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Breast Health Glossary of Terms

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October 10, 2022

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) – The well being care legislation enacted in March 2010, also referred to as “Obamacare,” that makes medical insurance accessible to extra individuals and requires that well being plans cowl pre-existing circumstances and supply free preventive care, amongst different necessities.

Allograft – Tissue that's transplanted from one particular person to a different. In breast reconstruction, surgeons typically use allografts to help with the tissue expander that makes room for the breast implant, to create a type of pocket that holds the implant in place or for added pores and skin protection over the implant.

Anesthesia – Medication that produces a lack of sensation (resembling ache) or consciousness throughout surgical procedure.

Archetype Breasts – Breasts which might be full and spherical with a small level on the nipple; the commonest form for ladies's breasts.

Areola – The pink/brown circle of pores and skin across the nipple

Asymmetrical Breasts – Breasts of two totally different sizes, which is kind of widespread.

Asymmetry – A standard and completely regular state the place one breast is bigger than the opposite.

Athletic Breasts – Breasts which might be wider, with extra muscle and fewer breast tissue.

Augmentation Mammaplasty – Breast enlargement or breast enhancement by surgical procedure.

Autograft – Tissue that's transplanted from one spot on an individual's physique to a different on a affected person's physique.

Autoimmune Disease – An sickness that causes the immune system to supply antibodies that assault wholesome cells within the physique by mistake. Examples embrace lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune illnesses are extra widespread in girls than in males.

Axillary – Relating to the armpit.

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Band Size – Part of bra measurement; the inches across the chest straight beneath the breasts plus 4 inches if the quantity is even or 5 inches if the quantity is odd.

Bell Shaped Breasts – Breasts which might be slim on prime and rounder on the underside like a bell.

Benign – Not cancerous. A benign tumor doesn't invade surrounding tissue or unfold to different components of the physique.

Biopsy – A pattern of tissue taken to look at extra intently.

Blood Tumor Marker Test – A check that measures chemical substances made by the tumor cells, which may be detected within the blood.

Boob Job – A non-medical time period for breast augmentation, a surgical procedure that will increase breast measurement.

Bone Scan – This imaging reveals all of the bones of the physique on the similar time and might discover small areas of most cancers which have unfold to the bones and will not be seen on x-rays.

Bra Size – Determined by subtracting the band measurement (the house across the chest straight beneath the breasts) from the bust measurement (the fullest a part of the bust) and described as a letter (AA, A, B, C, D, DD, and so forth).

Breasts – Also often known as mammary glands, two smooth, rounded components of a lady's chest made of specialised tissue that produces milk after a lady offers delivery. Both ladies and men have breasts and nipples. The distinction is that males's breasts do not need the tissue that produces milk.

Breast Augmentation – A kind of surgical procedure that will increase breast measurement and achieves a extra rounded breast form. Also known as a “boob job” or mammaplasty.

Breast Cancer – A kind of most cancers that begins within the breast and is the commonest most cancers in U.S. girls, apart from pores and skin cancers. There are many several types of breast most cancers based mostly on the place the tumor begins within the breast tissue and whether or not the most cancers has unfold or not.

Breast Implants – Medical gadgets positioned within the physique to extend breast measurement or to reconstruct the breast. Breast implants fall into two classes: saline breast implants and silicone breast implants.

Breast Implant Illness (BII) – A time period utilized by girls to explain a cluster of signs – fatigue, reminiscence loss, rash, photosensitivity, power ache, sleep disturbances and different issues – reported by some girls who obtained breast implants for breast augmentation. Scientists are investigating the vary of signs to higher perceive their origins.

Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) – An unusual sort of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that may develop round breast implants. BIA-ALCL is just not a most cancers of the breast tissue, however a slow-growing most cancers of the lymph system that when caught early, may be cured in most girls.

Breast Lift – A kind of surgical procedure that raises the breasts and tightens the encompassing tissue to revive the breasts to a perkier, younger form. It is a well-liked surgical possibility for ladies who've sagging breasts because of a major weight reduction, being pregnant and breastfeeding, or menopause. Also known as augmentation mastopexy.

