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Bodybuilder Breon Ansley Shares a Killer, High-Volume Legs Workout

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April 23, 2022

You don’t win two Classic Physique Olympias with out stellar genetics, a companion who permits you to reside within the fitness center, and a gritty work ethic. 

On April 21, 2022, bodybuilder Breon Ansley shared a demanding leg exercise that seemingly requested the whole lot of his decrease physique on his YouTube channel. At the identical time, he revealed that his subsequent competitors could be the 2022 Tampa Pro, which is able to happen on August 5-6, 2022, in Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Recently, Ansley detailed his determination to retire from the Classic Physique Division following the 2022 Classic Physique Olympia. Notably, Ansley maintained that he would change facets of his upcoming coaching with a brand new “master plan.” The thought behind the brand new plan was to permit him to depart the division at his finest.

As Ansley clarifies in his latest video, this leg exercise is part of that imaginative and prescient. Here’s a peek at one in all Ansley’s first public steps on the street to his remaining Classic Physique Olympia competitors.

Ansley’s Legs Workout

Ansley opens by providing a disclaimer that this routine is a few deal with excessive quantity somewhat than lifting staggering quantities of weight. Nonetheless, he seemingly can’t maintain in his pleasure, saying, “We’re gonna make the intensity crazy.” 

Leg Extension & Lying Hamstring Curl

  • Leg Extension: 2 x 6 | 1 x 10
  • Lying Hamstring Curl: 1 x 6 | 1 x 7 | 3 x 8

Ansley wastes no time establishing a speedy tempo by super-setting leg extensions and mendacity hamstring curls. He says that he limits relaxation between units to optimize the outcomes. 

30 seconds, 40 seconds, that’s about it. That’s all we'd like. 

Research backs up Ansley’s assertion. One examine confirmed that athletes who built-in supersets into their power coaching noticed important positive factors in coaching effectivity and metabolic activation over a related time interval.

However, somebody like Ansley is a seasoned skilled. By that very same token, it was essential for these with much less expertise to not overdo their restricted relaxation, super-setting because it may result in pointless fatigue and eventual muscle harm. (1)

Smith Machine Squat & Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Smith Machine Squat: 2 x 5 | 1 x 9
  • Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat: 1 x 9 | 1 x 11 | 1 x 15

Ansley turns to a different superset, splitting his time between squats on the Smith machine and body weight Bulgarian break up squats. He continues to reward the deserves and advantages of supersets within the course of. 

“We love to make it the most difficult we possibly can,” Ansley says. “When we make it that challenging, that means our body looks that much better, looks that much more powerful. The more challenging you make it, the more ‘wow factor’ you have.”

That apart, Ansley might need utilized the Smith machine squats somewhat than the standard barbell variation due to one particular distinction. Balance and stabilization are lesser issues on the Smith machine in distinction to a free weight carry, letting an athlete freely and safely problem their leg muscle groups. In flip, that probably results in a extra environment friendly exercise.

When coaching for quantity like Ansley, elevated effectivity is an comprehensible ask. That effectivity would possibly even forestall eventual damage. As one examine maintains, some of the frequent methods an athlete can injure themselves of their coaching is a mix of poor method and overuse of a particular muscle. (2)

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Sissy Squat Machine (Bodyweight)

Next in line for Ansley is one brief, five-rep set on the Sissy Squat Machine — which locks an athlete’s toes and calves right into a vertical place whereas seated to carry out the Sissy Squat higher. Here, he explains that an emphasis on squeezing in between reps is crucial. 

“If I’m leaning on the pad and squeezing back here, I get that full contraction way at the top here by the hip flexor,” Ansley says. “We want the whole quad to be connected.”

Squeezing throughout quad exercises could be essential as analysis exhibits it’s one of many extra constant methods to construct girth and power. (3)

Walking Barbell Lunges & Sissy Squats (45-pound plate)

Ansley promised depth. Naturally, he follows with one superset of strolling lunges with a barbell and sissy squats whereas holding a 45-pound plate. 

“We like to hit everything equally as hard, equally as intense, and get some volume out of all those muscle groups, equally.”

Standing & Seated Calves Machine 

The bodybuilder finishes his in depth leg exercise by hitting his calves with one other superset on a standing calves machine and a sitting calves machine. 

  • Standing Calf Raise: 1 x 5 | 1 x 8
  • Seated Calf Raise: 1 x 5

On to the 2022 Tampa Pro

After his 2022 Tampa Pro reveal, Ansley says that he weighs 197 kilos for the time being. By the time that occasion rolls round, he needs his weight cap to be 180. He will function within the Classic Physique division on the competitors. 

If his new grasp coaching plan continues to unfold as anticipated, Ansley could fare nicely in Tampa Bay come early August. 


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