June 29

Featured Trainer Jeremy Aguirre – The Perfect Workout

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June 29, 2022

Jeremy has been capable of assist dozens of members on the San Mateo studio. Here are just a few of their wins…

“One of my members, Brooke, came to me with all of these knee and shoulder injuries. In eight months of working together she's gained so much more external rotation for her shoulder, much more strength and overall movement. She recently told me something fell out of the cabinet at home and she caught it, not even thinking about her shoulder. So, her being able to transition to more alertness and confidence in her shoulder, just from the workouts we do, it's been amazing.

Another member of mine, Stephanie, has been training at The Perfect Workout for a long time. But after giving birth to her child, she put on 30 pounds of weight, and was feeling very self conscious about it. In almost a year, she's lost all that weight and improved her strength immensely. And she was almost in tears when we had a weigh-in for her the other day. She was jumping around and hugging everybody, it was so cool.”

“Vesna, another San Mateo member who has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands (which makes some machines difficult for her to use) was very hesitant when she first started to do anything besides lower body exercises. But as I guided her through the workouts, she gained more confidence in variations with certain machines. Now she's skyrocketed on all her weights, she's gotten so much stronger. She's leg pressing about 2.5 times her own weight, and she's not a big person. I can see a little bit more of a sparkle in her eye every time she comes in here.”

Jeremy believes it is essential for individuals to strive one thing like The Perfect Workout as a result of it teaches you easy methods to get comfy with being uncomfortable, which isn't a nasty factor.

“At the end of the day, [that discomfort] will strengthen you. It'll humble you. This worked even intimidated me a little bit in the beginning. But now I'm so much better because of it- stronger, healthier, and even more aware of myself.”

Jeremy Aguirre
The Perfect Workout Trainer
San Mateo, CA

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