January 19

Featured Member: Melissa Furman – The Perfect Workout

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January 19, 2023

50 12 months previous Melissa Furman used to get up day by day feeling achy, stiff and infrequently was delivered to tears with ache and frustration. Now, she feels stronger, pain-free, and he or she’s extra assured in her physique. Here’s her story…

For years, Melissa suffered from decrease again ache as a consequence of an harm incurred on the gymnasium. She’d all the time been lively – using horses for 35+ years, coaching in TaeKwonDo, taking varied gymnasium lessons, strolling the canine and many others..

Imaging revealed she had a slipped disc in her backbone and was informed surgical procedure would resolve it.

But Melissa didn’t need surgical procedure.

So over time, she tried various issues to assist her again ache…

“I did physical therapy several times, home exercises, dry needling, home gym workouts (that didn't last or work), gym workouts that were run-of-the-mill boot camp/crossfit/training programs (that were interesting and often grueling but left me sore and hurting), chiropractic care (that was painful and didn't work), chiropractic office strength workouts that left me sore and stiff, stretching (that only felt good then, but didn't have overall long-lasting benefits to my back pain), over-the-counter pain meds and even a new very expensive, fancy mattress! .

None of that ultimately helped relieve the back pain. The pain often brought me to tears. I couldn't sleep comfortably and was frequently exhausted due to not resting deeply and waking achy, barely able to turn over to get out of bed.

I was far too young and active to feel this way! So as I approached my 50th birthday, I knew I had to finally do what I've known to be necessary: strength training.

So I sought a place that would offer me quality training, with attention to form and function and could attend to my limitations – The Perfect Workout.

I finally decided the financial investment was worth it to commit to personal training. After spending a lot of money on a fancy mattress with little benefit, which was my last attempt to feel better on my own, I realized it was time to invest that kind of money in personal training that focuses on functional fitness and overall strength.

I knew I needed the accountability and skilled trainers to make the difference in my strength and comfort. I didn't like feeling sore and stiff after the typical gym workout, and I didn't have the time in my week to devote the necessary hour or two of time in the gym, so The Perfect Workout fit the bill. It's hard work, in little time. And it's effective.”

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