Breast Lumps – Usually innocent noncancerous tissue typically straight associated to the menstrual cycle, adjustments in hormones and the fluid buildup that comes with the month-to-month interval. Breast lumps range in measurement from smaller than a pea to a number of inches throughout.

Breast Reconstruction – One or a sequence of surgical procedures that reconstruct one or each breasts throughout or after mastectomy, and in some instances, lumpectomy.

Breast Reduction – Surgery to take away extra breast fats, glandular tissue, and pores and skin so the breast measurement is extra in proportion with the physique. Also known as discount mammaplasty.

Breast Rejuvenation – Another identify for a breast carry.

Breast Self-Exam (CBE) – A routine check-up a lady does at house as a screening methodology to detect early breast most cancers. The methodology entails taking a look at and feeling every breast for attainable lumps, distortions, or swelling. Performed at any age from puberty onwards, breast self-exams are thought-about a part of a lady's total breast most cancers screening technique.

BRCA – Two genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that act usually to maintain the cells within the breast from rising and dividing too quickly. However, when a lady inherits sure mutations in both gene, she has the next danger of getting breast and different forms of most cancers.

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Capsule – Naturally occurring protecting tissue the physique types round an object it considers international. In the case of breast implants, the physique types a sac, or capsule of scar tissue across the implant, to seal it off. Usually, the capsule is smooth or barely agency and never noticeable and helps to maintain the implant in place. However, in some conditions, the tissue capsule can change into unusually onerous and dense, resulting in a situation known as capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture – A complication of breast implant surgical procedure the place the scar tissue across the implant turns into unusually onerous and begins to contract or thicken, squeezing the implant. While capsular contracture may be barely noticeable, the situation may cause power ache, a distortion of the form of the breast or hardening of the breast and be extreme sufficient to require surgical procedure that removes the stiffened capsule.

Cellulitis– An an infection of the pores and skin attributable to micro organism. As it applies to the breast, cellulitis normally impacts the decrease half of the breast the place sweat and micro organism have a tendency to construct up. The pores and skin turns into purple, heat, and tender and the an infection may cause flu-like signs resembling fever and chills. Breast cellulitis can happen following surgical procedure or radiation remedy for breast most cancers.

Chemotherapy – Drug therapy that makes use of highly effective chemical substances to kill fast-growing cells within the physique. Chemotherapy is most frequently used to deal with most cancers, since most cancers cells develop and multiply far more rapidly than most cells within the physique.

Clinical Breast Exam– A yearly go to lined by insurance coverage the place a educated well being supplier rigorously feels the breasts, underarm and the realm just under the breastbone for any adjustments, resembling a lump.

Clinical Trials – Studies involving people who permit researchers to guage the protection and effectiveness of medicines or medical gadgets.

Close Set Breasts – Breasts near the middle of the chest with a small hole between them.

Complication– An surprising drawback that outcomes from a process, therapy, or sickness. The drawback is known as a complication as a result of it complicates the therapy or restoration.

Conical Breasts – Breasts which might be formed like cones as a substitute of being spherical, which is widespread for smaller breasts.

Connective Tissue – The tissue that connects, separates, and helps all different forms of tissues within the physique.

CT (computed tomography) Scan – A check utilizing x-rays taken from totally different angles
most frequently used to have a look at the chest and/or stomach.

Cup Size – The measurement of the fullest a part of the bust, rounded to the closest inch. Each inch of distinction is one cup measurement described as a letter beginning with the letter A. For instance, in case your bust measures 34 inches and your band measurement is 33, the distinction is one inch or an A cup. A 2-inch distinction represents a B cup, a 3-inch distinction is a C cup and a 4-inch distinction is a D cup. After that, variations in inches are measured as DD/E, DDD/F and above.

Cyst – Usually a noncancerous closed capsule with a sac-like construction that may include fluid, pus, or gasoline and might happen anyplace on the physique. Breast cysts are sometimes painful and could also be noticeable throughout a breast examination.

