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35-Minute Yoga for Athletes (Benefits + Video)

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January 6, 2022

Increase athletic efficiency, mobility, flexibility, core and full physique power with this full physique move: Yoga for Athletes! This energy yoga routine is designed to hurry up muscle restoration whereas enhancing steadiness and coordination — advantages that may translate to your different exercises (and every day life).

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I’ve stated it earlier than and I’ll say it once more — if you happen to do my exercises, you're an ATHLETE! And coaching like an athlete additionally contains reaping the advantages of yoga — mobility, flexibility, steadiness and body weight power coaching. 

All of which you will see that on this athletic-based energy yoga routine.

Whether or not you consider your self as a ‘traditional yogi’ — I enourage you to present this athletic yoga routine a attempt.

Chair Pose | Bodyweight Yoga and stretches

Is Yoga Good for Athletes?

YES! There are advantages for athletes to incorporate yoga follow as a part of a well-rounded health routine.

There are various kinds of yoga with various levels of depth, and every has its advantages:

  • Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga: focuses on connecting the breath to your actions, however tends to maneuver at a quicker tempo. In a vinyasa follow, you possibly can count on to remain in a continuing move of actions.
  • Hatha Yoga: emphasizes holding poses for lengthy intervals of time. A yoga class targeted on the breath, managed actions, and stretching.
  • Relaxation or Restorative Yoga: a restful follow that holds yoga poses (asanas) for an extended intervals of time with deep respiratory. Restorative yoga is designed to “restores” the physique to its parasympathetic nervous system operate, which, in flip, helps the physique relaxation, heal, and restore steadiness.
  • Hot Yoga Classes: quite a lot of yoga lessons could be taught in a heated room, however mostly taught in a heated room is Bikram Yoga. The objective of practising yoga in a sizzling room is to extend the guts charge for a extra intense exercise (and for the warmth to permit muscle groups to loosen).

This yoga for athletes sequence follows a vinyasa yoga or energy yoga format the place you stay in a continuing move of motion (nice for cross-training days). 

Yoga For Athletes Benefits:

  • Improved Mobility and Range of Motion: taking the joints in your ankles, hips and knees by a full vary of movement with management.
  • Improved Coordination, Flexibility and Balance. 
  • Improved Core Strength: yoga poses strengthening the deep transverse belly muscle groups.
  • Improved Mental Focus.
  • Reduced Muscle Tension and Strain: yoga is nice for gently stretching out tight, sore muscle groups.

All of the above can enhance your athletic efficiency and stop damage.

HIITStrong Day 4 | yoga for athletes and yoga for runners35-Minute Full Body Yoga for Athletes Workout

Increase your power, coordination, flexibility, mobility and endurance with this guided 35-minute yoga video: YOGA FOR ATHLETES!

You’ll be in a continuing move of motion; flowing from one pose to a different. And you are able to do the whole yoga class at house — no yoga studio or fancy yoga tools wanted.

This athletic yoga class contains the perfect body weight stretches for athletes. And it's designed to enhance muscle restoration and enhance athletic efficiency in your different exercises.

Workout Equipment:

No tools wanted, simply your physique weight and a yoga mat.

*I’ve linked my outsized yoga mat right here (use low cost code: NourishMoveLove).

Workout Instructions:

Click right here to observe together with the Yoga for Athletes Workout video on the high of this put up.

Let me be your yoga teacher for the day — I’ll coach you thru the whole exercise, offering yoga pose type cues and modifications.

We’ll move from one transfer to the following, however right here’s a common define of what to anticipate:

  • Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Table Top Warm Up
  • Down Dog to Kick Sits to Crescent Lunge
  • Warrior III to Cossack Squat
  • Plank to Chatarunga Push Up and Planks with Isometric Rows
  • Warrior II Wraps and Triangle Pose
  • Single Leg Balance Work to Pistol Squat Practice
  • Glute Bridge and Yoga Abs and Core
  • Yoga Cool Down and Stretch

Warrior II Pose | Yoga Routine for Runners and Athletes

5 Yoga Poses for Athletes

1. Down Dog to Kick Sit

Targets: Upper physique, shoulders, again, decrease physique, hamstrings, quads, hips, hip flexors, calves, abs, obliques and core.

Benefits of Downward Facing Dog: A fantastic stretch on your posterior chain (bottom of the physique); growing calf, ankle, hamstring and again mobility. And it strengthens, lengthens, and energizes each muscle in your physique whereas additionally bringing blood move to the mind.

Benefits of Kick Sits: An superb (and difficult) core train, working the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, inner and exterior obliques. A fantastic train for runners.

down dog pose to kick sit

How to do Down Dog to Kick Sit:

  1. Start in a desk high place (quadruped) on all fours; shoulders stacked over wrists and hips stacked over knees.
  2. Actively press your arms into the mat as you tuck your toes below.
  3. As you exhale, carry your knees off the mat straightening your legs as you press your hips up in direction of the ceiling to search out downward dealing with canine.
  4. Hold down canine, urgent your chest in direction of your thighs. Then, ship your proper toes lengthy to search out three-legged canine.
  5. Then shift your weight ahead right into a excessive plank as you pull your proper knee in direction of your chest, each knees hovering off the mat and proper foot hovering off the mat.
  6. Perform a kick sit by turning the left foot outward (toes face outward). As you accomplish that, convey your reverse leg (proper leg) below and thru your physique whereas your proper hip barely brushes the bottom as the precise leg extends. Weight is in your left foot and proper hand, proper foot and left hand are off the mat.
  7. Pull your proper leg again by to return to the beginning place; down canine.

