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Rambutan: Nutritional Value, Health Benefits and Recipes

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February 12, 2022

Rambutan: Nutritional Value, Health Benefits and Recipes HealthifyMe Blog HealthifyMe Blog – The definitive guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life.

The identify rambutan initially comes from the Malaysian time period for hair. Interestingly, it's because of the fruit's furry crimson and inexperienced shell. When peeled, rambutans resemble lychee and longan fruits. Its translucent white flesh is splendidly juicy,  candy and creamy. Rambutan has a single seed positioned within the centre of the flesh. The fruit is nutritious and affords a number of well being advantages. For instance, rambutan helps to drop extra pounds, improves digestion, and offers glorious sickness resistance.

Rambutan is an efficient supply of vitamin C, B3, minerals, and pure sugar. It consists of adequate phosphorus and calcium too. In addition, Rambutans can profit the pores and skin, digestive system and many others.

The nonclimacteric tropical fruit is native to Malaysia. However, they've simply recently begun to unfold across the globe. They are a unique fruit liked throughout the United States and can be found in grocery retailers, well being meals shops, and even farmers’ markets. Apart from their distinctive look and scrumptious style, additionally they have a number of implausible well being benefits.

Nutritional Value of Rambutan

100 grams of rambutan incorporates

  • Energy: 73.1kCals
  • Protein: 0.6g
  • Fat: 0.1g
  • Carbohydrates: 16.8g

Vitamins and Minerals

Rambutans additionally include cheap quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

  • Calcium: 8.6 mg
  • Zinc: 0.5 mg
  • Iron: 0.3 mg
  • Folate: 7.3 mcg
  • Magnesium: 21.3 mg
  • Copper: 0.08 mg
  • Vitamin A: 0.4 mcg
  • Vitamin C: 65 mg

Rambutans & Lychees: What’s the Difference?

Rambutans are similar to lychees. However, they've inherent variations primarily based on look, style, and vitamin.


In phrases of look, these two fruits appear to be equivalent. However, they aren't the identical dimension. The rambutan fruit is concerning the dimension of a golf ball. In distinction, the lychee fruit is relatively smaller.

Apart from their dimension, they're simply distinguishable. Rambutan has crimson exterior pores and skin. But what makes it stand out is the hair-like prongs surrounding the shell. These prongs are a shade of shiny inexperienced to orange. Meanwhile, lychee's outer pores and skin is crimson, tough, and thinner.


Rambutan has a richer, creamier flavour, and they're candy with a bitter undertone. On the opposite hand, the white flesh of lychee shouldn't be fairly the identical. Instead, it has a sharper and flowery flavour.


Rambutan and lychee are each excessive in antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Also, each have the same dietary profile. In addition, they include virtually equivalent energy, fibre, and sugar content material.

Rambutan has a plethora of well being benefits. One is a decreased danger of diabetes as a result of it incorporates much less sugar. Additionally, research proves that elevated consumption of this fruit could lower the danger of sickness. Additional well being benefits embody improved bone well being, much less kidney stone formation, and improved coronary heart well being.

Health Benefits of Rambutans

Rambutan incorporates a number of useful components. These components work synchronously to assist your physique. Therefore, rambutans can profit you, whether or not their illness prevention or antibacterial properties.

1. Lowers Risk of Cancer

Rambutans are excessive in vitamin C, a really useful antioxidant. Antioxidants help within the battle in opposition to free radicals. Free radicals are hazardous wastes produced by the physique that trigger cell harm. Antioxidants scale back mobile harm by decreasing the danger of most cancers in many individuals. Studies present that chemical compounds in rambutan can assist inhibit most cancers cells from rising and spreading.

2. Antioxidant Effect

The rambutan fruit incorporates a number of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and useful plant elements. It can be excessive in vitamin C which improves absorption of dietary iron. In addition, this vitamin capabilities as an antioxidant and protects your physique's cells from hurt. Consuming 5–6 rambutan fruits can meet 50% of your day by day requirement. 

