December 6

Menstrual Euphemisms… Just Say “Period”

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December 6, 2022

Real painter-decorator, shark scientist, an aunt named Flo and a strawberry farmer are simply a number of the ‘human period euphemisms’ becoming a member of forces to finish dangerous menstrual slang 

  • Globally there are over 5,000 interval euphemisms together with ‘got the painters in’, ‘Aunt Flo is in town’, ‘shark week’ and ‘surfing the crimson wave’
  • But interval euphemisms are offensive, problematic and contribute to the continued stigma round menstruation1
  • Now, enabled by intimate wellbeing model, INTIMINA, a most unlikely group of individuals have come collectively throughout the planet to induce individuals to only say interval… and they're all ‘human period euphemisms’
  • The assortment of ‘human period euphemisms’ features a actual painter-decorator, shark consultants, an aunt named Flo, a surfer, a naval navy historian, a lingonberry jam maker and a strawberry farmer 
  • The collective of strolling, speaking menstrual slang phrases star in a hanging quick movie, saying the euphemism they symbolize earlier than calling for change. View the movie right here.

What do a painter-decorator, a strawberry farmer, a shark scientist, an aunt named Flo, a lingonberry jam producer, a surfer and a navy historian have in widespread? They’re all ‘human period euphemisms’. And now, in partnership with INTIMINA, this unlikely group of embodied menstrual slang have come collectively internationally to name for an finish to dangerous interval euphemisms.

While they might appear innocent, utilizing euphemisms to explain menstruation discourages open dialog and perpetuates the stigma and taboo surrounding durations. Many of the euphemisms used world wide have destructive connotations that affiliate menstruation with disgrace, leaving generations of girls feeling like they should cover their durations and keep away from discussing their menstrual well being.

As a part of its ongoing mission to normalise durations, wellbeing model INTIMINA felt that one of the best individuals to battle interval euphemisms have been interval euphemisms. That’s proper, a set of actual those who embody menstrual euphemisms are the faces of a world motion urging everybody to name durations, durations. 

The uncommon ensemble of embodied euphemisms, and the slang they symbolise, are as follows (full biographies within the notes to editors): 

    • Justin Bowen, a British painter-decorator, is “Got the painters in” (common within the UK)
    • Florence Deniau, an American aunt, is “Aunt Flo is in town” euphemism (common within the USA)
  • Liv Palmblad, a Swedish lingonberry jam producer, is “Lingonberry week” (common in Sweden)
  • Nate Sutton, an Australian surfer, is “Surfing the crimson wave” (common in English-speaking international locations)
  • Iris Pupella-Noguès a French historian, is “The English have landed” euphemism (common in France and a reference to the Battle of Waterloo and the color of British navy uniforms)
  • Sophumelela Qoma and Nico Booyens, South African shark scientists, are “Shark week” (common in English-speaking international locations)
  • Alessandro Sesini, an Italian collector with a ardour for effective wines, is “I have my things” (common in Italy)
  • Phil Boddington, a strawberry farmer, is “Strawberry week” (common in Germany)

This world group have starred in a hanging quick movie seen right here, the place every human interval euphemism may be seen partaking in an exercise associated to the euphemism they symbolize, earlier than saying the slang of their language. The movie ends with a strong name to arms, as INTIMINA’s forged urges all different human interval euphemisms in addition to the whole world inhabitants to name time on damaging slang phrases and as an alternative name a interval a interval.

Human interval euphemism Justin Bowen, a painter-decorator at Justincredible Plastering, feedback: ‘In my industry, people don’t discuss durations. It wasn’t till my accomplice handed away and I used to be left caring for a younger daughter that I realised the significance of open dialog round menstruation. Now, as a husband and father, I really feel a accountability to assist break down the stigma. I’m proud to be part of this marketing campaign for INTIMINA – it’s a trigger near my coronary heart. I’m a interval man now!’

Dunja Kokotović, INTIMINA Global Brand Manager, feedback: “Periods are normal, but with over 5,000 euphemisms used around the world, we still have a long way to go when it comes to normalising open conversation about menstruation. INTIMINA has created Just Say Period to shine a light on this issue and make steps towards eradicating the stigma by stimulating open dialogue about menstruation.”

Gynaecologist for INTIMINA, Dr Unsworth, feedback: ‘I am delighted that INTIMINA is taking a stance on such an important topic. Using euphemisms to describe periods perpetuates the longstanding stigma around menstruation, and many euphemisms have very negative connotations stemming from patriarchal ideology that associates menstruation with shame. Continued use of such euphemisms results in new generations of women feeling unable to talk openly about their periods, which can often cause delays in them seeking help when they are having difficulties. There should be no shame in using the term ‘menstruation’ or ‘period’, as over 50% of the inhabitants will expertise them, and the remaining 50% wouldn't be right here with out them!”

INTIMINA has created Just Say Period as a part of its ongoing Seen + Heard interval positivity marketing campaign. Seen + Heard goals to extend the visibility of menstrual wellbeing internationally, normalise conversations about menstrual well being, sort out stigma and bias and lift consciousness of intimate well being circumstances. 

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