December 24

How to Embrace Progress Over Perfection With Pilates

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December 24, 2022

Progress over perfection has grow to be a preferred saying within the well being and wellness area, however at Lindywell, it’s been a core worth because the very starting. One factor we’ve discovered over time, nevertheless, is that it may be laborious to let go of self-criticism in our trendy world, the place everybody’s successes are made public. Hello, comparability, disgrace, and judgment. 

Striving for that false notion of perfection, nevertheless, slows you down, pulls you away out of your most genuine self, and leaves you feeling defeated most of the time. When you possibly can shift your focus as a substitute to progress, the expertise and journey grow to be extra pleasant. 

What’s extra, the concept of perfection, nicely, it turns into much less essential.

If you’re nonetheless struggling to clean these sharp, essential edges, we've a easy however highly effective framework so that you can embrace progress over perfection. 

The Six Principles of Pilates

While there are numerous methods to embrace the journey, at Lindywell, we discover that Pilates is the perfect instructor. Specifically, the six guiding rules, which break down as follows:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Breath
  • Precision
  • Center
  • Flow

Rather than striving for perfection, we concentrate on doing it nicely, feeling good, and staying linked. This progress-over-perfection strategy is just not all the time the norm within the health business, significantly on the planet of Pilates. 

Here, we take a extra grace-filled and progress-focused strategy to Pilates and health as a complete, and you are able to do the identical, on and off the mat. Now, let’s see how we are able to apply these six rules to the concept of progress over perfection.

Embrace Progress Over Perfection With the Six Principles

Here’s how you need to use these six rules to actually embrace progress over perfection, and expertise all of the goodness that this shift can deliver. As all the time, take what resonates and implement what feels good. Not all of those will really feel related to your life, however one or two could also be simply what you want.


Commit totally however stay versatile.

Your wishes and wishes ebb and move and so your strategy to reaching targets ought to observe go well with. To embrace progress over perfection, you have to decide to what you want, however keep in mind that the best way you get there can evolve together with you.

In this fashion, what “perfection” appears like shifts as nicely. At one time, perfection could have been going to the fitness center 5 days every week earlier than work. Now, with two children at dwelling, it appears like 10 minutes of Pilates two days every week with the Lindywell app. 

In each circumstances, you had been dedicated totally to what you desired, to really feel nice in your physique, however how you bought there modified as your circumstances shifted. That’s embracing progress over perfection. 


Be acutely aware, deliberate, and intentional.

In Pilates, we consult with controlling your motion. Being intentional and deliberate, shifting slowly and consciously. The similar goes for embracing the progress over perfection mindset. When you concentrate on progress, you focus much less on “getting it right” and extra on being deliberate as you progress towards what we want. 

Instead of wishing that what you need would simply be right here already, and getting annoyed when it’s not, you grow to be extra conscious and in tune with your self. Ask your self questions like, Why am I annoyed? What may I modify to make this really feel simpler or much less nerve-racking? Then take intentional motion based mostly in your sincere and genuine solutions.  


Leverage the breath-body connection.

Think a few second once you had been making an attempt to get every thing excellent. You could have been speeding round. Your thoughts was in all probability racing. You could have felt frantic and anxious. You had been centered solely on getting it good. 

Though you might not have realized it on the time, your breath was additionally possible shallow and quick. This is how we breathe after we’re anxious and confused. This kind of respiratory then feeds that very same state of anxious being. 

The excellent news is, merely slowing and deepening your respiratory can instantly shift you right into a extra calm and centered state of being. It’s on this state you could let go of that concept of perfection, and as a substitute, see that being “good enough” is in reality, good.


Do it nicely, however at your personal tempo and in your personal means.

Perfection is a driving pressure once you really feel the necessity to get one thing proper in line with another person’s requirements or due to what another person would possibly assume. The thought of precision might be utilized to progress over perfection as a reminder that you are able to do it nicely, however at your personal tempo and in your personal means. 

For instance, in case your aim is to make motion part of your common routine to really feel stronger in your physique, doing it nicely appears like:

  • Figuring out what kind of motion feels good for you and specializing in that. 
  • Adding it into your schedule when it’s possible, somewhat than forcing it throughout a time that doesn’t be just right for you, like early within the morning.
  • Trusting that your physique will construct power should you commit—and it could not occur instantly, however within the time that’s best for you.

Doing it your means, and doing it nicely based mostly by yourself requirements, is what progress over perfection is all about.


Seek alignment above all else.

At Lindywell, we begin each exercise with centering. This is essential once you’re in your mat, however I'd argue it’s much more essential off your mat. In life, you’re surrounded by individuals, experiences, and circumstances that may simply throw you off-center. 

When you get out of alignment, you lose sight of what’s best for you. Then it turns into simple to start out specializing in perfection in line with somebody or one thing else. When you keep in alignment, it’s simpler so that you can come again to your heart, test in, let go of “perfection,” and focus again in on what feels good for you in each second.

You should still veer off track, or get distracted by “perfection. When you observe coming again to your heart, nevertheless, like with Pilates, you'll all the time be capable to get again into your personal alignment.


Find yours and let it information you.

Pilates all the time feels unimaginable, however should you’ve practiced even only a few instances, you know the way actually juicy it feels once you get into the move. In that area, perfection doesn’t matter—what issues is staying linked to that motion and that have. 

Finding this move in your life, and letting or not it's your guiding pressure, is vital to embracing progress over perfection. The journey feels finest after we create our personal present and move with that, somewhat than letting another person outline it for us. 

Let’s Love the Journey

Striving for perfection is tiring. It additionally retains us disconnected from ourselves and what we actually want, creating anxiousness and stress alongside the best way. Use these methods and concepts to attach again to you, discover your move, and concentrate on the journey that’s meant for you. When the journey feels superb, reaching perfection doesn’t matter, as a result of it’s already nice the place you might be.

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