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Dense Breasts – A time period used to explain breast tissue that has massive areas of fibrous, glandular, and never a lot fatty tissue. Women with dense breasts have the next probability of getting breast most cancers.

Diagnosis – The identification of a illness or sickness from its signal, signs, and checks.

DIEP Flap – A tissue flap process often known as the deep inferior epigastric perforator flap, which makes use of tissue from the stomach for breast reconstruction.

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) – An artificial type of the hormone prescribed to pregnant girls between about 1940 and 1971 to stop miscarriages. DES is understood to extend the danger of breast and different cancers in girls who took the drug and in daughters uncovered to DES earlier than delivery.

Donor Site – An space of the physique the place the surgeon harvests pores and skin, fats, and muscle to reconstruct the breast – generally positioned in much less uncovered areas of the physique such because the again, stomach, or buttocks.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) – The hereditary materials in people and nearly all different organisms.

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) – An early stage breast most cancers that begins in a milk duct and has not unfold into the remainder of the breast tissue. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), one in 5 new breast cancers are “ductal carcinoma in situ” or DCIS.

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East-West Breasts – Breast form the place the nipples level outward, away from the middle of the physique.

Estrogen – The feminine hormone produced primarily within the ovaries that helps management and information sexual growth, influences the month-to-month menstrual cycle and lactation after being pregnant, and impacts the growing older course of.

Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+) – Special proteins inside breast most cancers cells known as “hormone receptors” that want estrogen to develop. An estimated 80 % of all breast cancers are estrogen-receptor constructive (ER+) and may be handled with hormone remedy.

Excision – A process to take away pores and skin.

Explant Surgery – An operation to take away a breast implant from a lady's chest space.

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Family History – Information about illnesses in relations that identifies issues or diseases. Knowing household historical past may be worthwhile for illness analysis and therapy.

Fat Grafting – A surgical approach that transfers fats obtained by liposuction to reinforce breast reconstruction by including quantity beneath the pores and skin.

Fat Necrosis – A lump of lifeless or broken breast tissue that typically seems after breast surgical procedure, trauma, or radiation.

Fatty Tissue – Fills the house between the fibrous tissue, lobes, and ducts within the breast. Fatty tissue offers the breasts their measurement and form.

Flap Procedures – A tissue flap process utilizing pores and skin and smooth tissue flaps from the stomach, again, thighs, buttocks, and different components of the physique to create a mound to reconstruct the breast. Also often known as autologous tissue reconstruction.

Fibrous Tissue – Holds the breast tissue in place.

Fibrocystic Breasts – A standard noncancerous situation, believed to be attributable to rising and falling ranges of hormones, particularly estrogen, throughout the menstrual cycle. Fibrocystic breasts may cause ache, cysts, and lumps within the breast, which abruptly seem and go away.

First Degree Relative – An individual's father or mother, full sibling or youngster. If the individuals are associated by blood, the first-degree kin share roughly 50% of their genes.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – The company of the U.S. authorities that regulates meals, medicine, animal meals, cosmetics, dietary dietary supplements, organic items, blood merchandise, and medical gadgets.

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GAP Flap – A tissue flap process often known as the gluteal artery perforator flap that makes use of tissue from the buttocks for breast reconstruction.

Gene – Made up of a substance known as deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, and carries the knowledge that makes you who you're and what you seem like.

Genetic Testing – A kind of medical check that identifies adjustments in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The outcomes of a genetic check can affirm or rule out a suspected genetic situation or assist decide an individual's probability of creating or passing on a genetic dysfunction.

Genomic Testing – These checks take a look at the genes in breast most cancers to find out what causes the most cancers to develop and the way the most cancers could reply to totally different therapies.

Glandular Tissue – The a part of the breast that makes milk, known as the lobes, and the tubes that carry milk to the nipple, known as ducts.

Grade – When contemplating choices for breast most cancers surgical procedure, the grade of the most cancers is one issue and refers to how irregular the cells look beneath a microscope.

