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7 Sciatica Stretches to Relieve Sciatic Pain (VIDEO)

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April 28, 2022

Seven of the BEST sciatica stretches to alleviate ache! This guided 10-minute stretch is designed to scale back ache within the hips, legs and low again by RELEASING the piriformis muscle, which may pinch the sciatic nerve. These are additionally nice being pregnant sciatica stretches, and protected for all trimesters.

Sciatic nerve ache could be debilitating — limiting on a regular basis actions like standing and strolling.

This is my third being pregnant, and the primary time I’m experiencing sciatica ache. And let me inform you – sciatic nerve ache stinks! It makes every day actions, like strolling and standing, painful.

Here you’ll discover seven of the most effective stretches for sciatica ache – designed to launch tightness within the piriformis and take strain off the sciatic nerve.

Dealing with again ache as nicely? Check out these 8 Back Pain Stretches (Pregnancy-Safe).

woman performing a supported hip flexor stretch to relieve sciatica pain

Sciatic Nerve Stretches FAQs

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a type of nerve ache. It ranges from delicate to extreme, and radiates alongside the trail of the sciatic nerve, which branches out of your decrease again by means of your hips and glutes, and down every leg.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica mostly happens when a herniated disc, bone spur on the backbone, or narrowing of the backbone (spinal stenosis) compresses a part of the sciatic nerve (Mayo Clinic).

What Does Sciatica Feel Like?

Sciatica signs are generally described as sharp, taking pictures, or jolts of ache alongside the low again, hips and legs. Others describe this ache as a “burning,” “electric” or “tingling” sensation (Cleveland Clinic).

What Causes Sciatica To Flare Up During Pregnancy?

Sciatica throughout being pregnant is comparatively widespread. Hormones produced throughout being pregnant trigger ligaments to loosen. Loosened ligaments could cause the backbone to turn out to be unstable, which may result in nerves being pinched.

Release tight muscular tissues and relieve sciatic ache and decrease again ache with this guided stretching video: the most effective sciatica stretches.

This was particularly developed to assist girls in want of being pregnant sciatica stretches, however can be utilized by anybody for ache aid.

Note: Stretching might really feel uncomfortable, but it surely shouldn’t really feel painful. If you are feeling a stretch inflicting ache, pull again from the stretch and reduce the vary of movement to change every pose till you achieve extra flexibility and mobility.

Workout Equipment:

No tools, simply your body weight.

You can add a foam curler for transfer six and a tennis ball/lacrosse ball/therapeutic massage ball for transfer seven when you've got one obtainable. We’ll even be utilizing a bench/chair/couch to deepen a few of the stretches.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Sciatic Nerve Stretches video on YouTube, led by licensed private coach and prenatal health teacher, Lindsey Bomgren. 

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • 7 Exercises for Sciatica Pain
  • Timed Intervals (40 seconds per stretch, 20 seconds transition between stretches)
  • Perform every train/stretch as soon as (on both sides as wanted)

Workout Outline

1. Cat-Cow Stretch
2. Seated Piriformis or Figure-4 Stretch
3. Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation
4. Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial (IT) Band Hip Sink
5. Puppy Dog Stretch
6. Seated Piriformis Release on Foam Roller
7. Piriformis Stretch on Massage/Lacrosse/Tennis Ball

7 Best Sciatica Stretches

Cat-Cow Pose

Targets: All the muscular tissues alongside your backbone and releases low again pressure.

The easy cat-cow pose improves blood circulate between the vertebrae of your backbone. Great for relieving again ache and stress pressure.

woman performing cat and cow stretch for sciatica

How To Do Cat-Cow Stretch

  1. Start in a desk prime place (quadruped) in your fingers and knees. Shoulders are stacked over wrists and hips are stacked over knees.
  2. Find a impartial backbone — consider the backbone as a straight line connecting the shoulders to the hips. Keep the neck lengthy by wanting down and out.
  3. On your exhale, arch your again to come back into cat pose. Tuck your tailbone, feeling a pleasant stretch alongside your backbone. Draw your navel towards your backbone and drop your head, gazing towards your navel.
  4. Return to impartial backbone in your inhale and repeat.

