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June 23, 2022

A pull-up is among the most difficult body weight actions — however when you obtain it, it’s extremely rewarding.

I can distinctly keep in mind the primary time I tried to carry out a pull-up a few years in the past…

It seemed easy sufficient. No biggie, proper?

But as quickly as I gave it a go, I used to be shortly humbled. I may barely raise myself! That second was the catalyst for my subsequent aim: conquering the body weight pull-up. And once I lastly did it? The sense of delight and accomplishment was mind-blowing.

And you are able to do it too!

In this text, I’ll provide you with step-by-step directions on the right way to do a pull-up. You’ll additionally study:

  • How to keep away from widespread pull-up errors.
  • How to successfully construct power and practice in your first pull-up.
  • Three pull-up variations you should use to make issues simpler (together with an assisted pull-up choice).

Plus, I’ll educate you 4 methods to strengthen your pull-up and take your coaching to the following stage when you’ve mastered the fundamental motion.

How to Do a Proper Pull-Up

To full a full pull-up, it's important to raise your physique upward from a lifeless hold place to convey your chin above the pull-up bar. Pull-ups use an overhand grip on the bar, versus the underhand grip of chin-ups.

The pull-up is a pillar in lots of practical power coaching packages as a result of it’s an efficient approach to enhance your general pulling energy, develop your higher physique, and strengthen your again muscle mass. It’s a closed-chain motion that targets a number of muscle teams, together with your latissimus dorsi, deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids, biceps, triceps, forearms, and core.

On common, girls have 50–60 % of the higher physique power of males, primarily because of males having extra higher physique muscle than girls. As such, many ladies will discover it tougher to carry out a pull-up as compared…

… however that ought to by no means be a discouraging issue. 

If something, have a look at it as added motivation to have the ability to full them.

For many ladies, chin-ups are sometimes simpler than pull-ups. Check out these 6 fast suggestions for enhancing your chin-ups.

Step-by-Step Guide to Doing a Pull-Up

Ready to strive a pull-up? Watch the video beneath to see how the motion ought to look, after which observe these steps.

  • Stand on a block or a bench slightly below the bar.
  • Grab the bar with an overhand grip (wrists pronated, with palms dealing with away from you) along with your arms about shoulder-width aside.
  • Allow your ft to return off the block/bench and gently let your physique hold. In this lifeless hold place, your arms ought to be totally prolonged.
  • Engage your core and discover full-body rigidity by squeezing your glutes and flexing your quads.
  • To provoke the pull, depress your lats (think about pulling your shoulder blades down and into your again pockets) after which begin pulling upward to convey your chin over the bar.
  • Complete the pull by squeezing your lats collectively.
  • Slowly prolong your arms to return to a full hold place whereas sustaining full-body rigidity.

Common Pull-Up Problems

Using the right pull-up type helps to forestall damage and encourages muscle recruitment. While that sounds easy sufficient, there are some widespread errors girls usually make whereas doing pull-ups.

The excellent news? The following 4 errors may be corrected simply. And actively working to keep away from them will guarantee final effectivity once you carry out your pull-up.

Error #1: Eye Position

If you have a look at the bar through the motion, you'll really transfer your physique additional away from the bar, making the movement tougher.

Correction: Aim to take care of a impartial neck place all through your entire motion by preserving your gaze immediately in entrance of you, relatively than on the bar. Think of holding an orange between your chin and chest.

Error #2: Lack of Lat Engagement

When it involves initiating the pull, lack of lat engagement is a typical problem that may have an effect on your type and skill to finish the pull-up movement.

Correction: Before starting your pull, take into consideration setting your lats down and again. This will enable for higher lat recruitment and fewer biceps pulling.

Error #3: Lack of Full-Body Tension

When within the midst of our pull-up, it may be straightforward to focus purely on pulling our our bodies upward — and neglect to take care of full-body rigidity. This can depart us much less capable of full the motion.

Correction: Focus on producing and sustaining full-body rigidity throughout your pull-up. Keep your core engaged and picture spreading rigidity out of your glutes right down to your toes. This will assist you to not solely full the rep but additionally get stronger.

Error #4: Lack of Strength and Elbow Drive

A scarcity of power and elbow drive on the prime of our pull can lead many people to shrug our shoulders to get our chin approach up and over the bar. When we shrug up, we're over-recruiting our traps and under-recruiting our lats.

Correction: Instead, think about squeezing your elbows collectively and sustaining an extended neck place.

How to Get Strong Enough to Do a Pull-Up

Most girls want to coach earlier than they will get their first pull-up. It requires strong higher physique power, and it’s a motion that doesn’t get a ton of cross-training in our regular every day lives!

Several workouts will assist construct the foundational power you want. And don’t neglect about them when you develop into sturdy sufficient to finish a pull-up — incorporating these actions into your long-term coaching program will assist you to proceed to enhance your power, health stage, and effectivity.

6 Exercises to Train Your First Pull-Up

Use the next workouts to construct your power and prep in your first pull-up. Complete 3–4 units of 8–10 reps every.

Hollow Hold

  • Lie in your again and contract your abs whereas urgent your lumbar backbone (decrease again) into the ground.
  • Slowly elevate your head, arms, and legs off the bottom.

Once you’re feeling comfy with the hole maintain, you possibly can progress to hole rocks by rocking your physique backwards and forwards whereas sustaining the hole maintain place. The angle of your shoulders and hips shouldn't change or be used for momentum.

