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Upper Body Plyometric Exercises

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November 1, 2022

Most conventional plyometric workout routines contain some type of leaping, with field jumps, broad jumps, depth jumps and lunge jumps all springing to thoughts. These decrease physique plyometric workout routines are sometimes included into athlete coaching applications and carried out by these seeking to improve their energy and explosiveness. Not as widespread, and maybe underutilised, are higher physique plyometric workout routines. Implementing higher physique plyometrics to a program is a good way to construct and enhance explosive energy within the arms, again, chest and shoulders, in addition to offering some selection to common energy coaching and including depth to the exercise.

Upper physique plyometric workout routines usually contain throwing, passing and catching actions, mostly utilizing a drugs ball or related. Let’s check out a few of these workout routines and methods to carry out each appropriately:


Chest Pass:

The medication ball chest cross is a good train for these new to higher physique plyometrics. To carry out this train, you'll be able to both accomplice up with somebody, or discover a stable wall that may take the impression.

Teaching Points –

  • To begin, get into a cushty, upright stance with ft shoulder-width aside; face accomplice roughly 3m away. Raise the drugs ball to chest stage, with elbows flexed
  • Begin by transferring the arms barely backwards earlier than the throw. Using each arms, throw the ball to your accomplice by extending the elbows

The weight of the ball could be elevated to progress the depth of the train.


Overhead Throw:

The two-hand overhead throw works the muscle groups that stretch your shoulder joints. This motion works most of the muscle groups that play a job within the overhead actions concerned in sports activities, together with basketball, baseball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

Teaching Points –

  • Stand with one foot in entrance (staggered stance) with knees barely bent
  • Pull the drugs ball again behind your head and forcefully throw the ball ahead so far as potential into the wall
  • Catch the ball on the bounce from the wall and repeat

Overhead Throw


Plyo Push-Up:

Plyometric pushups are a complicated train that work the chest, triceps, abs, and shoulders. This train is finest suited to people with well-developed upper-body energy.

Teaching Points –

  • Start in a push-up place with palms beneath shoulders, a impartial backbone, and ft shoulder-width aside
  • Perform a countermovement by decreasing chest to the ground, after which explosively push off the ground, permitting the palms to elevate off the bottom. Clap the palms collectively in mid-air
  • Land again within the beginning push-up place, and instantly full the subsequent repetition

The train could be made barely simpler by pushing off the ground however not clapping the palms collectively, or made more durable by clapping greater than as soon as.

Plyo Pushup


Depth Push-Up:

Depth push-ups are one other excessive depth, superior train that can significantly take a look at your higher physique energy. You will want both some plyo containers (15-30cm) or weight plates to carry out this train.

Teaching Points –

  • Place each palms onto the plyometric containers or weight plates and get into a cushty push-up place, with palms beneath shoulders and a impartial backbone
  • Quickly take away palms from the plyometric containers or weight plates and drop down. Land on the ground with palms barely wider than shoulder width aside and elbows barely flexed. Allow chest to nearly contact the ground
  • Immediately and explosively push off the ground by absolutely extending the elbows. Quickly place palms again onto the plyometric field or weight plates, and repeat the train

To progress this train, you'll be able to attempt inserting your ft on a field to create an incline push up, as is pictured beneath.

Depth Push up


Medicine Ball Slams:

Medicine ball slams are an important train to boost all spherical energy and energy.

Teaching Points –

  • Stand with ft parallel, shoulder-width aside and knees barely bent
  • Pull medication ball again behind head and forcefully throw the ball down on the bottom as onerous as potential
  • Catch the ball on the bounce from the bottom and repeat

Med Ball Slam


Sit-Up and Pass:

This train is a good way to get your core concerned and could be a enjoyable train to do with a accomplice or in a gaggle coaching setting.

Teaching Points –

  • Sit on the bottom with the trunk at an approximate 45º angle. Partner needs to be in entrance with the drugs ball.
  • Partner throws the ball into your outstretched palms
  • Once accomplice throws the ball, catch it utilizing each palms, permitting minimal trunk extension, and instantly throw it again

Sit Up Pass


Medicine Ball Drop:

The mendacity medication ball energy drop will construct explosive energy within the chest, core and shoulders. A accomplice is required to carry out this train, as you will want somebody to catch the ball.

Teaching Points –

  • Lie on the bottom together with your arms prolonged up, knees bent and ft on the ground. Have a accomplice stand above you at your head holding a drugs ball
  • Get your accomplice to drop a drugs ball in direction of your chest. Catch the ball and instantly throw it again to your accomplice

The depth of this train could be elevated by rising the burden of the ball, or having your accomplice stand on a field.

Med Ball Drop


What are higher physique plyometric workout routines?

Upper physique plyometric workout routines usually contain throwing, passing and catching actions, mostly utilizing a drugs ball or related

What are the very best examples of higher physique plyometric workout routines?

Chest Pass
Overhead Throw
Plyo Push Up
Depth Push Up
Medicine Ball Slams
Sit up and cross
Medicine Ball Drop

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“mainEntity”: [
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are upper body plyometric exercises?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Upper body plyometric exercises often involve throwing, passing and catching movements, most commonly using a medicine ball or similar”
, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are the best examples of upper body plyometric exercises?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Chest Pass
Overhead Throw
Plyo Push Up
Depth Push Up
Medicine Ball Slams
Sit up and pass
Medicine Ball Drop”

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