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6 alternative ways dad can put together his daughter for her first interval

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June 8, 2022

There are plenty of explanation why it's possible you'll be thinking about, or studying about, your daughter’s first interval, as a dad.  Maybe you’re a single father, maybe you’re merely trying to be well-informed concerning the adjustments which are occurring (or about to happen) in your offspring’s physique, or it may simply be that you simply’re getting ready for this essential informative discuss along with your partner. 

Whatever cause you’ve stopped by, we commend you. It’s so essential for dads to be concerned of their daughter’s life, and that features the large milestone that's getting their first intervalAnd sure, it's a delicate matter. But it may positively be addressed in such a approach that it’s informative. It needn't be an embarrassing or shameful time, although it's an emotional and really huge life occasion for her (and also you!).

So immediately, we’re dedicating this house to allow you to in on all the things it's worthwhile to find out about your daughter’s menstrual cycle…what’s happening, methods to educate them, methods to help them, interval merchandise, and extra.  Consider this your go-to information for dads with pre-teen/teen daughters getting ready to womanhood!

What is a Period aka a Menstrual Cycle?

During a interval, the liner of a lady’s uterus (the womb) sheds for reproductive functions. In different phrases, it’s what’s needed to arrange the physique for a attainable being pregnant. The common menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, however it may final anyplace from 21 days to about 35 days.

How does this cycle happen? With the rise and fall of sure hormones! The pituitary gland within the mind and the ovaries work collectively to make and launch totally different hormones at totally different instances of the month, which causes the reproductive organs to reply. 

The menstrual cycle consists of 4 phases, with the primary day of the cycle starting on day one among bleeding:

  • The menses section from day one to 5: the liner of the uterus sheds out by way of the vagina if being pregnant hasn’t occurred. This is known as ‘a period’. Most girls bleed for 3 to 5 days, nevertheless it may final for 2 days and even seven, all of that are thought-about regular.
  • The follicular section from day six to 14: estrogen rises, which causes the liner of the uterus to develop and thicken. At the identical time, the follicle-stimulating-hormone  causes the follicles within the ovaries to develop. It is throughout days 10 to 14 that the follicles will fully-form to create a mature egg.
  • Ovulation from day 14 to twenty-eight: the luteinizing hormone causes the ovary to launch the mature egg.
  • The luteal section from day 15 to twenty-eight: the egg travels by way of the fallopian tube to the uterus. The hormone stage of progesterone rises, which prepares the uterus for attainable being pregnant. If the mature egg turns into fertilized by a sperm and attaches itself to the uterine wall, being pregnant happens. If not, estrogen and progesterone ranges drop and the thick lining of the uterus will shed as soon as once more, aka a menstrual interval.

On common, ladies begin their interval across the age of 12, nevertheless it may very well be as early as eight or as late as 16. The menstrual cycle then repeats itself till menopause, which is often across the age of fifty.

How Long Does a Period Last?

A interval sometimes lasts anyplace from two to eight days. At the identical time, many ladies could expertise irregular durations in some unspecified time in the future of their lives. This can embrace very lengthy durations, particularly through the first few years of menstruation. After one to 3 years, it often begins to stabilize and be extra common in length.

What is an irregular interval?

An irregular interval consists of durations which are lighter, heavier, arrive unpredictably, or last more or shorter than what an individual considers their common menstruation to be. In actuality, 14 to 25 p.c of ladies have admitted to experiencing “irregular” durations.

When do you have to fear concerning the irregularity of a interval?

If a menstrual cycle is lower than 21 days or greater than 35 days aside, there could also be an underlying problem. In this case, it’s greatest to seek the advice of an expert.

On the opposite hand, there are some issues that may trigger an irregular interval. Some of these items embrace:

  • Using contraception capsules
  • IUDs
  • Extreme weight reduction
  • Excessive exercising
  • Increased stress
  • Changes in food plan
  • Conditions similar to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

And then, there's something referred to as “spotting” which is when there's bleeding or gentle bleeding between durations. This may very well be due to a hormonal imbalance, STIs, thyroid problems, or noncancerous growths within the uterus. In this case, it’s additionally greatest to seek the advice of an expert.

How heavy ought to a interval be?

It adjustments from individual to individual. After one to 3 years after one’s first interval, one ought to be capable to predict how heavy or gentle their interval can be transferring ahead.  An indication {that a} interval is just too heavy is when there's soaking by way of a menstrual pad each hour or few hours in a row, and/or noticing clots which are larger than the dimensions of a golf ball.

