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15-Minute Pregnancy Arm Workout (VIDEO)

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February 22, 2022

Sculpt STRONG shoulders, biceps, triceps, again and chest muscle groups with this secure and efficient PREGNANCY ARM WORKOUT! This difficult, 15-minute prenatal arm exercise is designed to construct higher physique power utilizing a set of dumbbells.

This exercise is dropped at you in partnership with lululemon.

If you’ve tried certainly one of my being pregnant exercises earlier than, you recognize: do NOT underestimate these exercises! They are secure for being pregnant, BUT nonetheless very difficult.

This has change into certainly one of my go-to, second and third trimester exercises. It’s fast, environment friendly and SPICY.

All 5 arm workouts are carried out from a standing or seated place, so that you’re by no means lay in your again. Safely focusing on each muscle in your higher physique — in below quarter-hour.

Add this being pregnant arm exercise with weights to your match being pregnant exercise program.

pregnant woman doing a back row with dumbbells
Wearing: lululemon Align Leggings, Swiftly Tech Tank, Wunder Train Longline Bra

Pregnancy Arm Workout FAQs

Can You Do Arm Workouts While Pregnant?

YES! Prenatal arm exercises are necessary for constructing and sustaining the higher physique power you’ll must help you all through being pregnant and into life as a brand new mother. Pregnancy arm exercises are nice for sustaining good posture and avoiding damage (take into consideration all of the bending, hunching and carrying concerned with motherhood).

Can I Lift Weights During Pregnancy?

For nearly all of pregnancies, YES! The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends power coaching throughout being pregnant, saying it's extensively studied and located to be “safe and beneficial”. Of course, each being pregnant is completely different; discuss to your physician or midwife earlier than starting any train program.

Can I Do Push Ups While Pregnant?

Yes, push ups are some of the efficient methods to strengthen your complete higher physique utilizing simply your body weight. I recommend modifying push ups for being pregnant by including an incline (see how one can do incline push ups under).

How Often Should I Do Pregnancy Arm Workouts?

I recommend including this being pregnant higher physique exercise to your routine 1-2 instances every week. A well-rounded health plan will embrace quite a lot of exercises. Looking for extra being pregnant exercises? Get my FREE Pregnancy Workout Plan!

Build sturdy higher physique muscle groups with this guided, 15-Minute PREGNANCY ARM WORKOUT; all you want is a set of dumbbells.

Work by means of these 5 arm workouts which are secure for being pregnant, Tabata-style.

This is a Tabata arm exercise, which suggests you’ll be working for brief, intense intervals of labor, adopted by minimal relaxation (or no relaxation in any respect if you happen to’re following the isometric holds).

A prenatal arm exercise that's designed to succeed in higher physique muscle fatigue and failure. Get as many repetitions as you'll be able to through the 20 second work intervals.

15-Minute Pregnancy Arms Workout At Home (safe for ALL trimesters) 💪

Workout Equipment:

Medium to heavy set of dumbbells and an optionally available bench.

I’m utilizing 10 and 15 lb dumbbells.

Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Pregnancy Arm Workout on YouTube, led by private coach Lindsey Bomgren. I’ll present type cues and train modifications alongside the way in which.

This being pregnant arm exercise is secure for the primary trimester, second trimester AND third trimester.

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • 5 Circuits (every circuit targets a particular higher physique muscle group — biceps, again, chest, shoulders and triceps) 
  • Tabata Intervals (20 seconds of labor, adopted by 10 seconds relaxation or an isometric maintain)
  • 4 “Work” Intervals Per Circuit. In some circuits, which means 4 distinctive arm workouts, in others we’ll repeat the identical workouts a number of instances.

Pregnancy Arm Workout with Weights Outline

1. Half Bicep Curls (Bottom Half)
2. Half Bicep Curls (Top Half)
3. Standard Bicep Curls
4. Hammer Curls

1. Back Rows
2. Alternating Back Rows
3. Reverse Grip Rows
4. Alternating Reverse Grip Rows

1. Incline Push Up
2. Incline Push Up + Down Dog Push Back (Repeat x3)

1. Single Arm Arnold Press, Right (Repeat x2)
2. Single Arm Arnold Press, Left (Repeat x2)

1. Tricep Dips (Repeat x2)
2. Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions (Repeat x2)

5 Best Pregnancy Arm Exercises

Standard Bicep Curls

Targets: The lengthy (outer) head of the biceps, and the quick (inside) head of the biceps.