Hollow Hangs

  • Hang with straight arms from the pull-up bar with an overhand grip.
  • Pull your physique into the identical hole place you probably did on the bottom with hole rockers and maintain for 10–30 seconds.
  • Maintain rigidity all through your physique, out of your shoulders to your ft.

Scapular Pull-Ups

  • Follow the cues above to seek out your hole hold place.
  • While holding the hole hold, draw your shoulder blades down and again.

This is a superb approach to discover ways to provoke a pull-up along with your lats, and it'll strengthen the infraspinatus, teres minor, teres main, and latissimus dorsi muscle mass whereas additionally instructing you to remain tight in the beginning of your pull.

Kettlebell Bottoms-Up Hold

  • Start along with your ft shoulder-width aside and the kettlebell in entrance of you, its deal with perpendicular to your physique. Grab the kettlebell with one hand, and both clear it or curl it to a bottoms-up place.
  • With the underside of the kettlebell dealing with upward, start with a single-arm bottoms-up maintain.
  • To forestall the kettlebell from falling, interact your core, activate your lat, and keep full-body rigidity.

This drill will assist improve your grip power, core power, and shoulder stability. When you’re prepared, you possibly can progress to a bottoms-up overhead press.

Learn the right way to get began — and reap large advantages — with bottoms-up kettlebell coaching.

Inverted Rows

  • Lying in a supinated place, seize the rings (it's also possible to do that with a TRX).
  • Engage your core, flex your quads, and squeeze your glutes. Row to convey your physique towards the rings in order that your physique is parallel to the bottom.
  • Extend your arms to return to your beginning place.

In the video, I reveal the inverted row with my ft elevated on a field and my legs straight. To regress this train, take away the field or bench and maintain your heels anchored to the ground and your legs straight.

If the inverted row continues to be too difficult to carry out with straight legs, modify the motion by bending your knees till you possibly can pull your individual body weight safely.

Slow Negative Pull-Ups

  • Start in a flexed hold place, holding your self up along with your chin above the bar.
  • Slowly enable your physique to descend till you attain a hole hold place. The key right here is controlling the drop.

Negative pull-ups are nice body weight workouts that provide the likelihood to work the complete vary of movement whereas gaining power.

3 Variations to Make Pull-Ups Easier

If you’ve been coaching the primary six workouts however are nonetheless not fairly capable of get your first pull-up, three variations may also help (and take you past the pull-up machine). While these pull-up “relatives” are barely simpler than the complete motion, they'll nonetheless provide you with a significant problem in relation to your grip and higher physique power.

Neutral Grip Pull-Ups

In a impartial grip pull-up, your palms might be dealing with one another and your grip might be narrower. This permits for extra biceps recruitment and fewer pressure in your delts, and sometimes leads to a better motion.


As I discussed earlier than, the primary distinction between the pull-up and the chin-up is the grip. For the chin-up, you’ll use an underhand grip the place your palms are dealing with you. Just as you'll for the pull-up, interact your lats, pull your physique up, and squeeze your elbows collectively to convey your chin up and over the bar.

Band-Assisted Pull-Ups

To do that assisted pull-up, connect a resistance band to the bar. Place one foot contained in the band, and seize the bar in a pronated grip along with your arms about shoulder-width aside. Extend your leg, urgent into the band, and convey your chin over the bar. Maintain full-body rigidity to forestall your legs from swinging. Allow your physique to descend till your arms are totally prolonged.

You can progress this motion by rising your reps and lowering the resistance of the band.

4 Exercises to Improve Your Pull-Ups

Once you’ve managed to carry out an ideal pull-up, there are 4 enjoyable actions you possibly can incorporate into your coaching. These will assist enhance your pull-up high quality, improve the variety of reps you are able to do, and get you even stronger!

Towel Hangs & Towel Pull-Ups

Depending in your choice, you should use the towel in a hole, flexed hold place, or you possibly can start doing towel pull-ups (take a look at the video demo beneath). Both are nice help drills to enhance grip power.

Want to combine it up much more? You can even do these actions with ropes.

Heavy Deadlifts

Deadlifts are my reply to all the pieces! They are one of many final strength-building workouts, and you may add heavy deadlifts to your coaching program to enhance your lat recruitment, construct grip power, and develop your core stability (plus, you may really feel like a badass). Deadlifts are additionally versatile — you possibly can carry out them with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, to call a number of.

Thumbless Pull-Ups

While it sounds easy, eradicating your thumb out of your grip gives you a new-found appreciation in your grip and respect for the motion! This one is hard however enjoyable, and it’s nice prep work should you’re trying into rock-climbing.

Weighted Pull-Ups

Once you possibly can comfortably carry out pull-ups with your individual body weight, begin including weight to offer your self a fair larger problem.

Are you a complicated lifter? Learn the right way to take your pull-ups to the following stage with these 10 superior variations.

Ready to Pull-Up?

Getting your first pull-up could really feel like quite a lot of work, however I encourage you to benefit from the course of!

Take time to concentrate on coaching and keep constant. I promise you’ll be rewarded with an enormous sense of accomplishment. Being capable of obtain one thing we would not have thought potential earlier than is among the finest emotions on the planet.

The aim? Finding power in our our bodies and our motion. And in fact, having enjoyable with it!

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