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20-Minute Functional Core Training (Video)

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January 16, 2023

Strengthen the core and improve steadiness and stability with this fast and efficient exercise: Functional Core Training. These core coaching workout routines construct power for the actions you do in day by day life, similar to pivots, twists, bends, rotations and presses. Build core power and core stability by coaching in a number of planes of movement.


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Strength, stability and definition: these useful core workout routines are one of the simplest ways to construct the entire above.

The ninth day of our Functional Strength Training Program focuses on constructing core power and stability so you may carry heavier and transfer all through your day by day life with ease.

This core exercise prioritizes motion patterns you utilize in on a regular basis life: pivots, twists, uneven weight carry and weight transfers, and steadiness work.

Core stability and power are vitally necessary, whether or not your purpose is to extend your most squat weight or stop damage from lifting a carseat or carrying a child in your hip.

Today’s exercise trains the core from all angles and from completely different planes of movement, leading to elevated core power, higher coordination and stability and diminished danger of damage.

two women demonstrating a windmill exercise as example of functional core exercises

Functional Core Training FAQs

What Are Functional Core Workouts?

Functional core workout routines construct power and stability in a method that's related to your day by day life or coaching. Most useful core workout routines deal with activating the core muscle tissues, rising stability within the surrounding muscle tissues, and progressively power coaching the core muscle tissues.

Are Functional Core Exercises Effective?

Functional core workout routines are efficient for each aesthetics and efficiency. Strength coaching your core will increase definition and builds the power and stability that you must transfer via your day by day actions with ease.

What Muscles Are Included In The Core?

Most individuals consider the rectus abdominis, or “six-pack” muscle tissues after they consider the core, nevertheless it’s a lot greater than that. The core additionally contains the obliques (sides of your physique), erector spinae, pelvic flooring, transverse abdominis (or deep, corset-like ab muscle tissues), diaphragm and the glutes.

Strengthen the core and enhance day by day motion patterns with this Core Training Workout With Weights.

This useful power exercise combines the most effective core workout routines to focus on the muscle tissues that assist and stabilize your physique via all of your day by day actions.

I counsel doing this useful core coaching exercise as soon as per week as a part of a well-rounded exercise routine.

Workout Equipment:

Medium set of dumbbells.

I like to recommend 8-30 lbs relying in your health stage. We’re utilizing 15-20 lb dumbbells on this exercise. The final 2-3 reps of every train must be difficult to finish with good type.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Functional Core Training Workout on YouTube, led by licensed private coach and health teacher, Lindsey Bomgren. 

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • 12 Functional Core Exercises
  • Timed Intervals (30 seconds work, 10 seconds relaxation. Complete as many reps as you may within the timed interval)
  • Perform Each Exercise x2 (back-to-back, then transfer on to the following train)

5 Functional Core Exercises with Dumbbells!

Workout Outline

  1. One Arm Front Rack and One Arm Overhead March
  2. Side Squat to Single Leg Thruster 
  3. Deadlift to Single Leg Knee Drive and Overhead Press 
  4. Single Leg Deadlift, Diagonal Lift and Knee Drive (Right)
  5. Plank Sprinter Step Ins
  6. Single Leg Deadlift, Diagonal Lift and Knee Drive (Left)
  7. Windmill 
  8. Lateral Bear Crawl Walk 
  9. Alternating Front Lunge, Twist and Halo
  10. Single Leg Balance Curl Press
  11. Dumbbell Chop, Squat,  Press and Pass
  12. Hold the World and Reverse Crunch

5 Best Functional Core Exercises

Front Rack and Overhead March

Targets: Lower abs, decrease again, obliques, glutes, hip flexors, and shoulders.

This sort of core work makes use of an uneven load (having one arm prolonged overhead) to have interaction all of the muscle tissues in your abs. It’s an anti-rotational train: which means you deal with holding your core engaged and nonetheless whereas different components of your physique are in movement.

two women performing knee drives with a front rack and overhead hold as part of functional core training workout

How To Do A Front Rack and Overhead March

  1. Start in a standing place, ft hip-width aside, holding one dumbbell in every hand, palms dealing with in in the direction of one another.
  2. Bring the dumbbell in your left hand to your left shoulder (a front-rack place) and press the dumbbell in your proper arm straight overhead. Right wrist is stacked over proper shoulder.
  3. Engage your core, then drive your proper knee up in step with your proper hip. Right knee bent at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Ground via your standing left leg for stability, then return your proper foot again to the bottom.
  5. Switch sides, driving your left knee up in step with your left hip. Return to beginning place and repeat these alternating excessive knee lifts.