Guidelines – Recommendations for well being suppliers concerning the care of individuals with particular circumstances or to stop particular circumstances. Guidelines are based mostly upon the most effective accessible analysis and medical observe.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants – Implants pre-filled with an additional thick silicone gel that sticks collectively, is agency, and has a consistency just like the gummy bear sweet. Gummy bear implants maintain their form even when the implant shell is damaged. Officially often known as steady implants.

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HER2 (human epidermal progress issue receptor 2) – A gene that may play a task within the growth of breast most cancers. The HER2 gene makes HER2 proteins, receptors on breast cells that assist management how a wholesome breast cell grows, divides, and repairs itself. In about 20 % of breast cancers, the HER2 gene doesn't work accurately and makes too many copies of itself, which makes breast cells develop and divide in an uncontrolled manner.

HER2 Positive or Negative – Types of breast cancers which might be both constructive or unfavourable for the HER2 protein. HER2-positive breast cancers are inclined to develop quicker and usually tend to unfold and are available again; HER2-negative breast cancers have little or no HER2 protein and are much less prone to unfold to different components of the physique.

Hereditary Breast Cancer – A kind of breast most cancers that's an inherited genetic situation. This means the most cancers danger is handed from technology to technology in a household.

Hormone – Substances that assist regulate many processes of the physique, resembling progress and copy, and fluctuate all through an individual's life. In girls, the hormones estrogen and progesterone regulate the menstrual cycle and are chargeable for progress and adjustments within the breasts at each stage of life.

Hormone Receptor (HR) – Proteins in or on breast most cancers cells that connect to estrogen or progesterone, inflicting the cells to rely upon these hormones for progress.

Hormone Receptor Positive (HR+) – Those breast cancers the place tumor progress is fueled by estrogen and/or progesterone connected to hormone receptors.

Hormone Receptor Negative(HR-) – Cancer cells that do not need hormone receptors and won't be affected by therapies geared toward blocking estrogen or progesterone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – Treatment given to girls after menopause to exchange the hormones estrogen and progesterone which might be now not made by the physique.

Hormone Therapy – An efficient drug therapy for estrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive) metastatic breast most cancers. The remedy works by decreasing the extent or blocking estrogen from attending to most cancers cells.

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Imaging Test – A kind of check that makes detailed footage of areas contained in the physique. Imaging checks use totally different types of power, resembling x-rays (high-energy radiation), ultrasound (high-energy sound waves), radio waves, and radioactive substances. They could also be used to assist diagnose illness, plan therapy, or learn how nicely therapy is working.

Immunotherapy – The use of medication that concentrate on proteins on immune cells, known as “checkpoints,” that have to be turned on or off to set off an immune response towards most cancers cells.

Inframammary Incision – An incision made within the fold beneath the breast.

In Situ Breast Cancer – A kind of most cancers the place irregular cells stay within the place the place they first fashioned.

Invasive Breast Cancer – Cancer that has unfold from the place it started within the breast to surrounding regular tissue.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)– Cancer beginning within the cells that line a milk duct within the breast. Over time, the most cancers can unfold to the lymph nodes and presumably to different components of the physique. IDC is the commonest sort of invasive breast most cancers.

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC) – A kind of invasive breast most cancers that begins within the milk-producing glands (lobules) and might unfold to different components of the physique. ILC is the second most typical type of invasive breast most cancers and accounts for 10 to fifteen % of breast most cancers instances.

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Kinase Inhibitors – In breast most cancers, these medicine goal and block the motion of the HER2 protein (known as a kinase), interfering with the alerts that inform most cancers cells to develop.

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Latissimus Dorsi Flap – A tissue flap process that makes use of muscle, fats, and pores and skin tunneled beneath the pores and skin and tissue of a lady's again for breast reconstruction.

Ligament – The fibrous connective tissue that connects bones to different bones.

Liposuction – Also known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, a process that vacuums out fats from beneath the pores and skin's floor to scale back fullness.

Lobes – Glands within the breast, every of which has many smaller sacs known as lobules that produce milk.

Lumpectomy – Surgery that entails eradicating the a part of the breast the place the tumor is positioned and a margin of wholesome tissue surrounding the tumor to make sure most cancers is totally gone. Also often known as breast-conserving surgical procedure or partial mastectomy.