Studies show that vitamin C reduces oxidative stress. As a consequence, rambutan protects us from illnesses like arthritis and most cancers.

3. Improves Digestive Health

Rambutans embody each soluble and insoluble fibre. As a consequence, they enhance digestive well being. In addition, dietary fibre offers aid from constipation by absorbing fluids from the intestines, softening wastes, and making them simpler to cross. 

Studies show that fibre nourishes the “good” micro organism in your intestine. As a consequence, it prevents irritation and infections. Soluble fibre feeds the wholesome microorganisms in your abdomen and these good micro organism create short-chain fatty acids. They additionally assist to cut back gastrointestinal sicknesses like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's illness, and ulcerative colitis.

4. Supports Immune System

Studies counsel that rambutan helps enhance immunity. For instance, vitamin C present in rambutan positively impacts immune perform. Therefore, consuming rambutans day by day can help in sustaining immunological well being. 

Research means that rambutan fruit helps battle infections. By inhibiting viral replication, these extracts can help your immune system in its means to battle off pathogens extra successfully.

Additionally, individuals historically use rambutan peel to deal with sicknesses. It additionally defends your physique in opposition to viral and bacterial infections.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Rambutan helps to cut back weight in the long term due to its low-calorie content material. Additionally, it incorporates cheap quantities of fibre. Studies counsel that fibre consumption can help in weight reduction. 

The soluble fibre in rambutan can dissolve in water and produce a gel-like materials in your abdomen. Therefore, it slows digestion and nutrient absorption. It may trigger a lower in urge for food and supply an elevated feeling of satiety. Furthermore, rambutan incorporates a variety of water and retains you hydrated. Additionally, it'd provide help to keep away from overeating and provide help to drop extra pounds. So, rambutan helps you're feeling fuller for longer and scale back meals cravings. Consequently, it could assist in the burden loss course of over time.

6. Helps in Iron Absorption

Anaemia can happen on account of low iron ranges. There are a number of signs of anaemia like weak spot, fatigue, and pale pores and skin. Rambutan incorporates cheap quantities of vitamin C. Studies counsel that vitamin C can enhance iron absorption. They convert iron from meals to a readily absorbable type. Ultimately it helps in stopping anaemia. 

Ways to Eat Rambutan

Rambutan has a fuzzy coat which might be robust to open. However, the pores and skin is simple to chop open. The gentle spines on the outside are light and innocent. The fruit is round a plum’s dimension and has a pit inside. The candy style and juicy flesh of rambutan make it a terrific complement to fruit salads, smoothies, and desserts.

Here are some strategies to incorporate rambutan into your weight loss program:

  • Make a smoothie utilizing rambutan fruits.
  • Make a rambutan fruit salad.
  • Eat as a topping for ice cream.
  • Make rambutan sorbet.
  • Frozen rambutans can be utilized in cocktails.
  • Make jam utilizing rambutans.

Healthy Recipes utilizing Rambutan

Rambutan Smoothie

Everything You Need to Know About Rambutan- HealthifyMe

Serves: 1

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  • Rambutans: 1-2 medium sized
  • Jaggery: 5g
  • Milk: 1 cup
  • Almonds: 2-3 g soaked


  1. Blend all of the components.
  2. Add ice and serve chilly. 

Potential Risks of Consuming Rambutan

1. Diabetes

Rambutan has a furry exterior and a candy/bitter pulp inside. It is a candy fruit stuffed with pure sugar. Furthermore, overripe or darkish crimson rambutans include extra sugar. That makes them a medium or mid vary glycemic index meals. 

Studies present that prime GI meals result in excessive blood glucose ranges. Rambutan has a glycemic index of 59. In addition, the excessive sugar content material makes it dangerous for individuals with diabetes. If you eat it in extra, rambutan could spike blood sugar ranges. However, consuming them carefully won't trigger hurt. So, eat a few half-ripe rambutans you probably have diabetes and keep away from overripe rambutans. Non-diabetics can eat ripened rambutans carefully.

