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Reddit Celebrated This Woman who Didn’t Want to Wax for a Wedding – SheIs aware of

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November 26, 2022

Weddings are recognized to be a day for love and celebration, however they will additionally convey out absolutely the worst in individuals. Take it from one girl on Reddit who refused to do away with her physique hair to attend her uncle’s wedding ceremony and her mother had a match.

“She got me 2 dresses, even though I didn’t want them,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She told me that I had to do makeup. Makeup is itchy and makes me uncomfortable. So I begged her not to give me makeup and she said okay. But now she is telling me I must get rid of my body hair. She said I can either get it waxed (a lady is coming to our home to prep all the female family members) or I can just shave it.”

The person added that she hated the obsession with eliminating hair, and located waxing to be extremely painful. Her first reminiscence was when she was 12 and she or he needed to cease half manner by way of as a result of it damage so dangerous.

“I don’t think having smooth skin with no hair is worth that uncomfort. I never even really hated my body hair.”

“I told my mom I didn’t want to get rid of my body hair. She said that everyone will judge me and say that I look like a man. I told her that they should mind their own business.”

Yikes! The two acquired right into a heated argument which finally led the OP to inform her mother she by no means needed to go within the first place.

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“She knows I really hate any kind of social gathering and she knows I hate makeup and she knows I hate getting rid of body hair but she keeps on asking me to do these things and gets upset when I don’t agree,” she wrote.

The two lastly got here to a gathering level and the mom informed the OP “okay, fine”, however not with out the OP feeling utterly terrible about the entire interplay and questioning if she was TA. But customers had been fast to leap in and provide her assist and validation that she rightly deserved. 

One individual responded with, “It’s really sad that body hair on women is still seen as this taboo and embarrassing when it’s perfectly natural. It’s your body, don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. I’m impressed that you are so happy and confident in your natural body and don’t feel the need to shave/wax for anyone else’s benefit.”

While others supplied phrases of sympathy and recommendation on how she may cowl her physique hair, so she may nonetheless attend household occasions and hold the peace. Some advised tights to cowl her legs, whereas others supplied up a protracted sleeve costume or blazer to cowl her arms. 

But some had been fast to supply up an alternate perspective and recommend that the OP’s mother was simply searching for her daughter’s finest curiosity, and didn’t need her to be judged or mistreated at a household occasion. But regardless, the choice is finally as much as the OP with what she needs to do together with her physique and her personal physique hair. And fortunately, Redditors overwhelmingly had her again.

“If I was your mother, I’d be proud that you didn’t compromise yourself to please others,” one person added. “Because with that confidence, those people and those things don’t even matter.”

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