Lymph Node– Oval-shaped plenty of tissue that serve an necessary position in defending the physique from an infection. Also often known as lymph glands.

Lymphatic Tissue – Part of the immune system that helps defend the physique from micro organism and different international invaders. Lymphatic tissue helps immune system responses and consists of the lymph nodes, spleen, and tonsils.

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Macromastia – The medical time period for disproportionately heavy breasts on an in any other case common measurement lady. Many girls with this situation have a breast measurement that limits their bodily exercise and expertise again, neck, and shoulder ache attributable to the load of their breasts.

Malignant – A illness or progress that happens in a extreme kind, tends to get progressively worse, and is prone to end in dying.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – A non-invasive imaging methodology utilizing magnetic fields and radio waves to create photos of the physique.

Mammary Gland – Gland positioned within the breasts and chargeable for producing milk.

Mammogram – An x-ray picture of the breast.

Mastectomy – Surgery that removes the breast, sometimes to rid the physique of most cancers.

Mastopexy – Surgery to carry the breasts.

Menopause – The pure ending of menstrual intervals occurring normally between the ages of 45 and 55. Menopause can happen naturally or be triggered by the surgical elimination of the ovaries.

Menstruation – The month-to-month discharge of blood and tissue from the uterus that happens when a lady is just not pregnant.

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) – Also known as “stage 4 breast cancer”, metastatic breast most cancers is recognized when the most cancers has travelled (metastasized) by means of the lymph system or bloodstream to create tumors in different components of the physique, such because the liver, lungs, mind, and bones.

Metastasize – The unfold of most cancers cells from the place the place they first fashioned to a different a part of the physique.

Milk Duct – The tube that carries breast milk from the place it's made within the glandular tissue of the breast out to the nipple.

Minimally-Invasive – A medical therapy or process requiring as little incision to the physique as attainable, leading to minimal harm of physique tissue.

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) – A check that makes use of a radioactive tracer and particular digicam to search out breast most cancers.

Molecular Testing – Laboratory checks on a pattern of the cancerous tissue that identifies particular genes, proteins, and different elements distinctive to the tumor. The outcomes will present if the most cancers has gene mutations that reply to a focused remedy.

Montgomery (Areolar) Glands – Small glands across the nipples and the areola which might be normally not noticeable till a lady turns into pregnant. The Montgomery glands play an necessary position in getting breastfeeding off to an excellent begin with engagement of attachment and bonding.

Monoclonal Antibodies – Man-made variations of immune system proteins (antibodies) in drug kind that connect to a particular protein on most cancers cells and cease the cells from rising.

Multigene Panel Testing – A kind of genetic testing that appears for mutations in a number of genes directly. This is totally different from single-gene testing, which appears for a mutation in a particular gene.

Mutation – A everlasting change in a gene that may have an effect on the conduct of cells and result in the event of most cancers.

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Nipple – The raised tissue on the floor of the breast in each ladies and men. In girls, the nipple delivers milk to the toddler throughout breastfeeding.

Noninvasive – A medical check or process that doesn't require an incision as entry into the physique.

Nonsurgical – A process or therapy not involving surgical procedure.

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Oncoplastic Reduction Lumpectomy – A process the place a lumpectomy and breast discount surgical procedure are carried out on the similar time, so the breast is reshaped smaller.

Oncoplastic Surgery – An strategy the place surgeons mix a lumpectomy with cosmetic surgery strategies on the similar time of the breast reconstruction surgical procedure to revive a pure look to the breast form.

Outpatient – When an individual (affected person) receives medical therapy with out being admitted to a hospital.

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PARP Inhibitors – These anticancer medicine block PARP proteins, which usually assist restore broken DNA inside cells. However, as a result of tumor cells with a mutated BRCA gene have already got bother repairing broken DNA, blocking the PARP proteins typically results in the dying of those cells.

Pencil Test – A technique to decide if you're a candidate for a breast carry. The check entails placing a pencil as excessive as attainable beneath the fold of 1 breast. If the pencil stays in place, that may be a signal of breast drooping the place a breast carry is useful.

