November 25

Strengthening Sevens Exercise

By Fitness Blog

November 25, 2021

On the whole, nothing good is available in sevens – we've the seven lethal sins, the seven gates of hell, and the seven levels of grief, for instance – apart from this calorie-busting, muscle-building and tedium beating exercise.

So what's the Strengthening Sevens Exercise, you ask?

Easy: Seven workouts, for seven rounds, for time. You're allowed one minute of relaxation between rounds.

The sevens coaching approach is a difficult power and conditioning exercise. One spherical consists of:

  1. 7 thrusters
  2. 7 push-ups
  3. 7 wall balls
  4. 7 renegade rows
  5. 7 kettlebell swings
  6. 7 kettlebell sumo squats with excessive pulls
  7. 7 deadlifts


This transfer combines a entrance squat and push press into one fluid motion. Place your ft shoulder-width aside, with toes pointing outwards. Your forearms ought to be vertical with dumbbells by your shoulders. Push your hips again and decrease your physique downwards, whereas pushing your knees outwards. When returning upwards begin urgent the dumbbells overhead to complete with a shoulder press.


Place your fingers barely wider than shoulder-width aside. Hold your core tight and physique straight all through the motion. Don't decrease your hips.

Wall balls

Maintain a weighted drugs ball in entrance of you. Together with your ft shoulder-width aside, toes pointing ahead, decrease your physique downwards right into a squat place. Push again upwards in an explosive motion and throw the ball up towards the wall as excessive as doable. Catch the ball and drop again all the way down to repeat the motion.

Renegade rows

Maintain a dumbbell in every hand and get right into a push-up place. Hold your again straight and core contracted. Carry out a push-up. On the prime of the motion row one dumbbell upwards. Return weight to the mat and repeat the row on the opposite facet. That's one rep.

Kettlebell swings

Place your ft barely wider than shoulder-width aside. Maintain a kettlebell in entrance of you with each fingers. Dip downwards, pushing the kettlebell again between your legs. For the swing upwards, push your physique up, specializing in pushing your hips ahead and squeezing your glutes. Use the momentum of the upwards push to swing the kettlebell up with outstretched arms in entrance of you. This can be a fluid movement. To repeat drop the kettlebell downwards and sit again into the squat place.

Sumo squats with excessive pulls

Place your ft shoulder-width aside, toes pointing outwards. Maintain a barbell in entrance of you with a slender overhand grip. Dip downwards into the sumo squat, till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Push again upwards. As you straighten your legs pull the bar upwards in direction of chin top to finish the transfer.


Place your ft shoulder-width aside holding a barbell in entrance of you with an alternate grip. Bend barely ahead and decrease the barbell to the ground, retaining it near your physique. Your again ought to stay straight all through the transfer. Bend at your knees and decrease the load all the way down to the ground. Push again upwards by way of your heels and convey your hips ahead.

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