March 9

Featured Trainer Matthew Medeiros – The Perfect Workout

By fitness

March 9, 2022

For over 7 years, Matthew Medeiros has helped reshape the lives and well being of the members he’s labored with… together with his personal.

Matthew started lifting weights together with his dad when he was simply 17 years previous. He realized the standard manner of power coaching – quick reps and a variety of them. He cherished to elevate weights however discovered that each couple of months he would pull a muscle or pinch a nerve.

This made it actually difficult for him to exercise constantly and it was much more difficult to see any tangible outcomes. Knowing that power coaching was essential for his physique to take care of power, bone density, and excessive metabolism, he searched for one more method to power prepare.

His seek for a exercise that wouldn’t injure him, but nonetheless have the power to get him greater and stronger, led him to slow-motion power coaching.

“I instantly knew I was getting a better workout doing just 5 exercises. It was better than any of my hour-long old workouts.”

He was hooked and he knew he needed to train others about how efficient this type of coaching was.

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