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10-Minute Pregnancy Leg Workout (VIDEO)

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May 13, 2022

Strengthen your legs, glutes, quads, thighs, hamstrings and calves with this guided PREGNANCY LEG WORKOUT! Safe for the primary, second and third trimesters, and consists of solely bilateral actions to make it secure for anybody coping with SPD or sciatica ache as properly!

The decrease physique accommodates a few of our largest, strongest muscle groups – and coaching them is useful for all phases of life, together with being pregnant!

During my second being pregnant, we filmed this leg day exercise for ladies — and it’s been considered one of our hottest exercises on YouTube since.

That being stated, some days I don’t have the vitality for a full 30-minute exercise. As my third being pregnant has progressed, I’ve been coping with much more SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and sciatica ache.


  • Quick (10 minutes is at all times higher than no minutes)
  • Efficient (with choices to scale every transfer up or down)
  • Bilateral (received’t worsen SPD, pelvic or sciatica ache)

That additionally makes this an amazing newbie exercise, or postpartum exercise for brand spanking new mothers too.

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two women (one pregnant woman) performing a staggered deadlift

Pregnancy Leg Workout FAQs

Can I Do Leg Workouts While Pregnant?

Yes! Most leg workouts are secure to proceed throughout being pregnant, however could should be modified because the being pregnant progresses when you encounter SPD or sciatica ache. Certain unilateral actions (like lunges) can worsen ache and needs to be prevented.

Is It Okay To Do Squats While Pregnant?

Yes. Squats are probably the greatest workouts for pregnant girls as a result of additionally they strengthen the pelvic flooring. It’s additionally good apply earlier than labor – squatting throughout labor might help open your pelvic outlet and permits extra room for child to descend (Mayo Clinic).

What Are The Benefits Of Leg Workouts During Pregnancy?

A robust decrease physique could make your being pregnant extra comfy by lowering frequent being pregnant aches and pains, together with low again ache. Physical exercise throughout being pregnant has been proven to cut back threat of gestational diabetes and enhance postpartum restoration time (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

Stay robust all through being pregnant with this secure and efficient 10-Minute Pregnancy LEG WORKOUT!

This exercise combines 5 of my favourite decrease physique workouts for pregnant girls. It is designed to soundly construct muscle and get your coronary heart pumping, with out aggravating frequent being pregnant points like SPD and sciatica ache.

Add this decrease physique energy exercise to your being pregnant exercise routine 1-2 instances per week to take care of energy by way of the primary trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

Workout Equipment:

Medium-to-heavy dumbbells and optionally available mini loop resistance band.

We’re utilizing 15 and 20 lb dumbbells. You even have the choice so as to add a mini loop resistance band to extend the depth of some workouts.

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Workout Instructions:

Follow together with the guided Prenatal Leg Day Workout on YouTube, led by licensed private coach and prenatal health teacher, Lindsey Bomgren. 

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • 5 Leg Exercises for Pregnancy 
  • Timed Intervals (40 seconds of labor, 20 seconds relaxation; full as many reps as you may within the timed interval)
  • Repeat All 5 Moves x2 Sets

5 Leg Day Exercises for Pregnancy!

Workout Outline

1. Good Morning, Side Step Squat and Dumbbell Pick Up
2. Lateral Banded Walks
3. Two-Pulse Squat
4. Staggered Deadlift
5. Donkey Kicks

5 Best Leg Exercises for Pregnancy

Good Morning, Side Step Squat and Dumbbell Pick Up

Targets: Hamstrings, gluteus maximus, quads, erector spinae and decrease again muscle groups.

