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How ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler Stays Fighting at Age 40

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July 1, 2022

Robbie Lawler is a embellished MMA star and a a lot beloved fighter, and with a profitable 20-year profession and a strong 29-15-0 file behind him, the “Ruthless” one continues to be having fun with the grind. Case in level: on July 3, at UFC 276, he’ll tackle Bryan Barberena, an opponent seven years his junior.

Muscle & Fitness sat down with the previous UFC Welterweight and EliteXC Middleweight champion at his residence in Parkland, Florida to search out out the key behind his fixed calmness and the motivations for persevering with to battle and prepare at such an elite degree.

“Every day is my birthday,” says Lawler with regard to turning 40 again in March. There was no huge social gathering, and why would there be? “Every day is Christmas; every day is sunny. Life is good,” he beams. Still, having been an MMA mainstay for greater than 20 years, what will get him off the bed within the morning? “I enjoy training, so it’s something I’m gonna do after I’m done fighting… I’ll figure out something else to compete in, but I enjoy the preparation,” says Lawler. “I enjoy the discipline of going in, working out, and doing those things. I take care of myself. I’m gonna continue to do that into my later stages of life. That’s what I do. I take care of myself, I work out, I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, so it’s just kinda second nature.”

Courtesy of Ryan Loco

For Robbie Lawler, maturity supplies steadiness

Has the MMA legend’s notion of success modified from again when he first broke into the game? “Yeah, definitely. Living and learning. I’ve created more balance now than I had when I was younger,” he shares. “When you are younger, jeez, you buckle down and just concentrate on certain things but as you get older you start realizing that there’s more out there than just this or that. [Age] opens your eyes and you start to realise, ok, how can I create a little bit of balance where I can be a little bit more relaxed but more or less take advantage of everything that’s out there in life.”

For Lawler, the important thing to discovering that steadiness has been to remain constant whereas life creates welcome distractions equivalent to household. “Time management has never been my strong suit because [when I was younger] it was just easy, like, everything revolved around training and if I needed to rest I’d rest or I’d just train all day,” he says. “Now it’s like, I need to figure out how to spend time with my family. I’ll go into the gym and If I’m not training then I’ll help other guys out. I need to take care of my dogs, like those types of things that I really didn’t focus on at all. There’s business stuff, interviews, it’s definitely taxing, it can be, but just finding that balance and enjoying it, it’s part of the evolution of life, I guess. My life, for sure.”

Lawler is admittedly calm more often than not, however removed from being lackadaisical, his relaxed demeanor comes from figuring out that he has all of his geese in a row. “I’m pretty laid back about stuff,” he shares. “But sometimes you just gotta stay on top of things and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to and even though you are laid back, you still have deadlines and stuff you need to get done during the day.” Fortunately, the one combined martial artist to have gained three consecutive Fight of the Year awards from each Sherdog and MMA preventing has realized to simply accept the help of others relating to getting issues performed.

Robbie Lawler has realized to focus extra, and micromanage much less

“I have a lot of good people around me,” he says. “My wife does a great job of making my life easier. My fight team does a good job of preparing me for these fights. My management takes care of whatever they need to, so I have my pieces in place so that I can relax. More or less, it’s allowing everyone one to kind of do what they do to make my life easier, whereas before [I tried to] micro manage. There’s a reason you have all of those people around to specialize in what they do, and take a little load off you.”

MMA Fighter Robbie Lawler resting after trianing with a Kill Cliff drink
Courtesy of Kill Cliff

Robbie Lawler is disciplined

With a help system in place that permits Lawler to place his all into the preparation of every battle, the welterweight is ready to stay extremely self-motivated. “I’m really disciplined, and I’ve always been into fitness, so I am always reading [and asking] how can I get better?” He says. “How can I improve my health, just to keep my body guessing and healing.” Just over per week out from his battle in opposition to Barberena in Las Vegas, Lawler is doing intermittent fasting for 16 to 18 hours per day. “Sometimes you do without, and it makes you stronger, and I do that. And sometimes overdoing it helps too. It could be working out; overdoing it or overeating, and seeing what your body does with the food, so it’s just tricking your body and seeing what it can do.” When it involves dietary supplements equivalent to vitality drinks, Lawler says that they must style good, or he finds them to be an actual chore. The fighter says that Kill Cliff is his most well-liked model as a result of they provide clear gasoline for vitality whereas ticking his field for style. “And, what’s cool about their energy drink is that they use green tea and some ginseng so you don’t get that crash like you would off other energy drinks,” he says.

Making certain to make the load, “Ruthless” will do his first exercise of the day fasted: he'll go for a run or a hill dash for 35 to 40 minutes, then he’ll leap straight right into a weightlifting session. “It’ll be like 70% to 80% of my max, but super low reps, just getting those muscles firing, and a little bit of explosive work,” he shares. The UFC star will then do some work on his core and stability earlier than heading residence to do some extra cardio. Then he’ll take a sauna. Only in any case that may he eat for the primary time that day. Because of his intermittent fasting and excessive degree of bodily exercise, Lawler says he could be versatile about what he eats, however proper now he’s opting to maintain carbs low for ketogenesis. “Just so I’m using all different kinds of energy,” he says.

Lawler is passionate in regards to the technique of testing his physique and likes to see the outcomes of his arduous work. “My body feels good,” he says. “It’s all about pushing it hard enough but giving your body chance to recover.” So, with only a few days left till he steps into the octagon, what are Lawler’s ideas on the battle, and his opponent? “Bryan comes to fight,” he asserts. “He’s gotta a lot of savvy and he’s a tough individual, so I expect the guy to come out there and get in my face and try to take me out. But [laughs] that’s usually what happens in these fights, and people try to beat you up, and it’s my job to stop that from happening.” Undoubtedly, “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is an entertaining fighter, however don’t be fooled, he’s in it to win it. “My style just happens to be one that’s entertaining,” he says. “It’s how I fight, so I’m not going out of my way to excite people, this is just how I fight and if people like it, cool, and if they don’t, whatever, I’m happy with who I am and that’s what’s most important.”

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