5 Kettlebell Workouts to Build Serious Strength


We recently reported on a study that found kettlebells to be awesome tools for cardio. In fact, researchers found that a simple k’bell routine was more effective than a freeweight + bodyweight circuit at amping V02 max. That means that not only are they clutch for building strength all over—they also help you to torch calories and fat while you’re at it. Talk about a one-two punch. 

So, we went to Albert Matheny, an exercise physiologist and SoHo Strength Lab owner, to get five new kettlebell routines to add to our—and your—arsenal. 

The All-Out Kettlebell Workout >>>

From a two-move AMRAP routine to a ladder drill to straight circuits, there’s a variety of ways you can get your strength+cardio workout in. So, pick your poison and lift, swing, and hoist your way to fat loss and muscle gains. 

20-Minute Kettlebell and Body Weight Circuit >>>


Burn fat, build muscle, and amp your V02 Max with these fast-paced kettlebell routines.
Kettlebell Workouts


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