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Getting to Know Your Cervix: Tracking Ovulation and Fertility

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May 25, 2022

Your physique is consistently sending you alerts and knowledge that can assist you decode and perceive what’s occurring inside you. These indicators may give you perception into every little thing out of your intestine well being to hormonal imbalances. You may also use your physique’s indicators that can assist you decode your menstrual cycle and be taught when you find yourself or aren’t ovulating

Getting to Know Your Cervix

Ovulation is when your ovary releases an egg. That egg is both fertilized, which is the start phases of being pregnant, or if not, then your interval comes round two weeks later. All types of modifications occur throughout ovulation. You might have sore breasts, breakouts, a “glow” in your face, and a few individuals expertise delicate discomfort and recognizing. 

Some different enormous modifications that occur throughout ovulation are round your cervix. This is a donut-shaped organ that lies between your vagina and your uterus. The cervix has a variety of vital jobs, from defending your uterus from infections to serving to dilate and make house for infants to be born. They may also be the supply of large quantities of delight. Case in level – cervical orgasms

But again to ovulation. How does your cervix change all through your cycle? And how will you discover ways to observe it to raised perceive your fertility and ovulation? Time to seek out out!

Tracking Ovulation and Fertility

The feminine physique is fairly magical. Not solely can it carry life and all types of different enjoyable issues, nevertheless it continually modifications all through your menstrual cycle and your life.  So how does your cervix change all through your cycle, and particularly throughout ovulation? 

Cervical Height and Softness: Your cervix sometimes strikes up and down all through your cycle. During menstruation, it could be decrease in your physique and extra agency to permit for blood circulate. Estrogen ranges close to ovulation may cause the cervix to get pulled up additional into the physique making it larger and tougher to succeed in. It’s additionally often softer, extra centrally aligned within the physique, and barely open. After ovulation, the cervix often turns into decrease, firmer, and onerous once more till your interval. 

Cervical Mucus: Another key change to trace is your cervical mucus or fluids. Hormonal modifications all through your cycle trigger the fluids produced and excreted by your cervix to alter, particularly round ovulation. Before ovulation, your cervical mucus is usually dry white and thick. Then proper earlier than ovulation it sometimes turns into slippery and clear like an egg white (this often means you’re fertile). This kind of mucus can proceed for a few days after ovulation. 

You can have a look at a cervical mucus chart that can assist you perceive higher.

DIY: Tracking Your Cervical Changes

The factor with cervical monitoring is that it's a must to be prepared to rise up shut and private along with your physique – there’s no disgrace in that!  Here are the methods you'll be able to observe your cervical modifications throughout your cycle:

  • Cervical location: With your fingers, really feel all the best way up your vagina to the place your cervix is. It might really feel just like the tip of your nostril, or extra like pursed lips throughout ovulation. Do this at totally different factors in your cycle. Remember that your cervix is usually larger and softer throughout ovulation, you'll be able to inform this by remembering how far your finger goes earlier than it hits your cervix. 
  • Cervical mucus: Pay consideration to what your cervical fluid appears like all through your cycle. You can do that by utilizing your fingers and listening to your underwear. 
  • With a mirror: If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you will get to know your cervix utilizing a speculum, mirror, flashlight, and lube. You can get a package by way of organizations like Beautiful Cervix Project

Remember to scrub your arms earlier than and after touching your cervix, you don’t need an an infection up there! It can take a couple of months to get to understand how your cervix modifications all through your cycle. You can observe these modifications utilizing a cycle journal or a fertility monitoring app.  Remember that everybody’s physique is totally different, so yours may not comply with the precise modifications we mentioned, however it's going to almost definitely have some kind of sample. If you’re on hormonal contraception, your cervix might not undergo the identical modifications, nonetheless, you'll be able to nonetheless get to understand it on a private degree!

Teamwork is The Dreamwork

Whether you’re hoping to get pregnant, or attempting to not, it’s extremely useful to have a number of strategies that you just use collectively to trace your fertility. Other strategies you'll be able to make the most of are monitoring your basal temperature (hyperlink when article is revealed), utilizing hormone-based residence fertility assessments, and monitoring different indicators of ovulation like your temper, breasts, and vitality ranges.

You’re sometimes fertile for 3 to 5 days earlier than ovulation, throughout ovulation, and doubtlessly the 48 hours following it. If you’re utilizing cervical monitoring together with different strategies of fertility monitoring to assist forestall being pregnant, keep in mind that they’re not foolproof. It’s vital to nonetheless take precautions like utilizing condoms round ovulation or different strategies of contraception. 

For individuals who have a brand new accomplice or have a number of companions, you also needs to take obligatory precautions to assist forestall sexually transmitted infections, STIs, like common testing and communication about your and your accomplice’s standing

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