2. Pregnancy

Rambutans have a mid vary glycemic index. Therefore, girls with gestational diabetes needs to be cautious whereas taking them. They could trigger an increase in blood glucose ranges. In addition, studies counsel that prime glycemic index meals causes congenital disabilities. Therefore, speaking to your healthcare skilled is safer earlier than consuming them when pregnant or lactating.

3. Allergies

Rambutan allergic reactions aren't quite common. However, a study reveals that folks with allergic reactions could develop a number of signs. For instance, rambutan allergy reveals indicators of swelling within the throat, hives, itching within the eyes. Therefore, it's important to speak to your doctor. 

4. Digestive Issues

Overconsumption of rambutan could induce constipation. Therefore, it's a examined remedy for diarrhoea. For this, eat rambutans carefully. Excess fibre consumption could result in bowel issues. It may trigger abdomen disturbances. Therefore, it's important to eat them in managed quantities.


Rambutan is a South Asian fruit with a furry husk and a clean, cream-flavoured pulp. It belongs to lychee and longan fruit households, is excessive in vitamins and has low-calorie content material. The fruit could assist with digestion, immunity, and weight discount. Although some people eat the peel and seed, they're usually inedible. Apart from consuming it naturally, you should use the pulp so as to add a candy style to salads, curries, and desserts. Rambutan is an exquisite fruit with a number of well being benefits, however provided that you are taking it carefully. It’s allergy could also be dangerous to your physique and well being. However, should you eat it appropriately alongside a balanced weight loss program, rambutan is great for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many rambutans can I eat a day?

A. You can eat 5-6 rambutans in a day. They are wealthy in nutritional vitamins C and B3. However, you shouldn't eat them in extra. Although the fruit could be very wholesome, it has a excessive sugar content material which will trigger hurt. 

Q. Is Rambutan good for the kidney?

A. Rambutan consumption aids within the elimination of waste from the kidneys. The phosphorus in rambutan helps decrease the load on the kidneys. In addition, rambutan has cheap quantities of vitamin C, an antioxidant. It additionally has anti-inflammatory qualities and will assist lower bladder swelling.

Q. Is Rambutan good for pores and skin?

A. Rambutan helps to revitalise the pores and skin. It incorporates antioxidants corresponding to manganese and vitamin C. It can be excessive in polyphenols, which assist to stimulate collagen manufacturing. In addition, they shield your pores and skin from free radicals and environmental pollution.

Q. Is it OK to eat rambutan each day?

A. Rambutans are excessive in fibre, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. So you may eat them each day. However, rambutan is plentiful in pure sugars and will elevate blood sugar ranges. Thus it's secure to eat solely 5-6 per day.

Q. Is rambutan good for hair development?

A. Yes. Rambutan incorporates cheap quantities of folate, and vitamin C. Vitamin C could enhance iron absorption and stop anaemia. Anaemia is a major reason for hair loss. Additionally, vitamin C helps in collagen formation. Thus, it improves hair high quality.

Q. Is rambutan excessive in ldl cholesterol?

A. No, rambutan incorporates hint quantities of fats. Therefore, it's a heart-healthy meals. Therefore, individuals with coronary heart issues can safely eat them. However, you must at all times eat it carefully.

Q. What is the dietary worth of rambutan?

A. Per 100 grams, rambutans have 73.1 kcals, 0.6 g of protein, and 0.1 g of fats.  Additionally, they include many nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Q. Is lychee and rambutan the identical?

A. No. Rambutan and lychee are fairly totally different. The major distinction between rambutan and lychee is within the pores and skin. Both fruits have tough pinkish-red pores and skin. However, rambutan has a gentle, orange, and inexperienced fur coat that lychee doesn't have. On the opposite hand, Lychee flesh is brighter, just like mangosteen or watermelon.

Q. What is the glycemic index of rambutan?

A. The Rambutan fruit has a reasonably excessive glycemic index of 59. Therefore, extra consumption shouldn't be appropriate for individuals with diabetes. In addition, they might spike up blood glucose ranges. However, one can take them carefully. 

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