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How Does Each Birth Control Method Affect Your Period?

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November 25, 2022

It’s true that the majority ladies have experimented with contraception, lots of which have used it for a protracted time period. And whereas there are various kinds of contraception, all of them primarily do the identical factor: stop being pregnant. This, in itself, has been a lifesaver for thus many ladies throughout the globe.

At the identical time, there are uncomfortable side effects and different issues to be aware of once you take contraception. Just as a result of all of them are taken or utilized in an try and not get pregnant doesn’t imply that all of them have the exact same results on the physique.

How Birth Control Affects Your Period?

So, at the moment, we’re going to be speaking concerning the completely different strategies of contraception, and the way every of them have an effect on your interval. This will not be solely a brilliant informative ‘cheat sheet’ let's say for these taking (a sure sort of) contraception for the primary time. It’s additionally nice for individuals who are presently utilizing contraception. Knowledge is energy, and chances are you'll simply be taught one thing totally fascinating on the subject of how sure contraception strategies have an effect on your interval.

Different Types of Birth Control

Arguably, ‘the pill’ and condoms are the most well-liked type of contraception. But there are such a lot of different sorts of contraception on the market:

  • Diaphragms: A round dome made of soppy silicone that's inserted into your vagina earlier than intercourse
  • Contraceptive implants: A small, versatile, plastic rod that’s positioned underneath the pores and skin in your higher arm
  • The contraceptive injection: An injection, which normally lasts between eight to 13 weeks, that releases the hormone progestogen into your bloodstream to stop being pregnant
  • The contraceptive patch: A small, sticky patch that releases hormones into your physique by means of the pores and skin
  • Female condoms: Usually product of artificial latex, or latex, and is worn within your vagina to stop semen from getting into the womb
  • Male Condoms: Usually product of latex, a sheath that’s positioned over the penis to stop semen from coming into contact with a associate
  • IUD’s: Intrauterine Device, a T-shaped copper system that’s put within your womb and lasts for 5 to 10 years to stop being pregnant
  • IUS’s: Intrauterine System, a T-shaped plastic system that’s put into your womb, being efficient for 3 to 5 years, and releases the hormone progesterone to stop being pregnant
  • The pull-out methodology: A person will “pull out” proper earlier than ejaculation in order that semen doesn’t enter your vagina
  • The contraceptive tablet: A tablet taken as soon as a day that releases oestrogen and progestin
  • The progestogen-only tablet aka the ‘mini pill’: A tablet taken as soon as a day that forestalls being pregnant by thickening the mucus in your cervix to cease sperm from reaching an egg
  • Vaginal rings: A small, gentle, and plastic ring that’s positioned within your vagina, and releases oestrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream
  • The emergency morning-after tablet: A tablet that may be take after unprotected intercourse to stop being pregnant

And then there are additionally two everlasting strategies of contraception:

  • Hysterectomy in ladies: a surgical process to take away the womb, making it unattainable to get pregnant
  • Vasectomy in males: a surgical process that cuts and seals the tubes that carry sperm, making it unattainable to impregnate somebody

How Does Each Birth Control Method Affect Your Period?

After having talked about all the modes of contraception, there are some that may don't have any impact in your interval in any way. For that purpose, we’ll solely be taking a look at those who do.

The Contraceptive Injection

The injection works equally to the hormonal IUD. In different phrases, chances are you'll expertise irregular bleeding for as much as 4 months, however after this, the bleeding will subside, trigger recognizing, or go away utterly.

The Contraceptive Implant

During the primary six to 12 months, chances are you'll expertise irregular bleeding, reminiscent of recognizing. But, for probably the most half, having the contraceptive implant normally results in lighter durations. In reality, it’s been mentioned to not solely lighten one’s interval, but additionally assist with painful interval cramps and signs of PMS. A research confirmed that 75 p.c of those that had used the contraceptive implant discovered that they skilled fewer bleeding/recognizing days than with a pure cycle, and 77 p.c discovered vital enchancment in dysmenorrhoea (painful durations).

The Contraceptive Patch

During the primary menstrual cycle after utilizing the patch, chances are you'll expertise breakthrough bleeding or recognizing. After this, it might trigger bleeding irregularities. This is simply your physique getting used to the patch, and isn’t one thing to be involved about. In reality, a small research revealed that lower than one in 10 customers stopped utilizing the patch due to bleeding and recognizing.


The copper IUD doesn’t actually influence your interval in the long term as a result of it doesn’t comprise any hormones. However, it has been proven to supply heavier bleeding and a few recognizing for the primary few months of it being inserted. If you’re choosing the hormonal IUD, this can be a completely different story. With this type of IUD, chances are you'll expertise extraordinarily gentle durations, or no interval in any respect. There could also be an opportunity of recognizing every so often although, which implies having a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup on-hand is a good suggestion.

The Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive tablet can influence everybody in another way, however for probably the most half, it could shorten the period of your interval. It may minimise bleeding. So, within the case of somebody having, say, a 5 to seven day interval, the contraceptive tablet could lead on some to have a 3 to 4 day interval. It may assist to manage your interval.

The Progestogen-Only Pill

If you take this ‘mini pill’ it may induce lighter durations and will even cut back the quantity of painful cramps. The factor about this tablet nonetheless is that it should be taken on the similar time on a regular basis. If not, the effectivity and advantages of it might diminish.

The Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring works equally to the contraceptive tablet, however has a leg up! That’s since you don’t have to recollect to take a tablet each single day. If you may have or plan to make use of the vaginal ring, you'll probably expertise approach much less bleeding and a extra regulated interval. Using this type of contraception means altering the vaginal ring on the right day each month.

The Morning After Pill

Taking the morning after tablet can positively have an effect on the size of your menstrual cycle. By this we imply, it may come earlier or it may come later. A extra exact clarification: for those who take this tablet within the first three weeks of your cycle, you’re extra prone to get your interval early. But, for those who take it within the later a part of your cycle, it might be delayed. Essentially, the sooner you might be in your cycle, the earlier your interval will come. This tablet may additionally trigger your interval to last more than regular, and a few ladies might expertise recognizing between durations. It’s necessary to know that the morning after tablet will not be appropriate as an everyday methodology of contraception, however solely utilized in an emergency after unprotective intercourse.

So, whereas we’ve taken a cautious take a look at how every of the contraception strategies have an effect on your interval, there are extra issues to contemplate when deciding which one is best for you. With so many choices nonetheless, there’s absolutely a contraception methodology that merely works nicely together with your physique and your signs so you may dwell a happier and more healthy life.

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