Pendulous Breasts – Breasts which might be now not self-supporting and is seen in all breast styles and sizes because of age, important weight reduction, being pregnant, and breastfeeding. With pendulous breasts, many of the breast tissue lies beneath the inframammary fold and the nipple lies on or beneath the inframammary fold.

Periareolar Incision – An incision made on the fringe of the areola.

Perimenopause – The years earlier than a lady reaches menopause when menstruation stops.

Photosensitivity – Oversensitivity of the pores and skin to UV rays, which generally is a aspect impact of medical therapy or the results of a illness.

Pigmentation – The coloring of the pores and skin, hair, mucous membranes, and retina of the attention.

PALB2 Gene – A gene that may mutate and enhance the danger for breast most cancers and presumably pancreatic, ovarian, and different cancers.

PET (positron emission tomography) Scan – This diagnostic check places a radioactive sugar known as FDG right into a vein, so it travels all through the physique. Because most cancers cells take in excessive quantities of FDG, a particular digicam takes footage that present the areas the place the sugar collected all through the physique indicating the presence of most cancers.

Post-marketing Study – A examine presumably required by the FDA after a drug or medical system is available on the market to collect further data on the product's security, efficacy, and use.

Postmenopausal – Occurring after menopause.

Premarket Approval Process (PMA) – The means of scientific and regulatory overview utilized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to guage the protection and effectiveness of medical gadgets, together with breast implants and pacemakers. Medical gadgets requiring premarket approval should be based mostly on scientific trials and different research.

Preventive Drug Therapy for Breast Cancer – Also known as chemoprevention, this remedy makes use of medicines to cease breast most cancers from creating. The medicine connect to estrogen receptors in breast cells to dam the results of estrogen in breast tissue.

Procedure – The act of performing surgical procedure.

Projection – Referring to the depth of the breasts – in different phrases, how a lot the breasts lengthen outward from the physique.

Progestin – An artificial type of progesterone that's just like the hormone naturally produced by the physique.

Progesterone – A feminine steroid hormone that prepares the uterine lining for being pregnant and maintains being pregnant when it happens.

Progesterone Receptor Positive (PR+) – Breast cancers that develop in response to progesterone.

Prognosis – The forecast of the possible end result or course of a illness; the affected person's probability of restoration.

Prophylactic Mastectomy – This sort of mastectomy is a consideration when girls recognized with breast most cancers in a single breast even have a household historical past of the illness. The possibility is to have the opposite breast eliminated on the time of surgical procedure to decrease the danger of creating a second breast most cancers.

Protective – Serving to guard the physique or one in every of its components from illness or harm.

Ptosis – The medical time period for sagging breasts. Plastic surgeons decide the diploma of ptosis by evaluating the place of the nipple in relation to the inframammary fold, the purpose at which the underside of the breasts connect to the chest wall. In essentially the most superior stage, the nipples are beneath the fold and level towards the bottom.

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Radiation Therapy – Uses high-energy rays to kill most cancers cells. Breast most cancers radiation remedy is used to destroy any remaining cells that stay within the breast or armpit space after breast most cancers surgical procedure.

Receptor – A protein that inside a cell that may be activated. In the case of breast most cancers, hormone receptors contained in the most cancers cells may be activated by estrogen and progesterone, which set off progress.

Reduction Mammoplasty – Surgery to scale back the dimensions of breasts; also referred to as breast discount surgical procedure.

Relaxed Breasts – Breasts with looser breast tissue and nipples that time downward.

Risk – The probability or probability that one thing will hurt or in any other case have an effect on your well being. Risk doesn't imply that one thing unhealthy will certainly occur however that there's a chance.

Round Breasts – Breasts with the identical quantity of fullness on the prime and the underside.

Round Implants – Breast implants which have the identical form throughout, which makes breasts seem fuller.

Rupture – A complication the place one thing bursts or abruptly breaks. In the case of breast augmentation, the implant can rupture, inflicting breast ache and adjustments within the contour and form of the breast. An issue known as silent rupture is when rupture goes unnoticed and causes the tissue to change into irritated and swollen.

