December 13

5 Moments from The Balanced Life Podcast that Opened My Mind

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December 13, 2022

The Balanced Life Podcast is a spot for sincere conversations on well being, wellness, self-care, work/life steadiness, and every thing in between. My purpose is to supply inspiration, sources, and sensible ideas that can assist you create a balanced life and turn into the healthiest model of your self each inside and outside.

Today we've a particular episode that spans 5 conversations that I've had on the podcast all through the years which have opened my thoughts and led me to enhance my well being, perceive my physique and thoughts on a deeper degree, or reside with extra intention and gratitude.

This energy packed episode has improbable ideas and insights that may assist you turn into the healthiest model of your self.

You will need to hear this episode if you're occupied with…

  • Recognizing the place we really feel feelings [1:22]
  • How our pondering habits affect our lives on daily basis [4:10]
  • Understanding adrenal fatigue [9:51]
  • What occurs once we expertise ache [23:25]
  • Leaning into completely different seasons of parenting [35:36]

Moment #1

Recently I interviewed Keisha Yokers to debate breathwork. She helped me perceive that aware, related breathwork takes the participant on a deeper inside journey which causes them to let go. This dialog helped me to acknowledge the place I really feel feelings in my physique in order that I can higher course of them. What’s even higher is that now I might help my children use breathwork to course of their feelings as nicely. 

Moment #2

Sandra Chuma and I mentioned find out how to create and maintain wholesome habits. My greatest takeaway from this dialog was that wholesome habits don’t all the time check with issues that we do. Listen in to listen to about cultivating a number of the most vital wholesome habits. 

Moment #3

When I used to be experiencing excessive fatigue, I started researching adrenal fatigue. Dr. Aviva Romm helped me perceive what this frequent time period usually refers to and why it occurs. It seems that overwhelm and burnout might result in physiological dysfunction in your physique. She explains what occurs within the physique at a deeper degree once we are always feeling harassed. 

Moment #4

Lindy Royer helped me to know what occurs once we expertise ache. There are feelings and pondering patterns that tie into ache and trigger us to behave otherwise. I discovered what I must be doing to assist alleviate ache.

Moment #5

As a mother of 4 younger youngsters, I'm within the thick of a busy season of life. While everybody usually tells me I ought to merely take pleasure in it because it passes rapidly, this recommendation may be onerous to implement. Dorena Williamson helped me to know find out how to lean into treasured moments. Listen in to listen to her ideas to know why they resonated with me a lot.

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I hope that you simply stroll away from this episode feeling inspired, enlightened, and impressed. If you do, please take a second to fee us in your favourite podcast app. This motion helps others discover their approach right here in order that they'll achieve inspiration to turn into the healthiest model of themselves. 

Resources & People Mentioned

  • Episode 79 – Using breathwork as a path to wellness with Kiesha Yokers
  • Episode 74 – Are your habits serving to or hurting you? with Sandra Chuma
  • Episode 71 – The Hidden Hormone Epidemic: A dialog with Dr. Aviva Romm 
  • Episode 66 – The Healing and Restorative Power of Pilates with Lindy Royer
  • Episode 16 – Dorena Williamson: leaning into seasons of change, pursuing solitude, and all the time studying

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