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CrossFit Champion Brittany Weiss Bike Workout

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November 29, 2022

If you’re CrossFit Games athlete Brittany Weiss, there may not be any piece of apparatus that garners a stronger response than the assault bike. The bike makes use of a fan to generate resistance, which means that the more durable you pedal, the more durable your physique works. Because of the arm-pumping and pedaling used within the train, it supplies a full-body exercise, helps in metabolic conditioning and boosting endurance.

Two-time CrossFit Games athlete Brittany Weiss is nicely versed in these advantages, even with having a love-hate relationship with the bike. It’s a continuing in her offseason coaching at present, and one thing she’s coming round to not disliking as a lot.

Brittany Weiss spoke with Muscle and Fitness on why the assault bike might be for anybody trying to enhance their output and construct their cardio base. She additionally gave some useful tricks to ensure you get essentially the most out of any exercise that embody the bike and supplied considered one of her most up-to-date exercises.

The Benefits of the Assault Bike

I've a love/hate relationship with the Assault bike ([aughs]. I’m not a really highly effective athlete, so I can truly profit from the assault bike. The bike is extra about energy output, how nicely you can provide all of it you bought, and might be fast with it. It’s not about I’m going to tempo and simply keep at this stage. It’s truly actually good to enhance your energy output. One of my “favorite” exercises on the Assault bike is wherever from 20 to 30 units of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. That’s giving all of it you bought for 30 seconds, take 30 seconds off, and maintain repeating that. It’s additionally going to construct your engine, your cardio base, and construct your energy.

Get On and Go

Every day, a exercise has a machine in it. Right now, within the offseason, we’re doing issues with machines we’re not superb at, so the assault bike is in my routine rather a lot proper now (laughs). But I'll say that I really feel the assault bike is one thing that you would be able to simply get on and simply do it. It doesn’t take loads of warming up, stretching, preparing and prepping for it. It’s one thing the place you possibly can type of warmup as you go. That’s why I find it irresistible for people who find themselves on the fence about getting one. All you need to do is throw on some headphones, hop on the bike, and simply begin going.

Brittany Weiss Shares Tips To Adding Some Variety

If you desire a leg pump, you are able to do 5 to 10 rounds, relying on the place you’re at. Let’s say eight energy, 20 air squats with relaxation 60 seconds in between. Repeat that for 5 to 10 rounds. In the start, you’re air squatting and figuring out that you've got relaxation in that final eight energy helps you push a bit bit more durable. You can do the identical factor with burpees, or possibly add in an EMOM. An EMOM from wherever from 12 to twenty minutes. 45 seconds on the bike, relaxation 15 seconds. That’s the primary minute. The second minute, 45 seconds of burpees, 15-second relaxation, and also you simply maintain biking by that for 12-20 minutes.

Knees In, Drive Down

I’ve seen a meme earlier than that explains totally different methods of the Assault bike and what it seems to be like once they get drained. But I believe the largest factor it is advisable deal with will not be shifting your physique side-to-side and letting every thing flail round. For me, I deal with knees in and actually driving down into the pedals. You even have your arms to make use of, so there’s energy in your legs and arms. When you’re pushing down, you’re additionally pulling. You don’t wish to keep relaxed wherever. You can chill out a bit on the grip, however you wish to take into consideration pulling on the handles, pushing down on the peddles, and retaining your knees in line. Sometimes, after I really feel my knees exit, you don’t get as a lot drive into the peddles. On the assault bike, you need drive and energy output.

Focus on Your Why When the Going Gets Tough

I take into consideration the place I’m at and the place I wish to go. For me, it’s extra in regards to the message I’m saying to myself about the place I wish to get to. Where I wish to get to isn’t going to be straightforward but when I can keep in it right here and put my focus and all of my power right here, it’s simply going to set me as much as the place I wish to get to in my athletic profession. The thoughts is such a giant a part of it. The manner you discuss to your self is the way you’re going to carry out. If you go right into a exercise saying it’s going to suck otherwise you’re not good at one thing, it’s going to suck and also you’re not going to be good at it. If you go into one thing and also you inform your self you are able to do it and you've got that constructive self-talk, you’re going to exceed your expectations by a lot. I simply all the time try to encourage folks by letting them know how you discuss to your self issues, and that’s how I method each exercise.

Brittany Weiss Carbs Up For Recovery

Carbs! People are petrified of them. Carbs are your pal in health and in something. A carb drink is what I'd do personally. After arduous exercises like that, I don’t wish to eat. I'd reasonably drink my energy. I really feel like lots of people are like that. When you do one thing that's excessive depth, you’re probably not hungry. But your physique wants meals and vitamins to get better. I’m a giant fan of a carb drink proper after and also you’ll be stunned about how you are feeling after half-hour.

Brittany Weiss Assault Bike Workout

  • Time: Eight minutes
  • Sets: 4-5 units
  • Goal: 60-80 energy as quick as you possibly can. Rest for the rest of time. Repeat after eight minutes has expired.

It’s actually as much as you ways arduous you wish to push and the way a lot relaxation you wish to get earlier than that subsequent set. If I have been giving a feminine/male cal ratio, guys are clearly extra highly effective. They’re constructed totally different, they’re larger, they usually can put extra drive into it. Typically, in a exercise, I'd do 60 cals in eight minutes, guys would in all probability do 80 cals. This one is definitely actually gnarly. You do your first set and also you’re blissful you probably did it in 4 minutes, however you notice you need to do it once more, and once more.

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