July 21

Member Feature PJ Elsner – The Perfect Workout

By fitness

July 21, 2022

Five years after becoming a member of The Perfect Workout, PJ has skilled quite a few methods by which this exercise has made a distinction in her well being, beginning with the idea that it might have saved her life…

“I believe The Perfect Workout saved my life. In 2018, I used to be on a {golfing} journey and had been underneath a whole lot of stress. I used to be taking fairly a little bit of Advil, I used to be drained lots, and my legs obtained actually sluggish. After searching for medical recommendation it turned out that my esophagus had been irritated by the stress and Advil use. My hemoglobin rely had gone down to five.9 (regular vary is 12.1-15.1) with my esophagus dripping blood into my abdomen. I ended up within the ICU inside three hours after that.

The docs had been completely astonished that I didn't go into cardiac arrest on the golf course.

They stated, ‘How? How are you so strong to have kept on going?’

I stated, ‘I do that factor known as The Perfect Workout… ‘

And what they stated?

That may have saved your life.

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