Good morning workouts are a good way to enhance your hip-hinging type. An ideal decrease physique train for rookies to grasp previous to engaged on deadlifts.

two women performing a good morning and side step squat as part of pregnancy leg workout

How To Do A Good Morning, Side Step Squat and Dumbbell Pick Up

  1. Place a resistance band six inches above your knees. Start in a standing place, ft shoulder-width aside, core engaged, fingers positioned behind your head. Place one dumbbell on the ground in entrance of your proper foot.
  2. With a slight bend in your knees, hinge ahead on the hips till your torso is parallel to the bottom. Core engaged and backbone impartial (again flat). You ought to really feel a stretch in your hamstrings (again of the legs) on the backside of the motion.
  3. Reverse the motion, driving by way of your heels to face tall, returning to beginning place (torso upright).
  4. Then, step out along with your proper foot (so the dumbbell is now between your ft).
  5. Sit your hips again as you decrease right into a squat, selecting up the dumbbell along with your left hand on the backside of your squat.
  6. Press by way of your heels to face tall, bringing the dumbbell up your thighs.
  7. Then, carry out one other squat to decrease the dumbbell again to the mat between your ft.
  8. Place the dumbbell on the mat and stand tall, stepping your proper foot again to beginning place behind the dumbbell.

Lateral Banded Walks

Targets: Glutes, particularly the gluteus medius (the outer a part of your butt used for side-to-side actions), quads, hamstrings, and hip adductors (interior thighs) and abductors (outer thighs).

A GREAT train to construct robust and wholesome hips and knees.

two women performing lateral banded walks

How To Do Lateral Banded Walks

  1. Place a resistance band six inches above your knees. Stand along with your ft barely wider than your hips to create pressure throughout the band (activating your glutes).
  2. Bend your knees to decrease down right into a loaded squat place. Weight in heels, chest up.
  3. Hold this loaded squat place as you are taking two lateral steps to your proper; stretching the band so far as you may.
  4. Tap your left foot in, bringing it in direction of your proper foot, sustaining a low squat place.
  5. Then, step out along with your left leg, performing two lateral steps to your left. Maintain pressure throughout the band earlier than bringing your proper leg to the left to satisfy your exterior foot.

Two-Pulse Squat

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip abductors, chest and core.

two women performing a two pulse squat

How To Do A Two-Pulse Squat

  1. Place a resistance band six inches above your knees. Start standing, ft shoulder-width aside.
  2. Hold one dumbbell vertically at your chest in a goblet-hold.
  3. Inhale as you bend your knees and sit your hips again (as if sitting down in a chair). Aim for 90-degree bends at every knee, specializing in pushing your knees out (not letting them collapse).
  4. Pulse for a two-count, elevating and decreasing your hips about 2 inches on the backside of your squat.
  5. Exhale as you press by way of your heels to face tall, driving your hips ahead to return to standing.

Staggered Deadlift

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips and core.

two women performing a staggered deadlift with dumbbells as part of a pregnancy leg workout

How To Do A Staggered Deadlift

  1. Place a resistance band six inches above your knees. Start standing, ft hip-width aside, holding a dumbbell in every hand, palms dealing with in in direction of your physique.
  2. Stagger your ft, so your left leg is barely in entrance of your proper foot. Kickstand your again left foot, left heel floating off the bottom. Keep 80% of your weight in your entrance foot, 20% in your again toe.
  3. Maintain a staggered stance as you hinge on the hips. Push your hips again in direction of the wall behind you as you glide the dumbbells down the entrance of your legs till you're feeling a stretch alongside the again of your proper leg.
  4. Then, press by way of your entrance heel to push your hips ahead, pulling the dumbbell again up in direction of your hips as you stand tall.

Donkey Kicks

Targets: Gluteus maximus and gluteus medius.

This is a good various to a glute bridge when you aren’t comfy mendacity in your again.

two women performing a quadruped glute stamp exercise as part of pregnancy leg workout

How To Do Donkey Kicks

  1. Loop your resistance band round your thighs. Pin the band to the ground along with your left knee, and regulate the band so it's a few inches above the best knee joint.
  2. Start in a quadruped place in your forearms and knees: shoulders stacked over elbows and hips stacked over knees.
  3. Brace your core as you raise your proper leg. Knee stays bent and foot stays flat all through all the motion.
  4. Squeeze your glute to “stamp” the only of your proper foot in direction of the ceiling. Make certain each hips keep straight, pointed towards the bottom.
  5. With management, return to the beginning place.

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