October 27

Featured Members: Ron & Lynn Huff

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October 27, 2022

Seven years later, Ron has considerably improved his osteopenia and each look fantastically match at 74 and 81.

“Everyone tells me how great of shape I'm in. I don’t feel 74, I don’t act 74. And people say, ‘I want what you’re having for breakfast!’ Ron is 81 and people are always saying, ‘Ronnie has the best legs!’

Before slow-motion strength training, Ron dealt with lower back issues. He would hesitate to do simple activities, and now it's not a problem.

“I’ve [Lynn] had 4 knee scopes and I think The Perfect Workout has helped my joints and knees – especially because I’ve been able to strengthen them and experience less pain.

I even sleep better. I had an issue waking up often during the night and having my mind go a million miles a minute. But now I sleep better as a result of my workouts.”

One of her greatest brags? (we expect a minimum of)

“I’m 74 and I can help others put stuff in the overhead bin…and I do it without pain.

The Huff’s have traveled the word- rode camels in Egypt, walked the Colosseum in Rome, walked with lions and fed cheetahs in Zimbabwe, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, hot-ballooned the Nile and have even been ziplining Victoria Falls, Africa!

“We’ve been so fortunate to go see a lot of people and places that others wouldn’t dream about.

Physical limitations? We don’t feel like we have those issues because we’re stronger.”

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