January 7

Strength Training and Metabolic Stress

By fitness

January 7, 2022

Let’s deal with the opposite a part of the muscle progress equation: metabolic stress.

As an individual workouts, substances like lactic acid and hydrogen accumulate in our muscle cells. Metabolic stress is the method the place these substances are created and collected.

As metabolic stress will increase, we stimulate extra muscle progress.

The query then turns into, “how do we increase metabolic stress?”

We enhance metabolic stress by asking our muscle tissues to do extra work. Slow-motion energy coaching is advantageous for muscle progress as a result of it supplies extra metabolic stress with every set.

Instead of doing simply 10 seconds of labor, your muscle tissues are getting 60-90 seconds of labor with every gradual velocity set.

This can be a part of why Slow Motion Strength Training is so environment friendly — you get extra out of every set!

Ultimately, your muscle tissues are stimulated to develop successfully in simply 20-Half-hour, twice per week.

If you wish to be taught extra about our technique of energy coaching, examine our methodology. If you might be new to The Perfect Workout, strive a exercise with us and e book a FREE Introductory Session.

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