Side Squat to Single Leg Thruster 

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, core muscle tissues and shoulders.

Pressing a weight overhead engages all of the stabilizing muscle tissues in your round your shoulders and backbone.

two women performing a squat and shouler press as part of core training workout

How To Do A Side Squat to Single Leg Thruster

  1. Start standing, ft hip shoulder width aside. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand at your left shoulder, palm dealing with in in the direction of your physique.
  2. Step your proper foot out and decrease your hips right into a squat, bending each knees at a 90 diploma angle and reducing till your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  3. Exhale as you press via each heels to face tall. As you stand, drive each your left arm up, arm absolutely prolonged and dumbbell stacked over left shoulder. At the identical time, drive your proper knee up, balancing in your left foot. Right thigh is parallel to the bottom.
  4. Hold this steadiness place for a second, then repeat, returning the dumbbell to your left shoulder, stepping your proper foot out and reducing right into a squat.

Modification: change the knee drive with a toe faucet, bringing your proper leg in to a slender stance earlier than performing a shoulder press.


Targets: Obliques, abs, higher again, outer glutes, interior thighs, hamstrings, higher physique and shoulders.

The windmill is a full physique train that strengthens your entire core in addition to the shoulders. This transfer is particularly efficient for the obliques (sides of the torso).

two women demonstrating a windmill exercise as part of functional core training workout

How To Do A Windmill  

  1. Start in a large stance, holding a dumbbell in your left hand, straight above your shoulder.
  2. Rotate your proper foot out 90 levels so your proper toes are pointing in the direction of the highest of your mat, then pivot your left foot barely inwards (a few 45 diploma angle). Think proper heel aligns with left arch.
  3. Focus on creating and sustaining size via your waist as you hinge on the hips, sliding your proper arm down your proper leg. Keep your left hand straight above your left shoulder, sustaining a straight line with the dumbbell. Range of movement will look completely different for everybody
  4. Then, squeeze via your obliques to drag your torso again upright, returning to beginning place.

Lateral Bear Crawl Walk

Targets: The deep transversus abdominis muscle tissues, decrease again, indirect muscle tissues, hips, again, shoulders and core.

The bear crawl train is likely one of the greatest ab workout routines for growing core power. This train can be efficient at constructing scapular and hip and core stability.

two women demonstrating a bear crawl as example of functional core exercises

How To Do A Lateral Bear Crawl Walk

  1. Start in a desk high place, quadruped on all fours, knees bent, shoulders stacked over wrists and hips stacked over knees.
  2. Tuck your toes beneath and carry your knees one inch off the mat, discovering a bear crawl place with abs engaged. Belly button drawn in in the direction of backbone.
  3. “Walk” your proper hand and proper toes a step out to the correct, following with the left hand and left toes. Keep your again flat and hips as secure as doable. Repeat, finishing two “walks” to the correct.
  4. Then reverse the motion, “walking” your physique two steps to the left, this time main with left hand and left leg.

Modification: carry out alternating chicken canines as a substitute of a bear crawl. From a quadruped place, lengthen first your proper arm and left leg right away from the physique, then return to beginning place. Then lengthen your left arm and proper leg.

Alternating Front Lunge, Twist and Halo

Targets: Gluteus medius (the outer a part of your butt used for side-to-side actions), quads, hamstrings, hip adductors and abductors, low again, shoulders and stomach muscle tissues.

This can be an incredible train to extend shoulder mobility.

two women demonstrating a front lunge and spinal rotation as part of functional core training exercises

How To Do A Front Lunge, Twist and Halo

  1. Stand together with your ft beneath hips, holding a dumbbell horizontally between each arms.
  2. Step your proper leg ahead right into a entrance lunge, bending each knees to 90 levels.
  3. Hold this low lunge place and carry out a spinal rotation, rotating your shoulders in the direction of the correct, bringing the dumbbell in the direction of the correct hip. With management, convey the dumbbell again to middle.
  4. Then, drive off your proper foot to reverse the motion, exploding again as much as middle and returning to standing.
  5. From this standing place, carry out a dumbbell “halo”, bracing your core as you pull the dumbbell in a clean movement out of your chest to left shoulder after which behind and round your head, earlier than bringing it all the way down to your chest once more.
  6. Then step out together with your left foot to carry out one other entrance lunge, this time on the left aspect.
  7. Then drive off your left foot to push again to standing, performing one other “dumbbell halo” from a standing place.
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