February 27

Menstrual Cup Guide: Choose The Perfect One!

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February 27, 2022

Thinking about shopping for your first menstrual cup? How thrilling! If you’ve examine how menstrual cups can prevent cash and assist cut back waste, you in all probability can’t wait to order your cup and have your subsequent interval. 

But possibly you’re a bit wired too. Buying a menstrual cup isn’t like shopping for a shirt—you don’t actually have a body of reference to decide on the fitting measurement. Until now!

We have written guides about selecting between Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact, or why Lily Cup One is ideal for folks new to cups and menstruation. Or how Ziggy’s 2 distinctive design opens up all types of recent prospects. But when it comes to aspect by aspect measurement comparability, that is your final information to menstrual cups!


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Which is the Right Menstrual Cup Size for You?

Armed with the knowledge above, you’re nearly able to make an essential selection about your new menstrual cup. There are another issues it's good to think about first. 

Your Intimate Health History

We make completely different sorts of cups for various sorts of our bodies, which incorporates the Size A and Size B provided for Lily Cup Compact and Lily Cup Classic. The bigger Size B is advisable for many who have been pregnant earlier than. Even when you didn't have a vaginal start, carrying a toddler may cause weak point in your pelvic ground, which makes a barely bigger cup a safer possibility. Of course, if a Size B is correct to your post-birth restoration, you might find yourself going again to a Size A after strengthening your pelvic ground. 

If you’re new to menstruating, you might fear that cups may be too large. That’s a part of the explanation why we created Lily Cup One. Its smaller measurement and different design options make it good for menstruation newbies! Ziggy 2 is a menstrual disc that is available in two completely different sizes, it may be worn by folks with the upper or decrease cervix – relying on disc measurement. 

Measuring Your Cervix Height

Cervix peak may not be a measurement you’ve ever thought of earlier than, however it’s fairly essential for consolation. Your cervix peak interprets to the size of your vagina. Cervix peak is completely different for everybody, and modifications all through your cycle (severely!), so we suggest checking throughout and even all through menstruation to ensure you know the bottom level it reaches. 

All you want are your individual (clear) fingers and this detailed clarification of measuring cervix peak right here.

The stem of your menstrual cup could be trimmed when you’ve misjudged a bit, however roughly we suggest Lily Cup Compact or Lily Cup One for folks with shorter cervixes. 

Still Curious About Cups?

Here are some further articles evaluating menstrual cups so you possibly can really feel assured that you simply’ve made the fitting selection!

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