May 30

Member Feature Carelle Karimimanesh – The Perfect Workout

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May 30, 2022

It’s been 8 ½ years since Carelle joined The Perfect Workout’s San Mateo Studio and she or he says,

“It’s the best money I spend every year.”

Carelle has skilled a number of advantages over time at The Perfect Workout. Here are a couple of of her favorites…

“I feel a lot of benefits in my everyday life.

My house is about a mile away, so I walk here and back every time I come.

In total I do 20 to 30 miles of walking a week. And little by little, I’ve worked up to being able to leg press the entire stack of weights! (Both a result of having stronger legs!)

I have definitely seen an increase in upper body strength, which is remarkable to me because I don't see a lot of old women who can move their arms as much as I do.

Three years ago, I developed vertigo, and it makes me very off balance. With vertigo comes the fear of falling. And when I work out, especially leg training, it helps me to feel confident that I don't have to be fearful of falling and having a bad injury.”

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