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5-Minute Intense Ab Circuit (Video)

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November 20, 2022

An ab circuit exercise to focus on the higher abs, decrease abs, aspect abs (obliques) and deep core muscle mass. No gear wanted for this intense ab exercise at residence!

If you’ve mastered our 5-Minute Beginner Ab Workout, this intense ab circuit exercise is for you! 

These 5 superior ab workout routines are designed to strengthen your core from each angle. Four of those core workout routines contain some form of plank variation, as a result of planks are a extremely efficient ab train to activate your whole core.

Add these 5 superior ab workout routines onto any power coaching exercise. I counsel doing this intense core exercise 1-3 occasions per week. 

Why Is A Strong Core Important?

A powerful core is essential for therefore many causes. According to Mayo Clinic, a robust core is tied to improved stability and stability, improved posture, diminished danger of decrease again ache, and diminished danger of accidents (particularly from actions that contain core rotation).

Are Planks Good For Abs?

The plank is without doubt one of the greatest ab workout routines you are able to do at residence. It works ALL of the core muscle mass that run from the pelvis alongside the backbone and as much as the shoulder girdle, together with: higher rectus abdominis (the higher abs), decrease rectus abdominis (the decrease abs), inside obliques and exterior obliques (aspect abs, alongside the perimeters of your physique), transverse abdominis (your deepest core muscle mass). Planks are important to constructing a robust core!

Who Can Do This Intense Ab Circuit Workout?

This is an intense ab exercise that I’d advocate for many who are extra superior. If you’re a newbie, do this 5-Minute Beginner Ab Workout. I'd not advocate this superior ab exercise for being pregnant or postpartum. If you’re pregnant, attempt these 8 Pregnancy Core Exercises. If you’re engaged on rebuilding core power postpartum, attempt to of those Diastasis Recti-Friendly Workouts.

How Often Should I Do This Intense Ab Circuit?

I like to recommend finishing ab and core exercises 1-3 occasions per week for the most effective outcomes. For a extra structured exercise program, attempt following considered one of my free residence exercise plans.

Improve core power at residence with these intense ab workout routines.

I counsel including this 5-minute ab circuit exercise to your health routine 1-3 occasions per week to strengthen your core muscle mass.

Workout Equipment:

No gear wanted for this bodyweight-only, ab exercise.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Ab Circuit Workout on YouTube, led by licensed private coach, Lindsey Bomgren. 

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • 5 Intense Ab Exercises
  • Timed Intervals (40 seconds work, 20 seconds relaxation)
  • No Repeats

4 Must-Do Ab Exercises for Runners!

Workout Outline

  1. Hollow Rock Bicycle Crunch and Knee Press
  2. Side Plank (and Optional Oblique Crunch), Right
  3. Low Plank Reaches
  4. Side Plank (and Optional Oblique Crunch), Left
  5. Plank Walk Out

4 Intense Ab Exercises

Hollow Rock Bicycle Crunch And Knee Press

Targets: Upper abs, decrease abs, obliques, transverse stomach (deep core muscle mass beneath your rectus stomach or six pack ab muscle mass), hips and outer glutes.

Trainer Tip: This is considered one of my favourite ab workout routines for runners to strengthen the core, hips and glutes!

how to do a Bicycle Crunch with knee press

How To Do A Hollow Rock Bicycle Crunch And Knee Press

  1. Start mendacity in your again together with your legs straight.
  2. Contract your abs by pulling your hip bones collectively to activate your transverse belly muscle mass and raise your neck and shoulders off the mat. Then raise each legs off the mat (legs straight). This is your “hollow rock” place.
  3. From this hole rock place, pull your proper knee in direction of your chest as you'd for a bicycle crunch. Knees bent and ft flexed with proper knee bent at 90 levels.
  4. Hold your proper knee in direction of your chest and press your left hand firmly into your proper knee. Try to maintain your left leg prolonged straight. Note, the tougher you press into your knee, the tougher this ab train might be.
  5. Hold the knee press for a 5-second rely, then swap sides. Pulling your left knee in direction of your chest as you lengthen your proper leg lengthy. Then press your proper hand firmly into your left knee.

Side Plank (Option To Add Side Oblique Crunch)

Targets: Internal and exterior indirect muscle mass (the muscle mass that run alongside the aspect of your core) and transverse abdominus.

how to do a side plank crunch

How To Do A Side Plank Crunch

  1. Start in aspect plank place. Right forearm on the mat, proper shoulder stacked over proper elbow. Option to stability on the skin fringe of your proper foot, stacking your left foot on prime of your proper foot, or stagger your ft.
  2. Place your left hand behind your head or lengthen your left hand overhead. Option to carry this aspect plank place.
  3. To add a aspect plank crunch, pull your outdoors, left knee as much as meet your left elbow. Arm and leg meet as you squeeze your obliques (aspect abs).
  4. Return to the beginning place and repeat, switching sides on the subsequent set.

Low Plank Reaches

Targets: Upper abs, decrease abs, obliques, transverse abs, shoulders and again.

how to do low plank reaches

How To Do Low Plank Reaches

  1. Start in a low plank place or forearm plank. Shoulders over elbows, forearms resting on the mat, core engaged. Neutral backbone.
  2. Alternate reaching one arm straight in entrance of you. Fully lengthen your proper arm and faucet the mat in entrance of you, return to the beginning place. Then totally lengthen your left arm and faucet the mat in entrance of you.
  3. Try to maintain your hips secure and sq. to the mat as you alternate reaching your arms straight out. Keep your hips in step with the remainder of your physique to keep away from sagging hips or piked hips.

Plank Walk Out

Targets: The whole core from head to toe together with — deep transverse abs, higher abs, decrease abs, aspect abs, shoulders, again, glutes and quads.

how to do a plank walk out

How To Do A Plank Walk Out

  1. Start in a excessive plank place, shoulders over wrists, core engaged, pulling up in your kneecaps and urgent your heels in direction of the wall behind you. Creating a straight line together with your physique from head to heels.
  2. Slowly begin “walking” your arms out in entrance of you. The additional you stroll your arms out away out of your physique, the tougher this superior ab train turns into.
  3. Once you’ve walked your arms as distant out of your physique as you'll be able to with out dropping your hips, pause for a second. Arms and legs prolonged lengthy.
  4. Then reverse the motion by strolling your arms again to the excessive plank beginning place.

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