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15-Minute Power Yoga At Home (Video)

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September 14, 2022

A 15-minute energy yoga routine that mixes the stretching and stress relieving advantages of vinyasa stream yoga with body weight power coaching and cardio intervals. This no tools yoga exercise could be accomplished at dwelling!

This energy yoga exercise isn’t your typical yoga class. If you’ve accomplished one in all my different intense yoga exercises, you recognize – I desire upbeat yoga lessons that mixes power, mobility and cardio with a fast-paced vinyasa stream.

Incorporating yoga is an effective way for power coaching and HIIT lovers to keep away from overtraining.

On the flip facet, energy yoga is an effective way for seasoned yogis to extend power, energy and endurance.

Power Yoga for Strength and mobility

Power Yoga FAQs

What Is Power Yoga?

The time period ‘power yoga’ is used to explain a high-energy, fitness-based yoga class. You’ll burn extra energy in energy yoga than in different types of yoga as a result of comparatively quick tempo. These lessons fuse body weight power coaching workouts and HIIT cardio intervals with conventional yoga poses to spice up the depth and help an emphasis on muscle size and suppleness.

What Are The Benefits Of Power Yoga?

According to Well + Good, energy yoga provides yogis the chance to construct the muscle mass crucial to keep up a secure yoga apply over time. It gives calorie-torching HIIT and power bursts to accentuate the exercise. This yoga apply has further advantages like: elevated flexibility, excessive calorie burn, and elevated core power. Plus, cardio yoga will increase lean muscle mass which results in a lift in metabolism (making it an excellent useful resource for weight reduction).

Sculpt, tone and sweat with this 15-minute energy yoga exercise!

This no tools yoga apply combines highly effective, muscle-building poses with fast cardio bursts for a full physique power and mobility exercise.

Add this 15-minute energy vinyasa yoga class to your weekly train routine. 

Workout Equipment:

No tools wanted, simply your body weight.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Yoga Class on YouTube, led by licensed private coach and health teacher, Lindsey Bomgren. 

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • Flow from one yoga pose to the following
  • Find a basic define of what to anticipate under

Is Power Yoga a Good Workout? YES! Try 4 Toning Poses

Workout Outline

  1. Yoga Sun Salutation Flow (Forward Fold to High Plank)
  2. Down Dog to High Plank and Push Up
  3. Three Leg Down Dog, Plank and Crescent Lunge
  4. Crescent Lunge to Airplane Pose to Mountain Pose
  5. Cardio Interval (High Knees and Squat Jacks)
  6. Chair Pose and Open Arm Twist with Revolved Chair Pose and Revolved Lunge
  7. Warrior 2 with Shoulders and Arms
  8. Star Pose to Horse Pose with Heel Lifts
  9. Cardio Interval (Jumping Jacks and Chair Squat Jumps)
  10. Abs and Core Stability Work

5 Power Yoga Poses

Yoga Sun Salutation Flow (Forward Fold to High Plank)

Stretches: Hips, hamstrings and decrease again.

Strengthens: Shoulders, abs, glutes and quads.

woman performing a yoga sun salutation flow (forward fold to high plank) in a power yoga workout for women

How To Do A Forward Fold To High Plank

  1. Start standing in mountain pose, toes hip-distance aside, shoulders stacked over hips, arms straight overhead.
  2. As you exhale, soften your knees and hinge ahead on the hips to slowly fold ahead, reaching your finger ideas in the direction of the bottom.
  3. Plant your arms on the yoga mat (knees bent as wanted). Then step your toes again right into a excessive plank place, shoulders stacked over wrists, physique in a straight line from head to heels.

Modification: Lower to your knees for a modified plank.

Down Dog To High Plank And Push Up

Stretches: The posterior chain (bottom of the physique); growing calf, ankle, hamstring and again mobility. And it strengthens, lengthens, and energizes each muscle in your physique whereas additionally bringing blood stream to the mind.

