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Multiple Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

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February 28, 2022

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The wrestle to decrease blood sugar ranges will not be unusual. In India alone, an estimated 77 million adults have excessive blood sugar ranges and wish to decrease blood sugar ranges for good well being. This quantity might be as excessive as 134 million by 2045. Even extra regarding is that 57% of those instances go undetected and undiagnosed. Therefore, you probably have excessive blood sugar ranges, you need to make wiser selections to decrease blood sugar ranges. This article will cowl the dietary and way of life adjustments you want in your life to maintain your blood sugar ranges in management.

What is Hyperglycemia or High Blood Sugar Levels?

Hyperglycemia, or excessive blood glucose, happens when an excessive amount of sugar is within the blood. It normally occurs when your physique has too little insulin, a hormone that transports glucose into the blood. It additionally occurs in case your physique can't use insulin correctly. These circumstances are most frequently linked with diabetes.

  • Hyperglycemia is fasting blood glucose higher than 125 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). An individual with fasting blood glucose higher than 125 mg/dL has diabetes.
  • Having impaired glucose tolerance, or pre-diabetes, with a fasting blood glucose of 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL.
  • An individual has hyperglycemia if their blood glucose is bigger than 180 mg/dL one to 2 hours after consuming.

If you may have hyperglycemia and it’s untreated for lengthy intervals, you may harm your nerves, blood vessels, tissues and organs. Damage to blood vessels can improve your danger of coronary heart assault and stroke. Nerve harm might also result in eye harm, kidney harm and non-healing wounds.

High Blood Sugar Levels: Causes in Patients with Diabetes

  • The insulin or oral diabetes remedy dose you take will not be enough per your wants.
  • Your physique isn’t utilizing your pure insulin successfully (in case of kind 2 diabetes)
  • The variety of carbohydrates you might be consuming or ingesting will not be in sync with the quantity of insulin your physique is making or the quantity of insulin you inject.
  • Lack of bodily exercise
  • It can be on account of bodily stress from sickness, a chilly, the flu, an an infection, and so forth.
  • Emotional stress
  • Steroids you take for an additional situation.
  • The daybreak phenomenon is a surge of hormones the physique produces each morning.

Other Possible Causes

  • Endocrine circumstances, corresponding to Cushing syndrome, that trigger insulin resistance
  • Pancreatic illnesses corresponding to pancreatitis, pancreatic most cancers and cystic fibrosis
  • Certain drugs like diuretics and steroids
  • It might be on account of gestational diabetes, which occurs in 4% of pregnancies. It is because of decreased insulin sensitivity.
  • Surgery or trauma

High Blood Sugar Levels and Foods

Foods play a vital function in virtually all features of our our bodies. Just like meals are liable for inflicting a number of well being points, they will forestall a lot of them. Similarly, your dietary and way of life habits play a vital function in serving to you handle blood sugar ranges. Therefore, the first part to search for in your meals is their glycemic index. 

Glycemic Index

The glycemic index determines the spike in blood sugar ranges after consuming a specific meals. For instance, your blood sugar ranges rise rather a lot after you eat sugary treats. That is as a result of these meals are wealthy in sugar, a refined carbohydrate. However, if you eat a bowl of oats, the blood sugar degree doesn't improve as a lot as after consuming sugary treats. The glycemic index displays these spikes in blood sugar ranges.

A glycemic index is an efficient software that will help you monitor and management your blood sugar ranges.

The GI of any meals merchandise ranges between 0 to 100, 0 being no sugar spike and 100 representing sugar spike on account of pure glucose. Based on these numbers, there are three sorts of meals teams:

  • Low GI meals have a glycaemic index of 55 or much less.
  • Medium GI meals have a glycaemic index that ranges from 56 to 69.
  • Finally, excessive GI meals have a glycaemic index of greater than 70.

Glycemic index is without doubt one of the finest methods of categorising carbohydrates, notably starchy carbohydrates.

Eating many high-glycemic-index meals will trigger important spikes in blood sugar. It can improve your possibilities of getting kind 2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, and weight achieve. In addition, high-glycemic diets result in age-related macular degeneration, ovulatory infertility, and colorectal most cancers. Low-glycemic-index meals assist within the administration of kind 2 diabetes and weight reduction.

What Influences Glycemic Index? 

The glycemic index of a meals can affect by a number of elements, together with the next:

  • High Processing: Grains which have been milled and refined (eradicating the bran and germ) have a better glycemic index than minimally processed entire grains.
  • Physical Form: Finely floor grain digests extra rapidly than coarsely floor grain. Eating entire grains of their “whole form,” corresponding to brown rice or oats, is best than extremely processed entire grain bread.
  • Fibre Content: Since high-fibre meals comprise much less digestible carbohydrates, they decelerate digestion. It ends in a extra gradual and decrease rise in blood sugar.
  • Overripe fruit and veggies have a better glycemic index than ripe fruit and veggies.
  • Fat and Acid content material: Foods excessive in fats or acid convert to sugar extra slowly.