When ought to an expert be consulted?

As we talked about, it takes one to 3 years for a woman’s interval to stabilize and discover its circulation. But if:

  • It’s irregular after it’s been regular and predictable for a very long time
  • It stops for 90 days or extra and also you aren’t pregnant
  • It lasts for greater than eight days
  • You bleed way more than normal
  • You soak by way of a sanitary pad or tampon each one to 2 hours
  • You’re recognizing
  • Your durations are greater than 35 days aside, or lower than 21 days aside
  • Flu-like signs happen after utilizing a tampon, which may point out ‘toxic shock syndrome’ (a uncommon but life-threatening bacterial an infection that would come up from preserving a tampon contained in the physique for too lengthy). A tampon ought to be modified each 4 to eight hours.

Preparing for and Supporting Your Daughter During Her First Period

The most essential factor for dads to know in terms of their daughter’s first interval is to strategy the subject with out embarrassing them…and your self.  Us people are very intuitive, and while you really feel noticeably uneasy and maybe afraid to have this essential discuss, which may be translated to her, creating much more uneasiness.  Of course, it's a large topic, and never everybody will be capable to have it with absolute confidence and certainty, however making an attempt your greatest could make a big effect.

Then, let’s have a look at six alternative ways you'll be able to put together your daughter for her first interval:

1. Learn the ins and outs of durations

Take the time to analysis what a menstrual cycle is, why and the way it occurs, and why it’s a pure prevalence. And whereas we’ve supplied you with a go-to information, you possibly can additionally seek the advice of feminine mates or relations of yours for a extra private cheat sheet. It could show helpful to speak along with her about PMS too (premenstrual syndrome), which might embrace bloating, anxiousness, emotions of despair, and breast tenderness earlier than their interval. Sure, it’ll be close to unattainable to reply any and all questions that she could have, however figuring out the fundamentals will go a great distance. Give her the house to ask questions and to let you understand how she feels about her first interval.

2. Make a interval package

When the day lastly comes, scurrying round in a panic asking her what sort of menstrual product she desires to make use of will create much more chaos. Take the time to analysis the totally different sorts of menstrual merchandise (see under), and put together a small package with all of them. It needn't be a large package with lots of of every product, however relatively a package that’s sufficient for one interval in order that she will be able to experiment with and discover her most comfy one. Better but, you'll be able to have a look at all the merchandise collectively earlier than her first interval in order that she herself is conversant in them and methods to use every.

3. Tell her that durations aren’t shameful

For approach too lengthy, there’s been a large stigma surrounding durations. Millions of ladies spend their lives feeling ashamed about their interval, hurrying off the lavatory with their chosen product hidden, hoping that nobody notices. But menstruation is a standard a part of life and occurs to 50 p.c of the inhabitants. There’s merely no room for disgrace anymore! During your dialog, it’ll be nice to say that women and girls ought to stick collectively and help one another. And that features telling your daughter to subtly and sweetly inform their mates or different ladies in the event that they’re leaking.

4. Don’t get too caught up within the adverse signs

Yes, there's a slew of not-so-fun signs that come earlier than and through a interval, however bombarding your daughter with all the things ‘bad’ will solely make her that rather more fearful and afraid. Mentioning interval cramps and attainable again ache might be helpful, however attempt to not frighten her.

5. If one thing doesn’t appear ‘normal’ go to an expert

There’s no hurt in seeing an expert in case your daughter shows signs that don’t appear ‘normal’. This may very well be debilitating interval cramps, a really quick or very lengthy interval, and/or irregular durations for a couple of months in a row.

6. Celebrate!

A lady’s first interval is definitely an enormous and joyous milestone. So as a substitute of grabbing your hair in panic, rejoice it. Try to not make it a ‘big deal’ although (in different phrases, don’t run out and get her a three-tier cake), however as a substitute, give phrases of encouragement, and word that it’s really a cheerful second…a second that you simply’ll each keep in mind without end.

Period Products & How to Use Them

As of immediately, there are 4 totally different interval merchandise. And that’s an enormous step up from two to 3 a long time in the past when nearly all of girls solely had entry to pads or tampons.

