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How to Have Fresh, Healthy Periods

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May 28, 2022

Every 12 months on the twenty eighth of May we mark Menstrual Hygiene Day. Everyone calls it a celebration, however the fact is, sadly, distant from this. The Menstrual Hygiene Day needs to be the day once we all work collectively to interrupt taboos surrounding menstruation and lift consciousness of the significance of excellent menstrual hygiene administration worldwide. 

Menstrual hygiene is way more than hygiene as a phrase – it will be significant for a lady’s physique and much more vital for her well being. Being capable of speak about menstruation with none disgrace and restraint is essential for the psychological well being of the individual and the event of the individual and society typically. 

When it involves our intervals, it typically appears like we’re simply alleged to know every thing. Like the menarche fairy is meant to faucet us on our head once we get our first interval, immediately giving us a wealth of insider data. Well, the reality is, there isn't a wave of a magic wand that makes you an skilled on menstrual hygiene. This means you in all probability have a whole lot of questions on how you can have a recent, wholesome interval. 

Learning the fundamentals of menstrual hygiene is vital! It helps guarantee that you're absolutely knowledgeable about the suitable option to keep wholesome and keep away from an infection throughout menstruation.

Menstruation is a time of heightened danger of sure infections, together with some sexually transmitted infections. This elevated danger of an infection happens as a result of the mucus that often blocks your cervix opens throughout menstruation to permit blood to cross out of the physique. This makes it potential for micro organism to journey up into your uterus and pelvic cavity. Changes in vaginal pH additionally make yeast infections extra seemingly.

It is crucial that everybody understands the very best practices for interval hygiene. So a lot of our menstruation will get wrapped up in disgrace and misinformation. Knowing menstrual hygiene fundamentals will allow you to not solely really feel recent and assured throughout your interval, however you’ll even be maintaining your self wholesome!

Before we get began, ensure to acquaint your self along with your key physique elements just like the vagina and vulva right here.

The Basics of Menstrual Hygiene 

Wash Regularly

Bathe or bathe not less than as soon as a day to maintain your physique clear and keep away from odor. We know that we have to wash our palms after going to the lavatory and altering menstrual safety or cleansing our vulva and vagina, however earlier than is vital too. Think about what number of belongings you contact in your option to any given washroom! 

And Wash the Right Way

Because your vulva and vagina are extra delicate than different elements of your physique, they require a unique type of wash product. Always wash externally and by no means use regular physique cleaning soap or physique wash. Avoid douches or shampoo in your intimate space, which might upset your pure flora and acidity. Opt for a wash specifically formulated for intimate use or simply use your hand and heat water.

Wipe from Front to Back

 You in all probability don’t assume rather a lot about utilizing rest room paper. But there's a proper method and a incorrect method! When you wipe from again to entrance you danger exposing your vagina to dangerous anal micro organism that may trigger infections comparable to urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Always wipe entrance to again and attempt to maintain your vaginal and anal wiping separate.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Avoid clothes that's tight between your legs, or materials that don’t breathe. (Yes, we’re speaking about artificial yoga pants.) Wearing clothes near your vulva could cause elevated moisture and warmth that may additionally irritate your pores and skin. Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes to remain recent and dry.

Change Pads and Tampons Often

Continual use of the identical sanitary pad or tampon will increase your danger of an infection and poisonous shock syndrome (TSS). Prolonged publicity to damp sanitary pads may irritate your pores and skin, which might ultimately turn into damaged and danger an infection. If you’re avoiding altering your tampons or pads as a result of they’re costly, look in your group without spending a dime or discounted interval merchandise. Sometimes your faculty, physician’s workplace, meals banks, or different group organizations will allow you to get entry to the merchandise you want. We all get caught with no provides typically, so no disgrace in asking for a little bit assist!

Use the Right Tampon Absorbency

Always use the bottom absorbency tampon wanted in your menstrual move, and by no means use a tampon except you may have your interval. Using tremendous absorbency tampons on a light-weight day will increase your danger for poisonous shock syndrome (TSS).