Seated Piriformis Stretch (Figure-4 Stretch)

Targets: Specifically the piriformis muscle — a flat, band-like muscle positioned within the buttocks close to the highest of the hip joint.

This muscle is essential in decrease physique motion and infrequently turns into tight and overworked throughout being pregnant inflicting sciatica ache.

pregnant woman performing a seated figure 4 stretch with extension

How To Do Seated Piriformis/Figure-4 Stretch

  1. Start in a seated place, ft planted beneath knees, backbone tall and straight.
  2. Pick up your proper leg and cross your proper ankle over your left knee (consider performing a seated figure-4 stretch).
  3. Breathe, rolling your shoulders again and protecting your posture tall.
  4. Stay right here, or carry your fingers to relaxation in your proper knee, gently pulling in the direction of your physique. Think about rotating your proper shin away out of your physique to accentuate the stretch.
  5. Option so as to add a spinal rotation, turning to look over your proper shoulder.

Note: Normally when doing this sort of stretch, we might fold ahead over the bent knee (pigeon pose). This kind of compression can truly make sciatic ache worse. Think “extension, not compression” when doing this stretch.

Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation

Targets: Hips, hip flexors, groin, quads, glutes, low again and core.

woman performing a hip flexor stretch with rotation, sciatica stretches

How To Do A Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation

  1. Start in a low lunge place together with your proper leg ahead, left leg prolonged behind you, supported on a bench or sofa. Right foot is planted on the bottom.
  2. Square your hips to the entrance by tucking your tailbone. Bend your proper knee, aiming for a few 90-degree angle. Think about feeling a mild stretch in your left hip by tucking your pelvis relatively than dumping into the low again.
  3. To additional intensify the stretch, add a spinal rotation by wanting over your proper shoulder.

Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial (IT) Band Hip Sink

Targets: Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial (IT) Band – AKA the muscular tissues and tendons that assist to increase, abduct, and rotate the hips.

woman performing a Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial (IT) Band Hip Sink, sciatica stretches

How To Do A Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation

  1. Start in a facet plank place, proper forearm resting on a field or bench, elbow beneath shoulder, ft prolonged, creating an extended line together with your physique.
  2. Step your exterior (left) leg over your proper leg, planting it flat on the bottom to create a 90-degree angle in your left knee.
  3. Breathe, desirous about sinking your proper hip nearer to the bottom with every exhale.

Puppy Dog Stretch

Targets: Neck, shoulders, backbone, higher again and decrease again.

pregnant woman performing a puppy dog stretch, sciatica stretches

How To Do Puppy Dog Stretch

  1. Start in a desk prime place (quadruped) on all fours in entrance of a field or bench. Toes collectively, knees vast. Place your fingers on the bench in entrance of you.
  2. As you exhale, shift your hips again in the direction of your heels and decrease your torso between your knees.
  3. Hold this place, lengthening from fingertips to tailbone with every exhale.

Seated Piriformis Release on Foam Roller

Targets: The glutes, outer glutes and piriformis muscle (a deep, small muscle positioned between your glutes and hip joints and it helps the hips rotate).

woman performing glute foam roller to relieve sciatica pain

How To Do Seated Piriformis Release on Foam Roller

  1. Sit on the froth curler together with your left glute/hip, crossing your proper leg over your left knee and leaning towards left hip. Support your weight in your fingers on the ground as wanted.
  2. Shift as a lot weight onto the froth curler as is tolerable.
  3. While attempting to chill out the glute muscular tissues, proceed leaning into the left hip as your slowly roll over the left glute and butt muscle.

Piriformis Release on Massage Ball

Targets: Specifically the piriformis muscle — a flat, band-like muscle positioned within the buttocks close to the highest of the hip joint.

woman performing a seated piriformis release with ball, sciatica stretches

How To Do A Piriformis Release on Massage/Lacrosse/Tennis Ball

  1. Start in a seated place, ft planted beneath knees, backbone tall and straight. Place a small ball (tennis ball, lacrosse ball, set off level ball) beneath your outer left glute.
  2. Brace your core, then raise your left leg up and out in a small arc form. Think about stepping over one thing on the bottom.
  3. Tap your left heel to the mat, then reverse the movement, lifting your left leg up and over and returning to beginning place.

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