April 11

Jeannie Mai Jenkins Says Looking After Your Health is ‘Self-Care’ – SheKnows

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April 11, 2022

Pregnancy generally is a time that basically places your well being (thoughts and physique) into perspective. For Jeannie Mai Jenkins (How Do I Look?, The Real), who lately welcomed child Monoco earlier this yr with husband Jeezy, bringing a child into the world was one other probability to reevaluate what it actually means to observe by with caring for herself. 

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In an unique with Kristyn Burtt for SheKnows at an occasion for the American Heart Association, Mai Jenkins shared how she was beforehand unaware of how coronary heart illness is such a hazard to pregnant folks and new mother and father (it is among the main causes of maternal mortality within the US) — however how studying about it put her method to well being into perspective.

“Not only was I not aware of it, but I also didn’t know that new moms are even more at risk of heart disease because of what a stressful life it is,” she mentioned. “The last four months of my life, have been the most tumultuous, most hair-raising, most tiring and the most rewarding. So the rewarding part makes you forget that you also have to take care of yourself.”

And, on the subject of what that truly appears like, she provides that caring in your well being is one thing that may completely swap up the image you could have in your thoughts of self-care. It doesn’t must appear like high-key pampering (although that stuff is enjoyable too!) however may also appear like doing the extra unsexy and sensible issues that your physician can be happy with too. 

“You know, I know about self-love, but to me, self-care is like a spa and getting a manicure. I never thought to actually go and take a walk and maybe change my diet up and even go get tested to see how my heart is doing,” she mentioned. “So being a part of tonight is a reminder to myself, that girl, if you’re walking it, you better talk it… you better actually go and show up and get yourself checked.”

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