Strengthens: Chest, shoulders, triceps, again, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, ankles, abs and core.

woman performing downward facing dog to high plank with a push up in a power yoga workout for women

How To Do Downward Facing Dog To High Plank And Push Up

  1. Start in a desk high place (quadruped) on all fours; shoulders stacked over wrists and hips stacked over knees.
  2. Actively press your arms into the mat as you tuck your toes below.
  3. As you exhale, carry your knees off the mat straightening your legs as you press your hips up in the direction of the ceiling to seek out downward dealing with canine. Hold down canine, urgent your chest in the direction of your thighs.
  4. Then shift your weight ahead right into a excessive plank place together with your shoulders stacked over your wrists, weight evenly distributed amongst all 10 fingers.
  5. Hold this plank place, sustaining a straight line together with your physique, gaze barely in entrance of you.
  6. Slowly decrease your chest down in the direction of the bottom as your elbows fall again in the direction of your hips (not out to the edges).
  7. Once on the backside of your push up, exhale as you push again up into excessive plank place, then press your hips again to return to down canine.

Modification: Lower to your knees for a modified plank and push up.

Crescent Lunge Pose To Airplane Pose

Stretches: Hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, groin, entrance torso, chest and shoulders.

Strengthens: Legs, quads, hamstrings, hips, thighs, butt, calves, arms, triceps, core and abs.

woman performing crescent lunge pose to airplane pose in a power yoga workout for women

How To Do Crescent Lunge Pose To Airplane Pose

  1. Start in a lunge place, proper foot ahead, left foot again. Drop your again left knee in the direction of the mat.
  2. Right knee straight over your proper ankle and entrance proper thigh parallel to the bottom.
  3. Inhale and convey your arms above your head, retaining the arms in keeping with your ears.
  4. Then shift your weight onto your proper leg, proper foot planted firmly on the mat.
  5. Lift your left leg up straight behind you, inflicting your torso to bend ahead on the hips, over the best leg. Sit bones shift up in the direction of the ceiling.
  6. Torso comes parallel to the mat and floating left hip stays sq. to the mat.
  7. Extend your arms to your sides or again in the direction of your hips.
  8. Lengthen the again of your neck so that you're wanting on the floor, making a straight line from head to left heel.

Modification: Stand subsequent to a wall or countertop so you possibly can attain out for steadiness help if wanted.

Warrior 2 Pose With Shoulders And Arms

Stretches: Legs, ankles, groin, chest and shoulders.

Strengthens: Arms, shoulders, toes, ankles, legs, thighs and core.

woman performing a warrior 2 pose with arm sweeps in a power yoga workout for women

How To Do Warrior 2 Pose With Shoulders And Arms

  1. Start standing in a large stance place, toes wider than shoulders (roughly 3 toes aside). Toes dealing with ahead.
  2. Extend your arms straight out to your sides, arms parallel to shoulders. Relax your shoulders away out of your ears, creating size in your neck.
  3. Turn your proper foot out 90 levels, toes in keeping with your proper arm prolonged lengthy. Heel to arch alignment (proper heel in keeping with arch of left foot).
  4. Then bend your proper knee right into a lunge. Right knee stacked over proper ankle, proper toes pointing straight forward. Turn your head to the best and look over your proper fingers.
  5. Increase the bend in your proper knee, retaining the arms prolonged lengthy.
  6. Then reverse the motion by pushing by the best heel to face tall, pulling the arms up overhead to interact the shoulders and arms.

Horse Pose With Heel Lifts

Stretches: Inner thighs, outer thighs and glutes.

Strengthens: Inner thighs, outer thighs and glutes, quads and calves.

woman performing horse pose with heel lifts in a power yoga workout for women

How To Do Horse Pose With Heel Lifts

  1. Stand with toes wider than hips, heels in and toes identified (horse pose or sumo squat stance).
  2. Bend your knees to decrease down right into a squat, pushing your knees out in the direction of your pinky toes as you drop your hips parallel to your knees.
  3. At the underside of your sumo squat, carry the best heel off the mat.
  4. Perform a sumo squat pulse in horse pose retaining the best heel lifted off the mat, left foot planted firmly into the bottom for stability.

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