So, if you wish to management your blood glucose ranges, you must eat extra low and medium GI meals. However, it doesn't make excessive GI meals unhealthy or much less nutritious. You can have them often and moderately.

Foods to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar Levels

1. Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate sources like wheat, Jowar, Bajra and so forth., are complicated carbohydrates. It means their chemical buildings are complicated, and they don't break down rapidly to type sugar. In addition, they comprise fibre and important nutritional vitamins and minerals. As a consequence, they take longer to digest. Hence, they've a slower influence on blood sugar ranges and don't create a excessive spike in blood sugar ranges. Instead, they assist decrease blood sugar ranges. In distinction, refined carbohydrates like maida, sugar and so forth., spike blood sugar ranges.

2. Low GI Fruits


Cherries are vivid purple because of the meals pigment anthocyanin and choline. Additionally, cherry is excessive in nutritional vitamins A, C, Ok and fibre. Moreover, they're excessive in potassium and antioxidants. As a consequence, they assist cut back irritation and oxidative stress within the physique, defending your physique from inflammatory illnesses like most cancers, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular illnesses and so forth. High antioxidant content material additionally helps get youthful and healthy-looking pores and skin. 

Since cherry’s glycemic index is 20 models, it ensures wholesome glucose regulation within the physique. It additionally reduces the chance of diabetes by growing insulin sensitivity. It is primarily because of the abundance of anthocyanin in cherries.


Avocado is excessive in fibre content material, providing two advantages. First, it helps you're feeling satiated for an extended. As a consequence, it curbs pointless cravings, selling weight reduction. Second, it helps keep intestine well being as a result of fibre helps promote the expansion of wholesome micro organism.

Avocado is a flexible fruit, which is simple to include in low-calorie diets, keto weight-reduction plan, paleo weight-reduction plan and so forth. In addition, avocado has a low glycemic index and excessive fibre. These two properties make it a great fruit choice for individuals with diabetes. Furthermore, the wholesome fats in avocados helps enhance insulin sensitivity, which helps management blood sugar ranges.


Plum is low in energy and has good soluble fibre content material. It makes plum a superb choice for snacking. The dietary properties of plum assist cut back weight, aids in digestion and relieves constipation. In addition, plums are wealthy in antioxidants, making them an efficient treatment towards nervousness. The phytochemicals in plums assist cut back irritation which triggers coronary heart illnesses. It additionally accommodates potassium, appropriate for blood strain management and prevents stroke.

Inflammation triggers many degenerative illnesses in our physique like diabetes, coronary heart illnesses, cancers, pulmonary illnesses, Parkinson’s illness and so forth. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in plums assist cease the continued irritation in your physique. As a consequence, it helps shield you from all types of degenerative illnesses. 

Plum fruit has a glycemic index of 40 models, and it's wealthy in fibre content material. Thus, it's appropriate for individuals who have diabetes. Apart from the advantages talked about above, plum boosts the manufacturing of a hormone known as adiponectin, which helps cut back blood glucose ranges. 


Kiwi is a low GI meals with a GI of fifty. In addition, its Glycemic Load is as little as 7.7. Therefore, reasonable kiwi fruit consumption doesn't consequence right away insulin spike. Instead, the blood sugar ranges rise steadily and to a minimal extent. Furthermore, the kiwi pores and skin is filled with insoluble fibres and a compound ‘inositol', which makes your physique extra delicate to insulin and thus, helps remedy diabetes. 

Kiwi can also be low in energy and has largely water weight. Therefore, kiwi consumption also can assist in weight reduction and weight administration. Optimum weight is one of the simplest ways to maintain sugar ranges beneath verify.


Papaya has a low glycemic index and provides a variety of well being advantages. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. In addition, it's low in energy. It has excessive quantities of important nutritional vitamins like A, B, C and E, and minerals like copper, magnesium, folate, lutein, pantothenic acid, potassium and lycopene. These dietary properties make papayas appropriate for individuals with diabetes. However, you must at all times eat them moderately.


With a GI of 36 and a Glycemic Load of 6, apples have very low sugar content material. In addition, their dietary properties make them very wholesome. Furthermore, in response to a study, individuals who eat apples usually have a 28% decrease risk of affected by kind 2 diabetes. That is as a result of polyphenols in apples forestall the damage and tear of beta cells liable for insulin manufacturing.