Use a Menstrual Cup 

Consider switching to a menstrual cup! It collects your move somewhat than absorbing it, so doesn’t trigger dryness or irritation. Made from medical-grade silicone, menstrual cups are protected in your physique and final for as much as 10 years so are method higher in your pocket and the surroundings. Find out extra causes to ditch these pads and tampons right here!

Practice Safe Sex

During menstruation, you face an added danger of passing on or contracting blood-borne ailments, comparable to HIV or Hepatitis B, by unprotected intercourse.

This heightened danger outcomes from the upper concentrations of HIV and Hepatitis B present in blood, versus the comparatively decrease concentrations in different physique fluids comparable to semen and vaginal secretions. Having your interval doesn’t imply you must cease having intercourse should you don’t need to. (Some individuals love orgasms as a natural-cramp reliever!)

If you'll have partnered intercourse in your interval, use a barrier methodology to guard your self comparable to a condom. If you may have intercourse with somebody and not using a penis, ensure to learn up in your STI dangers right here.

So after we realized one thing new, we should be conscious that not everyone seems to be that joyful in terms of this matter. Menstruations and intervals are someplace nonetheless one thing to be “Psssssst!” about. 

5 international locations the place menstruation is one thing totally different


Cultural myths and taboos surrounding menstruation are rife in India, the place an estimated 200 million youngsters and adolescents lack the best consciousness of menstrual hygiene. Approximately 23% drop out of college yearly due partly to inadequate sanitation and interval safety. Organizations comparable to Menstrupedia have responded to those issues by tackling the shortage of menstrual care training that's accessible to younger women and have been massively influential in undoing cultural stigmas in faculties and at house.


In the Philippines, many colleges have poor sanitation amenities and lack the data to help college students throughout their interval. A constant drawback is the shortage of training about puberty throughout the sexes, making non-menstruators aloof to their friends. In truth, one of many main causes for period-related faculty absenteeism is the nervousness of teasing from schoolmates about leaks, stains, and odours. This can have damaging results on their vanity and maintain them again from absolutely collaborating in class life.


In Western Nepal, a convention known as chhaupadi persists regardless of being outlawed by their Supreme Court in 2005. During menses, chhaupadi considers individuals to be ‘ritually impure’ and their contact is alleged to unfold illness and contaminate meals. As a outcome, persons are banished from their houses to small, desolate huts on the fringes of their communities whereas menstruating. Recently, extra consideration has been introduced to those practices, with the aim of pressuring extra conservative leaders to desert the custom and guarantee group members that their intervals shouldn't have to restrict them.


A harmful custom persists that leads individuals to consider ingesting, bathing in, or touching chilly water will result in cysts and even infertility. In addition, college students should carry their used pads with them, usually in class, as it's mentioned that placing them within the trash could cause most cancers. Yes, Bolivia’s menstrual care doctrine is brimming with misinformation, however fortunately there are organizations comparable to UNGEI (United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative) who're producing precious analysis on how women expertise menstruation in faculties and at house, and offering complete suggestions to deal with these points.

South Africa

In elements of South Africa, meagre incomes imply that disposable pads and tampons will not be an choice for tens of millions of individuals, who as a substitute depend on previous rags, newspapers, dried leaves or reusing pads from earlier cycles. As a outcome, it's all too widespread for college kids to skip faculty throughout their interval to keep away from leaks and due to poor sanitation – finally placing them at an enormous drawback to their friends.

 Want to Support Intimina to Make a Difference?

This 12 months Intimina created a specialised Instagram filter devoted to breaking the stigma about menstruation. So we're inviting you to interrupt the interval stigma along with us! Join us and present your help by utilizing our Menstrual Hygiene Day impact in your IG tales. To thanks in your efforts in serving to us destigmatize intervals, we're awarding two of you with a bundle of your selection. The winners will likely be introduced on Instagram tales on Intimina’s account.  

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