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Serum Chemistry Blood Tests – Tests that take a look at minerals in your blood, resembling potassium and calcium, and specialised proteins known as enzymes that may be irregular if most cancers has unfold.

Side Set Breasts – Breasts which might be spaced far aside.

Silicone Breast Implants – Breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel.

Silent Rupture – Occurs when a breast implant ruptures and leaks, trapping the silicone gel within the capsule that surrounds the implant. Most silent ruptures are with out signs and don't change how the implant appears or feels. This is why FDA and breast specialists suggest that ladies with silicone gel-filled implants get an MRI scan three years after the implant surgical procedure after which MRI scans about each two years to examine for silent rupture.

Slender Breasts – Breasts which might be slim and lengthy with nipples pointing downward.

Smooth Breast Implants – Implants with an outer silicone rubber shell that's exceptionally easy, shiny, and slippery. Smooth implants don't connect to the encompassing physique tissue to allow them to transfer freely inside the breast implant pocket, giving them extra pure motion.

Structured Saline Breast Implants – Saline implants which have a distinct inner construction that reduces folding and wrinkling and makes the implant seem extra pure.

Subcutaneous Mastectomy – This surgical procedure permits for extra natural-looking breasts if a lady chooses to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction concurrently or to comply with a mastectomy with reconstruction later.

Supplemental Imaging Tests – Imaging checks, resembling a breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and 3D mammography (screening breast tomosynthesis) to extend most cancers detection. Breast specialists could order supplemental imaging checks within the case of dense breasts and different conditions the place routine screening with mammography can miss breast cancers.

Surgical Bra – A bra sometimes made of materials with no dye, wires, or extreme trim that gives gentle compression and may be worn all day to help the breasts because the tissue recovers.

Sutures – Stitches used to carry pores and skin and tissue collectively.

Symptom – An issue that will point out a illness or situation. Some examples are headache, fatigue, nausea, and ache.

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Targeted Therapy – In treating breast most cancers, these therapies connect to a particular gene or protein to dam the expansion and unfold of most cancers cells whereas limiting harm to wholesome cells.

Tear Drop Breasts – Breasts which might be spherical, with a backside that may be a little fuller than the highest.

Textured Breast Implants – Implants with a barely tough floor that sticks to the tissue round it, conserving the implant in its unique place created by the surgeon. There is the next danger of “breast implant associated lymphoma” (BIA-ALCL), a uncommon sort of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, with textured floor implants.

Tissue – Group of cells that carries out a particular operate. Human tissue makes up organs and different physique components.

Tissue Expander – A balloon-like sac with a tiny valve that's inserted throughout mastectomy to make room for a future breast implant. Over time, a salt-water resolution is injected into the expander to increase its measurement regularly.

Tissue Expansion – A surgical approach to stretch your individual wholesome tissue and create new pores and skin to offer protection for a breast implant.

Transaxillary Incision – An incision made within the underarm space.

TRAM Flap – A tissue flap process often known as the transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap that harvests tissue from the stomach for breast reconstruction.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) – Breast most cancers that checks unfavourable for estrogen receptors (ER -), progesterone receptors (PR -), and extra HER2 protein (HER2 -).

TUG Flap – A tissue flap process often known as the transverse higher gracilis flap that makes use of tissue from the internal thigh for breast reconstruction.

Tumor – An irregular progress of tissue that may both be benign or malignant.

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Ultrasound – A standard instrument utilized by physicians resembling gynecologists and radiologists that makes use of sound waves to view inner organs, constructions, and growths, resembling uterine fibroids.

United States Prevention Services Task Force (USPSTF) – A unbiased panel of nationwide specialists in illness prevention that makes evidence-based suggestions about using scientific preventive providers, like most cancers screening checks.

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Voluntary Withdrawal – An motion taken by an organization by alternative at any time to take away a product from the market.

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X-Ray – A type of electromagnetic radiation that's used for medical imaging and treating most cancers.

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