Weight loss is without doubt one of the finest methods to handle diabetes. Apples are wonderful for weight reduction as they aren't calorie-dense but filled with fibre and quantity. Their probiotic properties additionally assist weight reduction.


Oranges pose no risk to a diabetic affected person. On the opposite, with their excessive fibre and nutrient content material, oranges must be your go-to fruit. In addition, the GI of orange is as little as 31-51. These values point out that oranges are protected for diabetic individuals, and their consumption is not going to have an effect on their blood sugar ranges.

3. Protein-Rich Foods Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Protein consumption can increase insulin sensitivity with out elevating blood glucose ranges in individuals with kind 2 diabetes. Therefore, you shouldn't use high-protein carbohydrate sources to deal with or forestall hypoglycemia.

Research means that meal plans with barely larger protein ranges (20–30%) assist improve satiety. As a consequence, it successfully helps handle kind 2 diabetes. However, individuals with diabetic kidney illness (albuminuria and a diminished estimated glomerular filtration price) ought to purpose to eat not more than 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of desired physique weight per day. 

You must also not maintain dietary protein consumption beneath the really useful day by day allowance as a result of it doesn't have an effect on glycemic management, cardiovascular danger, or the speed at which glomerular filtration price declines.

As per the American Diabetes Association, you may eat the next protein-rich meals to assist regulate blood sugar ranges.

Plant-Based Proteins:

  • Beans corresponding to black, pinto and kidney beans
  • Hummus and Falafel
  • Lentils like brown, inexperienced or yellow
  • Soy Nuts
  • Nuts and Spreads like almond butter, peanut butter and cashew butter
  • Tempeh and Tofu

Proteins from Fish and Seafood:

You ought to attempt to eat these meals at the very least twice every week.

  • Fish excessive in omega-3 fatty acids like Albacore tuna, herring, mackerel, rainbow trout, sardines and salmon
  • Other fish like catfish, cod, flounder, haddock, halibut, orange roughy and tilapia
  • Shellfish like clams, crab, imitation shellfish, lobster, scallops, shrimp and oysters

Other Protein-Rich Foods:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Whole Eggs
  • Chicken, Turkey, Cornish Hen
  • Lamb, Veal and Pork

4. Good Fat 

The high quality of fat you eat is extra essential than the amount. Although the enough whole fats consumption for individuals with diabetes is unknown, you may tailor your targets as per your physique’s necessities.

You ought to eat meals excessive in long-chain omega3 fatty acids, corresponding to fatty fish (EPA and DHA) and nuts and seeds (ALA). Apart from controlling blood sugar ranges, they assist forestall or deal with heart problems. Some good fats sources are flax seeds, tuna, mackerel, cashew, almonds, and so forth.

Lifestyle Changes to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Physically Active Lifestyle

Keeping your self bodily energetic imparts a number of well being advantages to your physique. Similarly, it helps decrease blood sugar ranges. It is without doubt one of the finest methods to decrease blood sugar naturally. For instance, strolling helps optimum insulin functioning, which helps cut back glucose. Therefore, the extra you stroll, the higher it's to your physique. Some different examples of bodily actions are:

  • Brisk strolling for 45 minutes a day
  • Jogging for 35 minutes a day
  • Running on daily basis for half-hour 
  • Stretching, yoga, meditation
  • Cardio exercises
  • Weight lifting and different types of workouts 

Sufficient Sleep

Lack of sleep reduces metabolism, which results in weight achieve. An improve in weight results in the impaired working of insulin. It, in flip, spikes the blood sugar ranges.

Points to Remember

  • Include fibre-rich meals in each meal or snack.
  • Your morning meal ought to have some entire grains like millets, quinoa and so forth. 
  • Choose meals with entire wheat, entire oats, or different entire grains as major substances and no added sugars.
  • Bread made from entire grains is an effective selection for lunch or snacks. Ensure that the first ingredient in your bread is entire wheat or one other entire grain. Check the label fastidiously.
  • Consume fewer potatoes. Instead, attempt bulgur, wheat berries, millet, hulled barley, faro, or quinoa.
  • Look for whole-grain merchandise made with half entire wheat, brown rice, or different entire grain flour. In addition, legume-based or millet-based merchandise are additionally out there these days.
  • Include beans/legumes in your weight-reduction plan. They are a terrific supply of lean protein and slowly digested carbohydrates. Since they're protein and fibre sources, you should utilize them rather than meat.
  • Make an effort to incorporate quite a lot of recent fruit and veggies in your meals on daily basis.
  • Include a supply of lean protein with every meal. For instance, skinless poultry, fish or eggs, and reduced-fat dairy merchandise are wonderful lean animal protein sources. In addition, tofu, tempeh, legumes, and different meat merchandise are plant protein sources that you must eat. However, eat them fastidiously as a result of they could have a better sodium content material.
  • You ought to eat nuts like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts or filberts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, halves, and walnuts.
  • Remember, protein ought to complement, not exchange greens, fruits, and entire grains in your meal.

