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Hollow Hold Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variant

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January 21, 2023

There are particular workouts the place you should have muscular stress from the get-go, like deadlifting from the ground, squatting out of the outlet, and the hole maintain train. The hole what? The hole maintain. If you might have problem feeling the stress within the abs, the hole maintain is for you as a result of, with this train, the muscular stress is actual.

Muscular stress is significant when making a elevate, getting stronger, or including muscle. Muscular stress is a number of muscle groups remaining semi-contracted for a protracted interval. Tension might be the lacking hyperlink to your efficiency out and in of the gymnasium.

Here we’ll dive into the hole maintain train, easy methods to do it, muscle groups skilled, the advantages and programming options, and three hole maintain variations. Here you’ll expertise the true that means of straightforward however not straightforward.

What is the Hollow Hold Exercise

At the center of the hole maintain is ab shaking muscular stress. The hole maintain has you balanced in your behind together with your legs and arms just some inches off the ground. Extending the legs and arms away from the physique decreases your stability, so your core works more durable to maintain you from collapsing on the ground. Think of it like a plank, however solely in your butt. The hole maintain builds an isometric core and anti-rotational power and makes you conscious of muscular stress.

How To Do The Hollow Hold Exercise

  1.     Lie supine on the ground, and discover a impartial backbone.
  2.     With your toes collectively, carry them 4 to 6 inches off the bottom.
  3.     Bring the arms overhead together with your biceps by your ears just like the ref signaling a landing.
  4.     Press your decrease again into the bottom, contract your core, and really feel the burn.

Muscles Trained With The Hollow Hold Exercise

The muscle groups it really works are obvious once you get into the hole maintain place. For the uninitiated, listed here are the higher and decrease physique muscle groups it really works. All the muscle groups listed beneath work isometrically (muscle contraction with out motion).

Lower Body

  • Rectus abdominis
  • Transverse abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Quadriceps
  • Hip Flexors
  • Lower Back

Upper Body

  • Deltoids
  • Pectorals
  • Neck extensors and flexors

Top 4 Hollow Hold Exercise Benefits

Have you ever heard of somebody having an excessive amount of core power? Neither have I, which is why you need to contemplate together with the hole maintain as a part of your routine for these 4 causes (and possibly extra).

  1. Great for Both Beginners and Advanced: You can do that train should you can lie supine on the bottom and lift your legs and arms. Nothing is advanced about this motion, however boy, you'll really feel the burn and have an inner ‘chat’ on whether or not to stop.
  2. Better Spinal Stability: Performing hole holds commonly will enhance your backbone’s capability to remain impartial below load. The compressive and shear forces in your backbone whereas performing many weighted decrease physique actions are nice. By bettering the power to maintain a impartial backbone whereas doing hole holds, you’ll enhance the core’s capability to withstand undesirable rotational and shearing forces on the backbone.
  3. Improved Performance with Other Complex Exercises: Keeping a impartial backbone below load and coordinating your abs, hips, and higher physique is significant to advanced actions like pull-ups,  chin-ups, dips, and ring work. Hollow holds are easy (however not straightforward) to coach the power essential to carry out advanced physique weight and loaded actions.
  4. Improved Core Strength: Although the Big 3 and different decrease physique actions strengthen the core, you want workouts that don’t stress the backbone whereas bettering core power.  Hollow rocks match this invoice completely, as they'll strengthen your abs, obliques, and spinal erectors whilst you’re having a superb time on the ground.

Common Hollow Hold Mistakes

The hole maintain is straightforward to carry out and never advanced like deadlifts or a clear and jerk. But easy doesn't imply straightforward, and there are some things you need to be careful for when performing this train to get the very best out of it.

  1. Keep Your Head and Shoulders Up: When you get drained, your shoulder blades and head are likely to drop to the bottom, making it more difficult to maintain your decrease again off the bottom. This downside is a straightforward one to unravel. Discontinue the set, relaxation, and do one other high quality set.
  2. Raise Them Up Just a Little (Not Too Much): Many lifters assume extra is healthier relating to the peak of their toes and fingers, however it's not. Your toes must be round 6 inches off the bottom as a result of any greater than this, you may be placing your legs in an L-shape. And that's not a hole maintain.
  3. Keep It on The Ground: The decrease again must be glued to the bottom for the whole train length, or else the advantages listed above grow to be ineffective.


Hollow holds are a versatile train that may be included in your warmup or as a part of a core circuit earlier than the barbell. For instance:

1A. Hollow Hold 30 to 60 seconds

1B. Pullover Deadbug 6 reps on all sides

1C. Single Leg Hip Extensions 12 reps on all sides

Hollow holds supersetted with a power motion that wants core stability however doesn’t take away out of your power train works nicely. For instance.

1A. Barbell Bench Press

1B. Hollow Hold 30 to 60 seconds


The hole maintain is like many good workouts, as you possibly can progress this once you wish to enhance your beneficial properties. When you grasp the hole maintain and must be additional challenged, take these progressions out for a spin.

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