January 27

Member Feature John Aspebakken – The Perfect Workout

By fitness

January 27, 2022

In addition to bettering power and stability, John had different necessary targets to deal with. He had a household historical past of individuals beginning to “hunch” over as they bought older.

“I noticed my posture was starting to get bad. And when I'd go up a set of stairs, I'd be all tired out, and my knees would hurt.”

Within the primary 6 months at The Perfect Workout, John started to really feel huge advantages of power coaching…

“Stairs don’t bother me anymore whatsoever. My strength, my knees, and my whole body improved greatly. I noticed my posture started getting a lot better.

When I'm doing projects around the house or lifting groceries, my balance feels a lot more stable. It’s amazing how much it's improved over time.

The thing I feel best about was when we went river rafting recently and I almost felt like I was a teenager again.

Three years ago, I was on a downhill path in terms of being able to do that type of thing and now I'm able to do those things and enjoy them.”

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