The Bottom Line

High blood sugar ranges or hyperglycemia is prevalent worldwide. It is spreading like wildfire these days. But, because the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, you must maintain your blood sugar ranges in verify to stay match and wholesome. As the article explains, your dietary habits, wholesome and energetic way of life and optimum sleep will help you decrease blood sugar ranges. Hence, you must eat fibre-rich meals, good high quality protein and fats. In addition, observe a wholesome way of life with bodily exercise, and get optimum sleep. These basic adjustments are important to decrease blood sugar ranges naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you carry blood sugar down rapidly?

A. Although medical science suggests taking an insulin dose to carry down your blood sugar rapidly, you can too get assist from workouts. Physical train will help you quickly and efficiently decrease your blood sugar ranges inside 24 hours. That is as a result of train will increase your physique’s insulin sensitivity.

Q. What meals instantly decrease blood sugar?

A. There isn't any such magical meals that may show you how to cut back your blood sugar immediately. However, fixed dietary modulations could assist. For instance, you must eat fibre-rich meals and complicated carbohydrates to enhance blood sugar ranges. In addition, you may forestall blood sugar points by following common train routines and a balanced weight-reduction plan.

Q. Can ingesting water decrease blood sugar?

A. Yes, ingesting sufficient water helps decrease blood sugar ranges as a result of it helps to re-hydrate the blood. As a consequence, it reduces blood sugar ranges and prevents illnesses like diabetes.

Q. How lengthy does it take to carry blood sugar down?

A. For some individuals, it might take 2-3 days to carry down blood sugar ranges. However, it might take properly over 2-3 weeks to enhance blood sugar ranges for some others. Leading a wholesome way of life with correct train and a balanced weight-reduction plan will show you how to get beneficial outcomes earlier.

Q. How do you're feeling when your blood sugar is simply too excessive?

A. Symptoms of excessive blood sugar could embody however aren't restricted to fatigue, frequent urination, elevated thirst, shortness of breath and dryness of the mouth. If you end up affected by the above signs, you must instantly seek the advice of a doctor.

Q. How can I stabilise my blood sugar in a single day?

A. Although an in a single day answer will not be believable, you must management your weight-reduction plan, particularly throughout the evening hours, to control your sugar ranges. Also, attempt to not eat something proper earlier than your bedtime as a result of it would lead to sugar degree spikes.

Q. Can train decrease blood sugar ranges?

A. Yes, train is without doubt one of the finest options to control blood sugar ranges. That is as a result of it makes your physique optimise the usage of insulin, leading to higher elimination of extra glucose.

Q. Can Apple cider vinegar decrease blood sugar instantly? 

A. Although some research present a hyperlink between blood sugar ranges and vinegar, it requires extra analysis to show the identical. So, it's finest to not depend on vinegar to maintain your sugar ranges beneath management.

Q. Does peanut butter decrease blood sugar?

A. Yes, peanut butter helps decrease blood strain ranges. Peanuts are wealthy in protein, and a number of other trials show their effectiveness in individuals with kind 2 diabetes and regulating blood sugar ranges. In addition, when paired with high-carbohydrate or high-GL meals, peanuts and peanut butter assist decrease blood sugar spikes.

Q. What in case your blood sugar is over 400?

A. If your blood sugar degree is above 400 mg/dL, it's attainable that the studying is fake. It is very true if you're not experiencing any signs. However, in case your rating stays the identical after re-testing, you must instantly search medical assist.

Q. Does lemon juice decrease blood sugar? 

A. Although lemon could in a roundabout way have an effect on blood sugar ranges and cut back them, it might assist forestall sudden will increase. In addition, a number of research exhibit the constructive impact of lemon juice on individuals with diabetes. Its impact on the physique is much like different acidic meals, which assist cut back the glycemic influence of starchy meals.

Q. Is banana good for diabetes?

A. There is a number of contradictory knowledge out there to check the impact of bananas on individuals with diabetes. However, some studies counsel that starch constitutes 80-90% of the carbohydrate content material in under-ripe bananas, which adjustments into sugar because the banana ripens. Therefore, it's fit for human consumption under-ripe bananas. However, it's protected to seek the advice of your physician earlier than including them to your weight-reduction plan. Your healthcare skilled could add them to your weight-reduction plan an individualised plan. 

Q. Can inexperienced tea decrease blood sugar?

A. Yes, inexperienced tea can help to decrease blood sugar ranges since it's associated to decrease fasting glucose ranges and A1C ranges and decrease fasting insulin ranges, that are an indication of diabetic wellness.

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