8 Gold’s Gym Trainers’ Go-To Bodybuilding Workouts


Bodybuilders spend years, even decades, perfecting the human form. Now, you may not want to look herculean, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate some bodybuilding principles and workouts into your routine. If you’re a veteran lifter, these workouts will push you out of your tired routine and stimulate some serious muscle growth. If you’re a beginner, these will certainly bulk up your frame and build the physique you’ve been after.

“The key benefits to our workouts is diversity in training principles while maintaining a strong sense of exercise science. Utilizing the foundation of effective body building can be translated for nearly all fitness goals though the increase of lean muscle mass which will benefit in both metabolic rate as well as increases in strength and athletic performance,” says Jeff Na, vice president of fitness at Gold’s Gym. 

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And if you’re looking to lose body fat (and have been hesitant to commit to a bodybuilding regimen in fear of building muscle on fat), a 2014 Harvard School of Public Healthy study found that weight training whittles down stomach fat, and keeps it off, better than aerobic exercise alone—though a combination of the two is best—so keep clanking those weights, and say goodbye to that beer belly for life.

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These workouts come from Gold’s Gym trainers across the country; included are their favorite full-body routines for strength and muscle mass, as well as a few muscle group-specific workouts. You want boulder shoulders? A wider back? Stronger legs and glutes? No problem. All of your bulking needs are catered to within the following 8 routines.

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Shake up your tired weightlifting routines with these mass-building workouts for every body part.
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