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30-Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow at Home (VIDEO)

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May 27, 2022

Strengthen and put together for labor with this prenatal yoga routine at house. A delicate yoga circulation designed to open tight hips and shoulders and scale back decrease again ache throughout being pregnant. Perfect for anticipating mothers of their first, second or third trimester of being pregnant.

Prenatal yoga is an effective way to remain lively throughout being pregnant and may also assist fight the widespread aches and pains related to being pregnant.

I personally like to include prenatal yoga observe into my weekly exercise routine to alleviate tight hips and shoulders, cramping legs, and decrease again ache. Yoga at house can be an effective way to extend power all through being pregnant fatigue.

Today’s yoga exercise requires no gear and is a superb newbie exercise, or postnatal exercise for brand new mamas too.

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pregnant woman performing a side goddess pose in prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga?

Staying lively throughout being pregnant has many well being advantages for each mother and child, however working towards yoga specifically is nice for anticipating moms. Benefits of prenatal yoga embrace: improved sleep high quality, lowered stress and nervousness, elevated energy and adaptability of muscle mass (particularly these required for labor and childbirth), and decreased decrease again ache, nausea and morning illness, complications and shortness of breath (Mayo Clinic).

How Is Prenatal Yoga Different From Traditional Yoga?

A prenatal yoga class adapts and modifies conventional yoga poses to make them secure and extra snug for anticipating mothers. For instance, prenatal yoga might use props (corresponding to a yoga block) to supply help throughout poses. This could be useful for anticipating moms, particularly of their second and third trimesters, because the stomach grows and mother’s middle of gravity shifts.

Stay robust and versatile all through being pregnant with this secure and efficient, 30-Minute Prenatal Yoga Class!

This full physique exercise is made up of my favourite prenatal yoga poses for each trimester. This prenatal yoga class brings the boutique yoga studio expertise to your lounge – no gear wanted!

Add this yoga exercise routine to your being pregnant train program 1-2 occasions per week to keep up energy and mobility by way of the primary trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

Workout Equipment:

Just your body weight and a yoga mat.

Option so as to add a yoga block to supply further help.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Prenatal Yoga Routine on YouTube, led by licensed private coach and prenatal health teacher, Lindsey Bomgren. 

We’ll circulation by way of this guided Prenatal Vinyasa Flow house yoga observe, transferring from one pose to the subsequent in a pure sequence at your personal tempo.

Prenatal Yoga: The Perfect Pregnancy Exercise!

Workout Outline

1. Warm Up
2. Quadruped On Mat
3. Downward Dog
4. Mini Push Ups And Kneeling Warrior II And Belly Breathing
5. Chair Pose And Hamstring Scoops
6. Warrior I Into Warrior II
7. Star To Goddess Pose
8. Low Lunge And Hamstring Stretch on Block
9. Final Stretches

6 Prenatal Yoga Poses

Extended Goddess Pose

Targets: Mainly the gluteus maximus, hip abductors and core.

pregnant woman performing extended goddess pose in prenatal yoga

How To Do Extended Goddess Pose

  1. Start in a desk prime place, quadruped on all fours, shoulders stacked over wrists and hips stacked over knees. 
  2. Kick your left leg out to the aspect so it types a 90-degree angle together with your torso.
  3. Sit your hips again and lengthen your left arm straight out in entrance of you, fingertips reaching lengthy.
  4. Then, drive by way of your proper knee to drive your hips up as you open to the left, capturing the left arm straight overhead. Gaze follows fingertips.

Chair Squat And Shoulder Sweep

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, again and core.

pregnant woman performing a chair squat and alternating shoulder sweep in prenatal yoga

How To Do A Chair Pose Squat And Alternating Shoulder Sweep

  1. Start in mountain pose, standing tall together with your toes hip-distance aside or wider as wanted to make room for child.
  2. Lower down right into a squat place, reducing your hips down parallel together with your knees. Drive your knees out towards your outer three toes. As you decrease down, slide your palms down the entrance of your thighs till they attain your knees.
  3. Drive by way of your heels to face tall, squeezing your glutes. As you stand tall, carry out a shoulder sweep by sweeping the appropriate arm in a round movement behind you, palm faces out.
  4. Repeat the squat and shoulder sweep, alternating the arm that sweeps again.

