September 1

The Heroic Rescue Story of Joshua Carlson

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September 1, 2022

Imagine being over 100 miles away from the coast of California within the Pacific Ocean in the course of the night time, with a low-pressure entrance coming via, and also you’re making an attempt to swim with an individual in your arms to a basket whereas that particular person is screaming and making an attempt to hit you each stroke of the best way. That was the precise state of affairs United States Coast Guardsman Joshua Carlson was in whereas making an attempt to rescue migrants from a stranded boat.

“It was dark out, rain, wind, cold, all of the above,” mentioned Carlson. “They actually had other people on scene, but from what I understand, this migrant boat had been out there for a couple of days because the engine broke.”

Even although the migrants knew they must face authorities for making an attempt to enter the United States, that was higher than the choice. However, the tactic of which they might be rescued wasn’t supreme for anybody concerned. Carlson was tasked with serving to transport folks from the disabled boat to a basket that was linked to a helicopter. The folks on the helicopter would carry the particular person within the basket to the boat, then they might drop it again all the way down to the water. Rinse and repeat.


Joshua Carlson had been on this place earlier than, having rescued six folks in one other state of affairs. He admitted that case rocked him, however in the long run, it helped put together him for the following one. This one concerned extra folks and extra extreme climate, however he felt he was prepared.

“My adrenaline was going, and I was feeling good about where I was at,” he shared. Then, he had to assist his first particular person, who didn’t need to go within the water in any respect.

“It was chilly, but I was in a dry suit. These people were in wet clothes, and the last thing they want to do is jump right back in the Pacific. She was 100% noncompliant, she was grabbing me, trying to pull my mask, screaming, trying to get away, but I got her back to arms’ length. However, she was leaning so far back that her head was going underwater.”

Petty Officer First Class Joshua Carlson would finally get her to the basket so she might be pulled as much as the helicopter. He then realized that on the time, he must repeat that very same feat 20 extra occasions. The workforce on the helicopter would assist carry him nearer to the boat so he didn’t need to swim your entire method again. He disclosed that just one different put up a serious combat like the primary particular person did. The others had been just a little extra cooperative. After Carlson had moved 9 folks from the boat to the basket, which was a number of yards away, one other workforce got here in to alleviate his.

“They were running out of space [on the helicopter], and they needed to refuel,” mentioned Carlson. “There was another crew rested and ready to go, but we selfishly were like ‘this is our case’ because it was so rare, especially in San Diego.”

In the top, Carlson’s workforce had been relieved, and his portion of the rescue was over. Nonetheless, Carlson was within the water for over an hour and a half throughout this rescue. There had been 21 folks in complete on that boat, however Carlson was personally chargeable for serving to 9 of these folks. All 21 can be rescued inside hours of the decision coming in.

“It was four in the morning before I got home. It was such a crazy job.”

Courtesy of Joshua Carlson

As intense as that job was, it was precisely what Carlson signed up for. He first joined the Coast Guard in 2013 as a result of he felt the significance of serving his nation after he and his spouse began their household.

“We started pretty young, and I didn’t want to throw in the towel of having a regular job,” he recalled. “I wanted to do something that I found to be exceptional and challenging.”

Carlson needed to tackle a bodily difficult profession as effectively as a result of he had simply completed enjoying soccer whereas he was in faculty. His grandfather had served within the Army Air Corps, which might later turn into the United States Air Force, and he has cousins that served within the United States Army. He determined to take a look at navy web sites and noticed the Coast Guard website, which featured helicopter rescues.

“It was as simple as seeing the dude jumping out of the helicopter, and I decided that was what I wanted to do,” he said.

Joshua Carlson jumping out of a helicopter into a body of water
Courtesy of Joshua Carlson

Fast ahead to the night time that Joshua Carlson lived such a state of affairs himself, and he feels lucky to have been in that place. Carlson credit his dedication to staying in high form for his means to do what he did that fateful night time. He prepares to coach each single day, regardless that he is aware of a relaxation day is inevitable.

“I have three kids. That rest day is going to find its way in there somewhere,” he mentioned with amusing.

Carlson shared that he and his co-workers will practice Monday via Friday for round two hours that can embrace purposeful coaching in addition to vitality conserving cardio. They additionally do pool work, nevertheless it isn’t swimming laps on repeat.

“We’re doing 2,000 to 3,000 yards, but we’re also doing a lot of Buddy Tows, we’re doing underwater stuff, we’re doing breathing holds, holding bricks, testing our lung capacity, things like that.”

Carlson and others within the Coast Guard don’t seek for motivation to coach as a result of they think about it part of what they do. Training to them is like brushing enamel or taking showers for the common particular person. That dedication to non-public health excellence could be traced again to his soccer days.

“I took advantage of the facilities. It was a state-of-the-art facility, and it was a Tier One strength and conditioning program. That definitely kicked it off for me.”

While the dedication was to a excessive normal, he needed to shift his focus when it got here to his present profession. Rescue swimming is a far cry from coaching for the gridiron.

“Football may be the least transferable focus to what I do now,” he defined. “This is more about endurance, and I didn’t know how to swim laps, stroke technique, or anything like that.”

Joshua Carlson credit MST Antawn Mark of the Coast Guard for serving to him enhance. Mark would take Carlson to the pool for hours of coaching, which made an enormous distinction for him.

“I took everything he gave me and that was around me, and I made it work.”

US Coast Guard Joshua Carlson being lifted onto a rescue helicopter
Joshua Carlson

All of that effort and coaching paid off for the Frazier Park, California native when he received a name informing him that he was named 2022 Military Times Magazine Coast Guardsman of the Year. He humbly shared that any of the members that would’ve been in the identical place would’ve made the identical effort he did. Nonetheless, his chief, Tyler Holt, felt he was worthy of recognition. So, his identify was submitted for nomination by that chief, and Carlson was granted the dignity.

“I had no idea that I was even up for it because he didn’t tell me,” he mentioned. “It was a surprise because he wanted to see if I would get it.”

Joshua Carlson did, and his story was shared throughout quite a few platforms. He even traveled to Washington D.C. due to the dignity. At the top of the day, his story can serve for instance that individuals that will really feel unusual can do extraordinary issues in the event that they select to be part of the United States Armed Forces.

“It’s such an honor to be able to do something and accomplish something that a lot of people can’t do, and it’s the only place in the world that you’re going to have the opportunity to do truly incredible things,” Carlson mentioned emphatically. “You can never pay for the experience I just had. There’s no amount of money that’s going to buy that. There’s also no amount of money that can take it away from me.”

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