The greatest bicep workouts to make the bicep muscle groups pop.

how to do bicep curls with weights (pregnancy workout)

How To Do A Bicep Curl

  1. Start with toes below hips, core engaged, maintain a dumbbell in every hand at your sides, palms going through outward (underhand grip or supine curl).
  2. Keep your elbows in step with or barely in entrance of your physique. Shoulders out of your ears with shoulder blades pulled down.
  3. Then exhale as you squeeze your bicep muscle to curve the weights as much as shoulder top.
  4. With management, slowly decrease the dumbbells down. Return to the beginning place and repeat.

Narrow Back Rows

Targets: Mainly the latissimus dorsi (or lats), but additionally engages the rhomboids and core.

This pull train additionally strengthens the biceps as they're engaged within the “pull” movement.

how to do a back row with dumbbells (pregnancy upper body workout)

How To Do Back Rows:

  1. Stand together with your toes barely wider than shoulder-width aside, knees barely bent. Grip a set of dumbbells, palms going through in in the direction of one another.
  2. Hinge ahead on the hips till your physique is in a straight line, neck in step with your backbone, flat again, and stomach button pulled again in the direction of your backbone. 
  3. Pull the weights again in the direction of your hips, elbows parallel to torso. Feel your shoulder blades squeeze collectively.
  4. Control the dumbbells again right down to the beginning place. 

Incline Push Ups

Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps, again, abs and core muscle groups.

Incline push ups are top-of-the-line methods to change push ups for being pregnant as you continue to get the total vary of movement as your child bump grows.

how to modify push ups for pregnancy (incline push ups elevated on bench)

How To Do Incline Push Ups:

  1. Stand in entrance of your bench (or counter, or wall). The larger the floor, the better the push up will likely be.
  2. Plant your palms on the bench and step again right into a excessive plank place. Shoulders are stacked over wrists, weight evenly distributed between all fingers. Pull your kneecaps up in the direction of your stomach.
  3. Hold this incline plank place, sustaining a straight line together with your physique, as you slowly decrease your chest in the direction of the bench.
  4. Lead together with your chest, elbows fall about 6 inches away out of your physique (not out to the perimeters).
  5. Once on the backside of your push up, exhale as you push again up into excessive plank place. Repeat.

Single Arm Arnold Press

Targets: All three heads of the deltoids, also called your shoulder muscle groups.

The overhead press builds outlined shoulders and improves posture.

single arm Arnold Press (pregnancy workout with weights)

How To Do A Single Arm Arnold Press:

  1. Stand tall, toes shoulder-width aside. Start with a dumbbell in your proper hand, immediately in entrance of your face at eye degree (overhead grip, palm faces in in the direction of your face).
  2. Keep a slight bend in your knees, have interaction your core and squeeze your glutes (to guard your low again) as you ‘goalpost’ your arm by rotating the palm out so it’s going through away out of your face.
  3. Then exhale as you carry out an overhead shoulder press, pushing the burden immediately overhead, locking out your elbows (bicep by ear).
  4. Slowly decrease the burden again right down to the beginning place, rotating your palms again in in the direction of your face, and repeat.

Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions

Targets: The lengthy head of your triceps (again of the arms), abs and core muscle groups.

The overhead tricep extension prompts your core and decrease again muscle groups as stabilizers through the train.

seated overhead triceps (prenatal arm workout at home)

How To Do Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions:

  1. Start sitting in your bench or chair, toes hip-width aside and firmly planted on the bottom. Think about bracing your core to maintain your physique secure.
  2. Hold one dumbbell vertically between your palms straight overhead.
  3. Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle, bringing the dumbbell behind your head.
  4. Then exhale as you press the dumbbell again overhead. Think ‘hide the dumbbell, show the dumbbell’ if you happen to have been watching your self in a mirror.
  5. Keep your elbows near your ears all through the whole motion (don’t allow them to flare out).

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Today’s exercise options a few of my favourite lululemon staples that I’ve been carrying all through my being pregnant. AND will proceed to put on postpartum and past.

lululemon Size and Fit Notes:

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