  • Sanitary pads
  • Tampons
  • Menstrual cups
  • Period underwear

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are rectangular items of fabric that follow the within of your underwear. It’s been made in such a approach that the menstrual circulation absorbs the blood, but (shouldn’t) leak by way of the underwear.  There are totally different sizes of sanitary pads, some are thicker, thinner, longer and shorter, and a few include “wings” which are wrapped across the underwear and stored in place with adhesive glue. The kind of sanitary pad chosen will depend on the kind of circulation, and ranges of consolation.  Sanitary pads ought to be modified each three to 4 hours (or much less if a heavier circulation). Scented sanitary pads aren’t suggested because it may irritate the vagina. To get rid of a sanitary pad, by no means flush it down the bathroom. It might be rolled up, and lined totally in bathroom paper, then thrown within the trash.


Tampons are made out of absorbent materials, like sanitary pads, however they seem like small tubes. Tampons are inserted into the vagina, and there are a number of various sorts of tampons. Some have an applicator, which one can push for simpler insertion, some don't. The latter implies that one ought to use their fingers to insert the tampon absolutely.  To insert a tampon with out an applicator means holding the tampon in a single hand in between the thumb and center finger with the index finger on the backside of the tampon. 

Then, open the “lips” of the vagina, discover a comfy place (which may very well be placing one leg up on the bathroom seat for instance) then sliding it contained in the vagina at an angle that's in direction of the again of the physique.  Tampons include a string on the backside, which ought to at all times be seen outdoors the vagina. The string is used to tug out the tampon when it’s time to take away or change it. A tampon ought to be modified each 4 to eight hours (or sooner for a heavier circulation). Be certain to at all times have clear fingers earlier than inserting and eradicating a tampon. To get rid of a tampon, by no means flush it down the bathroom. It ought to be lined totally in bathroom paper, then thrown within the trash.

Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup is a versatile, medical-grade, silicone cup that’s worn contained in the vagina. It’s eco-friendly, and reusable, making it a superb selection not simply environmentally, but in addition in terms of consolation. A menstrual cup will sit pretty low within the vaginal canal. One approach to make use of it will be to push the entrance rim of the cup down and maintain the cup close to the bottom to maintain it folded. Then, gently insert the pointed tip into the vagina.  The cup gained’t open till it’s previous the pubic bone, and after that, the cup will gently open and accumulate the interval blood. But there are different methods to fold a menstrual cup

The most essential factor is to be sure that it’s comfy and that it absolutely opens as soon as inside in order that there’s no leakage. If it’s been inserted accurately, it gained’t be capable to be felt in any respect. If your menstrual cup has a stem, it mustn't stick out of the vulva.  A menstrual cup might be worn for eight hours, relying on the circulation.  To take away a menstrual cup, squeeze the bottom, pinch the underside of the cup till you'll be able to really feel the seal break and air can enter the cup. Remove the cup, and get rid of the contents into the bathroom, then flush. It’s not needed to scrub a menstrual cup after each use throughout a interval, however rinsing it with water within the sink earlier than reinserting is essential. 

Once a interval is full, you possibly can add three cups of unpolluted water right into a pot and boil it on the range. Submerge the cup, however don’t let it contact the underside of the pot (whisking it helps). Boil for 5 to eight minutes, drain the cup, then permit it to air dry. Place it in a case or bag when not in use in order that it’ll last more and keep wholesome.

Period Underwear 

Period underwear or “period panties” are underwear that absorbs interval blood. It’s a whole alternative for pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, and may maintain as much as one or two tampons’ value of circulation while preserving a moisture barrier with its a number of layers of microfibre polyester. This materials traps liquid and retains it from leaking onto the clothes. The outer layer is product of nylon and lycra, after which completed with a liquid-repellent movie to make sure safety.

To use interval underwear is easy, because it is rather like placing on an everyday pair of underwear. The distinction is that it ought to be modified and cleaned at the least each 12 hours, or sooner, relying on the circulation. For heavier flows, some choose to make use of interval underwear together with one other menstrual product.  To wash interval underwear will depend upon the kind that you simply’ve bought. Usually, that is in a fragile cycle with no bleach. If you observe the wash directions fastidiously, interval underwear can final anyplace from six months to 2 years.

We recommend having at the least two pairs in order that they are often worn all through the menstrual cycle with out ready for one pair to scrub and dry. And so, dads, are you able to help your daughter by way of her first interval and past? And whereas it’s a frightening but celebratory event, we’re right here to reply every other questions you will have! 

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