Warrior II To Reverse Warrior Pose

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip flexors, arms and core.

pregnant woman performing warrior two pose to reverse warrior pose in prenatal yoga routine

How To Do Warrior II To Reverse Warrior Pose

  1. Start standing in a large stance place, toes wider than shoulders (roughly 3 toes aside). Toes going through ahead.
  2. Extend your arms straight out to your sides, arms parallel to shoulders. Relax your shoulders away out of your ears, creating size in your neck.
  3. Turn your proper foot out 90 levels, toes face the entrance of your mat and are according to your proper arm prolonged lengthy. Heel to arch alignment (proper heel according to arch of left foot).
  4. Then bend your proper knee right into a lunge. Right knee stacked over proper ankle, proper toes pointing straight forward.
  5. Take the appropriate elbow to the appropriate knee, wrapping the appropriate hand round child. Reach overhead with the left arm, gaze follows fingertips.
  6. Drive by way of the entrance proper heel to face tall and reverse the motion. Lean again into the again left foot, sliding the left arm down the left leg. Send the appropriate arm overhead, gaze follows fingertips. Maintain a delicate bend within the entrance proper leg.

Low Lunge And Hamstring Stretch

Targets: Opens tight hips and stretches the quad and hamstrings.

pregnant woman performing a low lunge and hamstring stretch in prenatal yoga routine

How To Do A Low Lunge And Hamstring Stretch

  1. Start in a desk prime place (quadruped) on all fours; shoulders stacked over wrists and hips stacked over knees. Option to put your palms on a yoga block in entrance of you for added help.
  2. Then step your left foot outdoors your left hand. Exhale as you drop your proper hip in the direction of the bottom for a hip stretch.
  3. Hold this place or begin to slowly shift your hips ahead to extend the hip flexor stretch.
  4. Then slowly shift your hips again, straightening by way of your entrance left leg; stretching the hamstring of the entrance left leg.

Supported Wide Squat Hold

Targets: Hips, hip flexors, chest and core.

pregnant woman performing a supported wide squat hold and chest expansion on a yoga block in prenatal yoga routine

How To Do A Supported Wide Squat Hold

  1. Start standing in a large stance place, toes wider than shoulders, toes going through ahead. Place a yoga block immediately beneath your butt.
  2. Sit down onto the yoga block as you discover a supported large leg squat, resting your sit bones on the yoga block. Elbows fall between your interior thighs.
  3. Roll the shoulders down and again as you maintain this place, stress-free the pelvic ground as you inhale and exhale.
  4. Option to ship the palms behind your again and carry out a seated chest enlargement to accentuate the stretch.

Supported Piriformis Stretch (Figure-4 Stretch)

Targets: Specifically the piriformis muscle — a flat, band-like muscle situated within the buttocks close to the highest of the hip joint.

This muscle is necessary in decrease physique motion and sometimes turns into tight and overworked throughout being pregnant inflicting sciatica ache.

pregnant woman performing a supported seated figure 4 pose on a yoga block in prenatal yoga routine

How To Do A Supported Figure-4 Stretch

  1. Start in a seated place in your yoga block, toes planted beneath knees, backbone tall and straight.
  2. Pick up your proper leg and cross your proper ankle over your left knee (consider performing a seated figure-4 stretch).
  3. Breathe, rolling your shoulders again and protecting your posture open.

Note: Normally when doing this kind of stretch, we might fold ahead over the bent knee (pigeon pose). This kind of compression can truly make sciatic ache worse. Think “extension, not compression” when doing this stretch.

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