August 14

Sadibou Sy is Training For PFL Gold — and a Cool $1 Million

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August 14, 2022

At age 35 Sadibou Sy is totally chill in Cardiff, Wales, just a few days previous to battle evening. This Saturday, nonetheless, all of his coaching, explosive energy, and will-to-win shall be put to the take a look at as he hopes to change into one step nearer to claiming the Professional Fighters League Welterweight Championship, and a cool $1 million because the 2022 PFL Playoffs proceed this weekend from throughout the Atlantic.

The path to Cardiff was secured July 1 at PFL 6 when Sy defeated MMA celebrity Rory MacDonald by unanimous choice. With the mud now settled on that vast win, Sy displays that the expertise has given him a number of confidence.

“I was so happy when I got the call that [Macdonald] was going to be my second opponent because I’m not here to waste any time” says Sy, who’s nicknamed “The Swedish Denzel Washington.” “Being a legend of the sport … to be able to get the receipt on where I am, and where I am heading, was actually amazing and I feel, to be honest, that if and when I’ll fight him again, I will make it look pretty easy. Because, I’ve now felt him, and I now have a little more air under my wings in the sense that I know what I can bring, and I believe in it on a different level. I know that a fight is a fight, so you can never ever underestimate anyone, and that’s not what I am trying to say. I’m a big fan of Rory, but I just feel that I’m not a good matchup for him.”

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Sadibou Sy Has a Love Affair With MMA

Sy’s love of MMA developed from his participation in kickboxing and Muay Thai. While competed for the Swedish nationwide crew he had the urge to strive MMA, and started his profession whereas staying lively in these different disciplines. “But what happened was, I fell in love with it,” he says. “This was 2012 or 2013. I fell in love with it and haven’t looked back since.” With maybe the most important evening of his MMA profession now looming, Sadibou Sy understands {that a} well-rounded strategy is critical as a way to be the perfect. He appreciates the recommendation that he will get from his power and conditioning coaches, such because the crew at Baker Woodson Training and is laser focussed on utilizing the precise methods on the acceptable time. “For different opponents, we’ll have different things that we are trying to aim for, and different exercises that we are putting more emphasis on,” says Sy. “A lot of it is building strength, building base, building balance, building the knowhow to transfer power, and stuff like that.”

Sadibou Sy says that a capability to adapt is the “key” to profitable On his sensible Instagram account ( ) Sy shares most of the workout routines that he undertakes in coaching together with mobility work, CrossFit type exercises, and hardcore heavy lifting. The fierce competitor, who’s present MMA report stands at 11-6-2, has been using strikes such because the landmine press to proceed his development. Sy says that grueling exercises are an effective way to check his capacity to take punishment, and this serves him nicely when he finds himself below strain throughout a battle. Being capable of adapt for altering opponents and moments that require break up second choices is one thing that Sy says is “key” to any battle. “Knowing what to do and when to do it is everything because you can have all the weapons, but if you don’t know when to use them, it’s not gonna matter,” says Sy forward of his playoff conflict with Carlos Leal on Saturday. “I believe that this fight can be a very hard fight, and I believe that it can be a very easy fight. Easy in the sense that if I use the right weapons at the right time, I believe I’m gonna be able to make it not as competitive. But if I don’t (use the right weapons) then I believe he’s gonna grow, and he’s going to try and put his game plans together, and stuff like that.”

Sadibou Sy is a Self-Professed ‘Geek’ When Studying Opponents

Sy is undoubtedly a eager pupil of the sport. Along along with his crew, “The Swedish Denzel Washington” breaks down each side of an opponent’s arsenal as a way to excellent his instruments for the job at hand. “I’m a geek when it comes to the technique and doing the right thing at the right time,” he enthuses. “Some fighters [take the approach of] just do more, or just do harder. I don’t believe in that concept. I believe that you have to be in great shape. I believe that you need to have the commitment, the year-long stay, and focus and everything. But I also believe that there’s the right time for the right things. It comes from having the knowledge around you but also, of course, the experiences.” Sy says that honesty is a should when reviewing his earlier fights, and he’s not afraid to critique himself and determine what may be improved earlier than every bout. Still, considered one of his largest weapons that certainly provides many opponents sleepless nights is his lightning hanging energy. In 2019, Sy demolished David Michaud in simply 17 seconds with a scintillating kick, adopted by a sequence of brutal punches.

Training To Be a Lean MMA Fighting Machine

Heading right into a battle, Sy’s bodyfat share hovers between 7 to 12 p.c, relying on how far into the camp he's. This degree reaches its lowest level for the weigh-ins. “I have to be mindful about not going too low, too early, when it comes to dropping the fat,” he says. “I believe you need a little bit of fat to absorb the punches and protect the muscles.” With the UK at present experiencing a heatwave, Cardiff might be unusually heat come Saturday, however this doesn’t fear Sy, since he’s been based mostly in Las Vegas since January and it has been so scorching there that they’ve wanted to have hydration packs on standby. “You need to be able to rehydrate between your practices otherwise, after one or two days you will be burned out,” says Sy. And, as bell-time attracts ever nearer to the PFL Playoffs, ideas now flip to how a cool $1 million in prize cash may very well be spent. “I want to invest,” says the sensible Swede. That appears like a smart plan, however an enormous cheesecake and sharing within the second along with his household has him simply as excited.

For data on easy methods to watch Saturday’s PFL Playoff wherever you might be, click on right here!

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