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Beverages That Count Toward Your Daily Water Intake – SheKnows

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March 30, 2022

As we begin to head into the hotter months, it’s an excellent time to recommit your self to staying hydrated and glad. As you in all probability know by now, your physique wants to remain hydrated to maintain all of your organs functioning, your physique temperature regulated and to maintain your thoughts operating at peak efficiency. Dehydration isn't any joke — and generally is a surefire approach to disrupt your day-to-day life and depart you feeling terrible.

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“Dehydration is very common, and [it leads] to many symptoms, including fatigue, constipation and decreased concentration,” Dr. Nancy Rahnama, doctor diet medical specialist and board-certified internist, tells SheKnows.

Rahnama explains that really helpful every day water consumption varies relying on many elements, reminiscent of an individual’s weight, atmosphere, intestine perform, stage of bodily exercise and medicines they take. But as a common rule, she suggests beginning off with 64 ounces (eight cups) of water per day.

We all know that we must always diligently be consuming sufficient water every day, however there’s only one downside: Plain, flat water merely isn’t interesting to a whole lot of us. Luckily, there are many wholesome beverage choices that depend towards our every day water consumption, and consuming them received’t really feel like fairly as a lot of a chore.

“Water is considered a liquid beverage without caffeine, alcohol or sugar content,” Rahnama explains.

If you don’t love flat water otherwise you merely need some extra selection whenever you hydrate, strive consuming these 5 drinks. Eight ounces of every is equal to eight ounces of normal water and so they every include both zero or only a few energy.

A model of this story was printed June 2018.

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