April 21

Member Feature Nancy Schlesinger – The Perfect Workout

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April 21, 2022

In whole, Nancy has misplaced about 50 kilos. In addition to reducing weight, she’s elevated her lean muscle mass and bone power. Both of which is able to assist her preserve her fats loss, stamina, and power for years to return.

“To me The Perfect Workout really is perfect. I don't have to think about all the little details that you would if you're working out on your own. Having the trainer there by your side, watching your form is so valuable.

I think a lot of that hesitancy to workout before was often fear that I was going to do something wrong, that either I wouldn't get any results or I'd hurt myself.

As you get older, you don't have the same body confidence that you might have when you were younger. But when you have your trainer there then they can help you stay focused.

This is not like anything else I've ever done…

I feel like I'm a lot stronger. I’ve got better coordination and balance.

And I really changed the way my body looks. It's really wonderful.”

Nancy S. 63
The Perfect Workout Member
San Mateo, CA

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