Modification: Follow Rachel (on the left) and move from three-legged down canine right into a excessive plank with cross-body knee pull.

2. Warrior III to Cossack Squat

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip flexors, arms, erector spinae (again and backbone), abs and core.

Benefits of Warrior III: Strengthens all of the small stabilizing muscle groups alongside the bottom of the physique, toes and ankles; and improves steadiness.

Benefits of Cossack Squat: A fantastic decrease physique train to enhance hip mobility and vary of movement.

Warrior III to cossack squat

How to do a Warrior III to Cossack Squat:

  1. Start in a staggered-stance place with a slight bend within the entrance proper knee, again left leg behind you and again left heel lifted off the mat. Your hips and chest ought to be sq. to the entrance of the mat. Raise your arms above your head.
  2. Balancing in your entrance proper leg, lean ahead till your again leg extends straight again, even together with your hips. Hips are sq. to the bottom. Keep your foot flexed and your gaze downward, arms straight out in entrance of you. This is Warrior III.
  3. Then, drive your again left knee as much as your chest to briefly discover Single Leg Mountain Pose. This creates an added steadiness problem.
  4. Then, step laterally to your left to take a seat right into a Cossack Squat. Step your left leg out to the left and sit your hips again. Left leg creates a 90-degree angle, proper leg is straight. Right toes pop off the mat.
  5. Repeat this sequence.

Modification: Follow Rachel (on the left) tapping or kick-standing your again left toes to the mat as wanted for steadiness assist.

3. Plank Hold and Isometric Row

Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps, again, glutes, quads, abs and core muscle groups.

Benefits of Plank: A real full physique train that builds power in your backbone, abs and core to enhance posture and stop accidents.

plank hold and isometric back rows | chatarunga push up

How to do a Plank and Row:

  1. Start in a excessive plank place together with your shoulders stacked over your wrists. Pull your kneecaps up in direction of your stomach, toes hip-width aside.
  2. Hold this plank place, sustaining a straight line together with your physique, gaze barely in entrance of you.
  3. Perform a single arm row by pulling your proper hand again in direction of your hip, elbow up in direction of the ceiling. Focus on retaining each hips sq. to the bottom as you carry out this row. Hold for a number of seconds.
  4. Lower your hand again to the mat gradual and managed.
  5. Then, alternate the row by pulling your left hand again in direction of your hip.
  6. Repeat this plank maintain and row sample.

Modification: Follow Rachel (on the left) and carry out the plank and row out of your knees. Alternatively you possibly can add an incline to this train by inserting your arms on a chair or bench.

4. Extended Side Angle (Triangle Pose) to Reverse Triangle 

Targets: The legs, thighs, hips, hamstrings, shoulders, again, abs and obliques.

Benefits of Triangle Pose: Activates the abs and core muscle groups (particularly the side-ab muscle groups) whereas stretching the backbone, hips and shoulders.

extended side angle or triangle pose | best stretches for athletes

How to do Extended Side Angle (Triangle Pose) to Reverse Triangle:

  1. Start with toes wider than shoulder-width aside. Extend your arms right into a T place, palms dealing with down. Reach out by the fingertips as in case your arms have been being pulled in reverse instructions.
  2. Turn your proper foot out to 90 levels, and switch your left foot barely inward. Press your left outer foot and heel to the ground as you lean towards your proper knee, hinging on the hips to convey your proper arm towards the ground.
  3. Reach your left arm up over your left ear. Turn your chest towards your raised arm and switch your head to look previous your left hand.
  4. Hold for a number of seconds, then reverse the place to search out Reverse Triangle.
  5. Front proper leg stays straight as you pull your torso up. Left arm slides down left leg and proper arm reaches up over proper ear.

5. Child’s Pose to Plank with Knee Pull

Targets: Lower again, interior thighs, hips, shoulders, chest, lats, abs, obliques and core.

Benefits of Child’s Pose: A fantastic stretch on your backbone, low again and hips whereas growing blood circulation to your head.

childs pose to high plank | power yoga

How to do Child’s Pose to High Plank with Knee Pull:

  1. Start in a excessive plank place, shoulders stacked over wrists, core engaged, pulling up in your kneecaps to interact your quads. Creating a straight line from head to toes.
  2. Drop your knees to the mat and shift your weight again. Pushing your hips again in direction of your heels to take a seat again into little one’s pose. Keeping your arms prolonged out away out of your physique as you drop your brow to the mat.
  3. Take an enormous inhale in little one’s pose.
  4. On your exhale, push your physique ahead, returning to the beginning place, excessive plank.
  5. Once you’re in excessive plank, pull your proper knee as much as meet your proper elbow.
  6. Then, sit again into little one’s pose and repeat. Alternate the leg that performs the knee pull all through the move.

Modification: Stay in your knees as you transition to plank; performing a modified plank out of your knees. Alternatively you possibly can add an incline to this train by inserting your arms on a chair or bench.

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Athletic Yoga Routine At Home No Equipment | Home Workout Plan Day 4

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