.”

Dr. Shea additionally recommends following the most recent CDC tips for unvaccinated individuals testing optimistic, together with alerting anybody you could have come into contact inside your contagious interval, which is 2 days since your first symptom or optimistic take a look at. As nicely as testing everybody within the residence, as soon as a mother or father or caregiver has examined optimistic, after which testing everybody once more, three to 5 days after the primary preliminary optimistic take a look at. 

If you might be vaccinated and take a look at optimistic, what do you have to do?

Regardless of vaccination standing, docs agree that you need to take the identical precautions if you weren't vaccinated. 

Dr. Nkeiruka Orajiaka, an attending pediatrician in emergency medication recommends along with isolation, members of the family ought to quarantine for 5 days after which get examined. 

“This not only protects us from severe illnesses from Covid, and makes us available to care for our children, if the family gets sick,” she mentioned. “But also provides a cocoon effect for young ones.”

Isolation helps scale back the chance of an infection, and whereas being vaccinated is confirmed to decrease the chance of contraction, Dr. Madden says that vaccinated optimistic people can nonetheless move the virus to their kids. 

What do you have to do as a mother or father if you're uncovered to somebody who has examined optimistic?

Coming into contact with somebody who has examined optimistic for Covid-19 could be equally as alarming as testing optimistic, however Dr. Shea says sporting a masks in your house is one of the simplest ways to forestall unfold.

“Trying to isolate is helpful and everyone who is sick should try to stay in a designated sick area,” she mentioned. “Have their own bathroom if possible, eat separately. But we acknowledge how hard that may be especially if you have small children who may not truly understand what is happening. Try your best.”

What precautions can your family take to forestall anybody from testing optimistic?

Doctors are clear that one of the simplest ways to forestall testing optimistic for Covid-19 is to get everybody in your family who's eligible, vaccinated and boosted. 

Dr. Madden additionally recommends incorporating and inspiring a wholesome life-style.

“Try your best to live a healthy lifestyle– including eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, getting enough physical activity, and outdoors time with sunshine,” she mentioned. 

COVID-19 will not be going wherever, and with kids below 5 nonetheless unable to be vaccinated, docs agree that staying vigilant, protected and doing all your half by getting vaccinated and masking up is one of the simplest ways to guard yourselves and people round you.

“Most parents of kids younger than five years old are tired and stressed due to the fact that the kids cannot get vaccinated yet,” mentioned Dr. Orajiaka. “The best we can do to protect this population is to vaccinate ourselves, wear our mask and limit our exposures, and exposure of our younger ones to visitors.”

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